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7 Ways Canadians Can Ramp-Up Productivity with a Corner Desk Setup

7 Ways Canadians Can Ramp-Up Productivity with a Corner Desk Setup

As COVID restrictions ramp up, working from home can be a luxury and a nightmare at the same time. While it’s nice to work from the comfort of your own home in your slippers, it can be frustrating, especially if you don’t have enough work space

Many of us have had to adjust and create a makeshift home office, and make do with our small spaces. If you’re one of those people who is able to work efficiently from your bed, I envy you. 

However, as we continue to work from home, it is important to set boundaries between your work and home life. The first step to a healthy work life balance is to upgrade your home office

Setting clear boundaries helps to reduce stress, prevent burnout and enhance both mental and physical health. Not only is a healthy work-life balance important for your wellbeing, it also helps to boost productivity, and help you work smarter. 

Saving Space in Your Home Office

Once you have your keyboard tray, dual monitor mount, office supplies, and printer on your computer desk you may find yourself lacking space for anything else. But fear not, having a small home office doesn’t mean you need to compromise on valuable tabletop space. 

The answer - an l-shaped corner desk. An l-shaped desk is far less intrusive than a traditional office desk. It can be tucked into the corner leaving lots of open space in the rest of the room. 

Corner desks also provide more tabletop real estate, allowing you to work more comfortably. 

There is nothing worse than trying to work from a cramped and messy desk setup, an interior design eyesore. 

Add in the benefits of an ergonomic workstation with a standing desk and you’ve got the perfect setup. 

The Benefits of Using an L-Shaped Desk 

Executive L-Shaped Corner Standing Desk - EFFYDESK (Vancouver, B.C)

Investing in an L-shaped desk is a cost effective way to maximize your tabletop space, without having to purchase two separate desks.

The two tabletops allow you to multitask efficiently, and work on two projects simultaneously. Designers can use one surface for sketching, and one surface for notes and research. The L-shaped desk setup helps you save time, as you won’t need to set up and take down to switch between projects. 

Executive L-Shaped Corner Office Standing Desk - EFFYDESK (Vancouver, B.C)

The L-shaped desk means more space to work from, it helps you stay organized. A larger surface allows you to see everything, so you know exactly where to find that report when you need it. 

Having a well organized tabletop with visual space reduces stress, as clutter affects your brain and your work

Space efficient L-shaped desks are an easy way to set up a home office. Designating a space to work, instead of working from your living space will help to create a better work life balance. 


7 Ways To Boost Productivity From Your L-Shaped Desk

Although change does not happen overnight, there are simple ways in which you can gradually boost your productivity. 

1. Take A Stand

Sit Stand Ergonomics - Standing Desk

Upgrading to an ergonomic L-shaped sit stand desk is an easy way to boost your productivity. Not only does working from an electric height adjustable desk help to improve mood and energy levels, it also helps to reduce back pain and muscle strain. 

Reducing sedentary time improves your physical, metabolic and mental health. By minimizing the stress on your body, you’ll be able to focus and work more efficiently. 

Proper sit stand ergonomics is crucial in boosting your productivity. 

Remember: For every 1 to 2 hours sitting, 1 hour should be spent standing. 

2. Stay Organized

Another simple way to boost your productivity is to stay organized. By staying organized, you’ll save time by always being able to find exactly what you’re looking for. Not only will this make you a more efficient worker, it will also help to reduce stress. 

Decluttering your workspace is essential in staying organized. A messy desk means a messy mind, it's much easier to concentrate on the task at hand, when your table isn’t littered with clutter. 

L-shaped desks provide more tabletop real estate, allowing you to spread your things out. 

For additional organization, try using a dual monitor mount.  An ergonomic monitor mount helps to save tabletop space, as it mounts your monitor to the side of the desk. They are also depth adjustable, and help to reduce eye strain. 

Desktop Monitor Mount - Desk

3. Get Comfortable

Whether you’re working sitting or standing, it’s important to be comfortable. Being comfortable at your workstation is essential in being a more productive worker. It can be difficult to concentrate when your body is aching or in pain. 

Invest in an ergonomic chair with lumbar support for the times when you’re working sitting down. The chair should be height, depth and tilt adjustable so that you can work from the ideal ergonomic seated position. Look for a chair with reinforced mesh, as it will help to disperse your weight, and alleviate muscle strain. 

Don’t forget about your feet, and invest in an anti-fatigue mat. Ergonomic L-shaped desks work best for productivity, when you’re alternating between sitting and standing. While you’re standing be sure your feet are properly supported. Invest in a standing mat to alleviate muscle strain in your legs and feet.  

4. Create a Designated Workspace

The beauty of an L-shaped desk is there are two surfaces from which you can work. The shape of the desk allows you to designate one side to work, and one side for your other endeavours. 

While working from home it’s important to create boundaries between work and home. Having a space dedicated specifically to your work, can help to prevent burnout and boost productivity. 

L-shaped desks also conveniently fit into the corner of any room, ideal for those creating home offices in limited space. 

5. Stretch It Out

Cat stretching on table

While working from your ergonomic desk, take a break and stretch it out. Try these simple yoga poses from the comfort of your desk! It’s important to take breaks and move to get your blood pumping and increase circulation.

Taking breaks to stretch, will also help reduce muscle tension. It will also help you remain focused and more productive.

Tip: Try the pomodoro technique to stay focused, set a timer and work in 25 minute intervals. Between intervals take some time to stretch and realign your spine in your optimal ergonomic position. 

Moving your eyes away from the screen, and taking the time to stretch your muscles will also help to reduce eye strain. 

6. Upgrade Your Equipment 

Typing on laptop keyboard - Upgrade Equipment - EFFYDESK Corner Desk Blog

Whether you’re a web developer or accountant, everyone can benefit from ergonomically optimizing their workspace. This doesn’t just mean investing in a sit-stand desk, and lumbar supporting chair.

Look into an ergonomic keyboard and mouse to reduce wrist strain. Be sure to take care of every part of your body, not just your spine and neck. If you spend hours in front of the screen, invest in a pair of blue light glasses to protect your eyes. 

A happy and healthy body is a more productive worker. 

7. Unplug

Lastly, learn how to recognize your signs of burnout. During this uncertain time, it can be difficult to balance life and work. For many, our homes have become our new offices. While it has been convenient to work from home, it can be difficult to strike a proper work-life balance.

Make sure you take time and recharge. Unplug from all your devices, and try out a new hobby like painting or baking sourdough. 

While productivity is not something you can change overnight, taking these simple steps will help you towards being a more productive worker. Spend less time on work by working smarter and more efficiently. 

Looking for another way to boost productivity from home? EFFYDESK is here to help! 

L-Shaped Corner Standing Desk - Customer EFFYDESK (Vancouver, B.C)

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