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Best Dual-Monitor Setup Ideas for Mac or PC Users - EFFYDESK Blog Banner

Best Dual-Monitor Setup Ideas for Mac or PC Users

Two is better than one – especially when it comes to desktop monitors.

Whether you’re a Mac or PC user; a blogger, gamer, or work-from-home employee — upgrading to a sleek dual-monitor setup can cultivate creativity and boost your productivity.  

A dual-monitor setup can look very different from person to person, but the good news is that your setup is unique to you. With adjustable monitor supports, you’re able to move your displays exactly where you need them, but a dual display isn’t strictly two monitors on mounts!

You might actually have a laptop plugged into an external display that has better graphics or a bigger screen. Your desktop computer might be hooked up to another monitor for more display room. Or maybe you have the classic double-display, dual-monitor setup. Whatever you’ve got, you’ll find that having multiple monitors can do a lot of good. 

So, how exactly can you benefit from a multiple-monitor setup? Read on to find out! 

Double Your Desk Space

Best Dual-Monitor Setup Ideas for Mac or PC Users - #EFFYSETUP - EFFYDESK Ergonomic Office Furniture

Just like a physical desk, a lot of your productivity depends on how much virtual desk space you have. It’s hard to get anything done if you’re constantly moving papers, mugs, or your cat Fur-guson who loves to sit right on your desk. 

With two monitors, you’ve got twice as much space to spread out all your documents! Rather than trying to arrange all your windows onto one desktop, tetris-style, spread your work out across two (or more) monitors. This might even free up some of your desk space, leaving more room for your keyboard, mouse, and maybe even your cat.

If your old office desk is beginning to make you feel claustrophobic, look into expanding your physical desk real estate with an L-shaped desk!

Boost Office Productivity

Dual-Monitor Setup - L-Shaped Desk - Computer Desk | #EFFYSETUP - EFFYDESK

With a clutter-free desk comes better productivity. Less mess allows your brain to relax and focus on the task at hand without additional distractions. A corner desk is perfect for those that need two or three computer monitors. 

You'll be saving a ton of time by having your physical and digital documents where you can see them (no need to spend a chunk of valuable time sorting and organizing your desktops before you start your task).

Having all your work right in front of you helps you visually keep track of what you have on your plate. 

Uninterrupted, Focused Workflow

Dual-Monitor Setup - #EFFYSETUP - Computer Desk - Sit-Stand Desk Canada | EFFYDESK
This Dual-Monitor #EFFYSETUP features the Business Office Sit-Stand Desk in Oak Black with Black Frame. 

Keep your brain cogs spinning smoothly throughout the day by minimizing the number of times you have to switch back and forth between windows. Just arrange your tabs once and leave them! While switching windows might not take a lot of time, those few seconds add up—not to mention the extra few minutes if you accidentally close or open the wrong tab because of how many windows you had on the same screen. 

Keep your focus right where you need it — dual displays allow you to work without having to switch windows every few minutes.

Better Remote Collaboration

Students in Distance Learning Can Benefit from Dual-Monitor Setup and Standing Desk | EFFYDESK Ergonomics Blog

Speaking of switching windows, Zoom meetings and video calls probably require you to do a lot of that when you’re on just one monitor. It’s difficult to have a document open while seeing all your peers’ beautiful faces: either the document pane is ridiculously tiny, or you can only see one person at a time. 

With two windows, virtual meetings are much easier! One monitor can be completely dedicated to your video call, and the other is freed up for anything else you need.   

Dual monitor setups are especially helpful for students who are taking online classes. Instead of squeezing two windows on one screen, the lecture video and your study notes can each have their own monitor—much easier for online learning! 

Fully Immersive Gaming Experience

#EFFYSETUP - Business Office Sit-Stand Desk | Dual-Monitor Setup Ideas for Mac or PC Users | Standing Desk Canada

Want the best Dual-Monitor Setup for gaming?

Multiple-monitor setups are great for that fully-immersive gaming experience. 

First-person games really come to life when you’ve got a bigger field of vision, allowing you to get your head in the game with minimal distractions. More screen space so means all the better vision on your enemies in an MMORPG so you can take home that mega-kill for your team. 

Multiple monitors also come in handy when you’re working on a project and need to get right into it. When you’ve got two or three monitors in front of you, it’s harder to tear your eyes away from your work and procrastinate! 

Last but not least, a gaming computer desk can make a massive difference for your gaming experience when it comes with a stylish, yet sturdy desk frame that can hold up to 300lbs!

How Do I Set up a Dual-Monitor Display?

HDMI Laptop Adapter - How to Setup Dual-Monitors | EFFYDESK Ergonomics Blog

So you’ve bought two desktop monitors you want to set up… now what? 

At first glance, plugging in a mishmash of wires and cables might seem like an overwhelming task. And what about mounting them and moving them around?

We’re here to break it down for you! 

  1. Plug both monitors into your computer, and make sure you know what kind of cables your displays use. HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB Type-C ports are the most common, but if your computer isn’t compatible with these, you may need an adapter. (Check out this article here to get a complete run-down on connection ports.) 
  2. Turn your monitors and your computer on. From here, it’s a matter of customizing your monitor displays! 
  3. Go to “display settings” or find the “displays” tab in system preferences. This will allow you to set up how images appear on your computer monitors. If you want the same image to be displayed on both monitors, make sure you select “duplicate” or “mirror” in the settings. If you want a bigger workspace, select the “extend” option. 

Mounting Your Monitors

Your monitor setup is done—now it’s time for your physical desk setup. 

For the best ergonomic benefits, you’ll want to mount your monitors on stands for quick, simple adjustments. (Helpful Tip: Here's a quick tour of all your monitor mount options!)

When configuring your monitor mounts, look for stands that are durable and easy to adjust. Monitors can be heavy, and you don’t want monitor stands that droop as the day goes on. There’s nothing more annoying than having to adjust a monitor over and over because the stand won’t stay in place! 

Having an adjustable monitor mount is one of the most important parts of your dual-monitor setup. Your body changes positions as you work, and even more so if you’re using an electric sit-stand desk. If you’re moving around during the day, your monitor should, too!  

Ready to Build Your Dual Monitor Setup?

That’s where EFFYDESK’s Desktop Monitor Mounts can help! 

Our goal is to keep you comfortable as you work, and our collection of single-screen or dual-screen monitor mounts can help reduce eye strain and fatigue by keeping you working in an ergonomic position all day. 

Our super-durable monitor mounts are made with aircraft aluminum and can hold a 19-pound monitor. They also come with built-in cable management, so you can keep your wires in check! And with a lifetime warranty, what more could you ask for? 

Here's what EFFYDESK customers have to say about their multi-monitor setup:

Sit-Stand Desk Frame | EFFYDESK #EFFYSETUP Dual Monitor Setup

"Just finished setting up my new desk, and so far it’s fitting in great! Multiple monitors and it has no problem lifting quickly and quietly. I was worried about stability while lifted but it seems super solid! Fantastic customer service throughout the process.” — John H. (5-Star Google Review)

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