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15 Cool Gaming Accessories for Gamers Who Aim To Win - EFFYDESK Blog Banner

15 Cool Gaming Accessories for Gamers Who Aim to Win

Whether you’re a professional esports player, streamer, or casual video gamer, it’s all about your setup! Optimizing your gaming desk allows you to create a comfortable and customized battlestation for the best gaming experience. To play your best, your body needs to feel its best. 

The perfect gaming setup is just as much about the accessories as it is the desk. Lighting, audio, organization, all play an important part in the perfect /r/battlestation. 

Not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top gaming desk accessories to help you create a winning gaming setup

Choose a Height-Adjustable Gaming Desk

#EFFYSETUP - Gaming L-Shaped Desk Setup - EFFYDESK
This awesome #EFFYSETUP features an Executive L-Shaped Standing Desk Frame (@astronuggie)

Feel stiff or sore after long hours at the computer? An electric standing desk is perfect for those marathon gaming sessions. Switching positions from sitting to standing is a great way to keep active while at your desk, get your blood flowing and reduce muscle strain with an ergonomic sit-stand desk. 

If you’ve got a compact gaming setup, try the classic height-adjustable desk, it’s perfect for smaller spaces. But if your setup is more involved, prefer to sprawl your electronics out, opt for the business model for a larger surface area. 

For the ultimate fully immersive PC gaming experience, look for an L-shaped standing desk. You’ll have plenty of desk space for your keyboard, mousepad, desk lamp, controllers, surround sound speakers and more! Using an L-shaped desk helps you make the most out of corner spaces. (Short on space? Don’t compromise your setup, check out some space-saving corner desk setups!) 

Choose an Ergonomic Chair

Canada's Best Ergonomic Office Chair - Gaming Chair | EFFYDESK

When you’re not standing at your desk, relax into an ergonomic chair. Comfort is crucial when you’re sitting. There is nothing more distracting than a sore neck or back. Keep your spine supported and relaxed as you game. 

Choose a gaming chair with good lumbar support and adjustable armrests. This keeps your back and arms supported--crucial when you’re gaming for long periods of time! If you’re looking for a comfy seat but don’t like the “racecar” feel of traditional gaming chairs, try a happy in-between, like Canada’s favourite ergonomic office chair — the AeryChair. This hybrid between office and gaming chair is perfect for work or for play! 

Accessories for Gaming Desk Setup

With your desk and chair sorted, it’s time to get to the fun part. Customizing your desk with functional and stylish accessories to keep you going as you game! 

1. LED Lighting Strips 

RGB LED Lighting for Gaming Desk Setup | 15 Cool Gaming Accessories for Gamers Who Aim To Win | EFFYDESK
@astronuggie's L-Shaped Gaming #EFFYSETUP features awesome, dynamic backlighting

Adding LED strips to the back of your monitors is a great way to light up the room, without having to turn on that pesky fluorescent overhead lighting. These RGB lights are colour changing, so you can choose the brightness and the colour that best fit your game and mood.
Tip: Attach LED lights underneath your gaming desk for added light and colour!

2. Gaming Mouse and Mouse Pad

An essential piece of your gaming setup, a gaming mouse will offer higher responsiveness and precision when you’re playing your favourite games. Don’t get slowed down by slow cursor refresh rates or worn-down mouse skates —mouse pads are just as important for the perfect gaming experience.

3. Gaming Keyboard

A quality gaming keyboard can make all the difference in gaming and typing — helping to prevent things like jamming keys and imprecision. A low-profile mechanical keyboard may be more ergonomic, with a shorter distance to register each button. Not to mention, synchronized or customizable RGB lighting on gaming keyboards look great!

4. Ring Light

Eco-Friendly Standing Desk - TerraDesk | Gaming Desk - EFFYDESK
This #EFFYSETUP features a ring light and the Eco-Friendly SIt-Stand Desk.

A must-have for any streamer, a ring light will instantly up your video quality! Images appear so much clearer on screen when they’re well-lit, and these ring lights give you a nice, even glow on screen. Ring lights come in a variety of different sizes, so you can pick one that works with your desk. (Not sure which one best suits your needs, here’s a handy guide to ring lights!)

5. Noise canceling headphones

Noise-Cancelling Headphones | Bose - 15 Cool Gaming Accessories for Gamers Who Aim To Win

Tune it all out with a pair of cushy noise-canceling headphones. Active noise-cancelling uses a microphone to detect ambient noise and plays counter-tones into your headphones to “cancel” the noise. Game without the distractions! These headphones are made with extra cushioning, perfect for extended wear and surround sound.

6. Headphone Stand

Headphone Stand - 15 Cool Gaming Accessories for Gamers Who Aim To Win

When you’re Away From Keyboard, rest your gaming headset on a stand. This frees up  surface space on your desk and prevents your wires from getting tangled! If you have wireless headphones, this is also a great way to make sure your headphones are right where you need them. By placing them on a stand instead of cramming them into a drawer this will prevent them from getting squished and ensure that they last longer.

7. Microphone Arm

Electric Standing Desk Setup with Microphone Arm | Cool Gaming Accessories - EFFYDESK Blog

If you’ve got an external microphone sitting on your desk, try hooking it up to a microphone arm. Not only does this free up more desk space, but it also improves your audio! A mic suspended over your head will pick up fewer surrounding noises than a mic placed on your desk. You’re also less likely to knock your mic over!

8. Cable Management Trays

Manage rogue cables with a cable management system underneath your desk. Installing a cable tray is a simple way to keep all your wires uncrossed! Bonus points if you organize your cables with a power bar—that also gives you more outlets to use right at your desk. Read here for some nifty standing desk cable management ideas.

Looking to upgrade your gaming desk? EFFYDESK Business Office Standing Desks and Executive L-Shaped Desks come with a free cable management tray and power bar strip holder, and not to mention a 8-year warranty.

9. USB Hub

USB Hub - 15 Cool Gaming Accessories for Gamers who Aim to Win | EFFYDESK

Headphones, gaming keyboard, gaming mouse, phone charger and more… who has enough USB slots for that? Most standard laptops and computers have 2 ports for you to plug into. A USB hub uses one slot and gives you as many as 10 extra slots! 

10. Desk Air Purifier

Desk Air Purifier - 15 Cool Gaming Accessories for Gamers who Aim to Win | EFFYDESK

As we move into fall and winter, your gaming room may feel a little stuffy after long hours gaming with the windows shut. Place a little desk air purifier near your station to keep the air fresh all day! Stay in the zone with clean, filtered air.

11. Monitor Mounts

Dual-Screen Monitor Mount | EFFYDESK - 15 Cool Gaming Accessories for Gamers who Aim to Win

Reduce eye strain with a set of fully-adjustable monitor mounts! With your screens mounted on Boeing approved monitor arms, you have the freedom to stand and sit wherever you want and adjust your monitors to your optimal ergonomic level. You won’t have to strain your neck or your eyes to focus on the game ahead. Get inspired by these dual-monitor setup ideas!

12. Foot Rest

Ergonomic Foot Rest - FeetRest | EFFYDESK 15 Cool Gaming Accessories for Gamers Who Aim to Win

Sitting with proper posture can reduce strain on your shoulders, back and legs. An ergonomic foot rest will provide you with a comfortable stand for your feet to stay flat on a surface, to keep your weight and pressure distributed evenly throughout your body.

Looking To Optimize Your Gaming Desk Setup?

Gaming Desk Setup - EFFYDESK | 15 Cool Gaming Accessories for Gamers Who Aim To Win

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