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Learn more about how L-Shaped Standing Desk can benefit game player

Ultimate Battlestation: L-Shaped Standing Desk, Accessories and More

The average gamer spends upwards of seven hours a week gaming. That’s a whopping 365 hours per year spent behind the screen on gaming alone. 

Whether you're flexing your twitch reflexes in CS:GO or building a utopia in Minecraft, you deserve to game in comfort and style. 

L-shaped standing desks are your best bet for upgrading your battle station, they offer versatility, style, and functionality that no standard desk can match. 

Best l shaped computer desk for gaming

Why an L-Shaped Desk?

A l shaped standing desk size chart

The biggest benefit of switching to a standing l-desk, is the increase in valuable surface area they provide. You can fit multiple monitors, your rig, keyboard, keyboard tray, mouse, controllers, mic, audio mixer, and so much more onto just one desk.

Not only do corner standing desks provide larger desktop surfaces, they are actually more space efficient for small spaces. L-shaped desks tuck neatly into the corner of any room.

These modern desks can also be used to separate a room, dividing your stream area from your lounge space. They come in a variety of finishes, perfect for any home studio, battle station or office.

The Benefits of a Standing Desk

Gaming injuries are more prevalent than you might expect. Common points of pain are in the back, neck, and shoulders. Guess what? Not only is it all avoidable,  it's likely due to an improper set up. 

Standing desks are designed to mitigate this process. They are height adjustable, so that you can game from your perfect ergonomic height, and alleviate strain on your body. 

L shaped standing desk can help you avoid computer elbow

Did you know you burn
more calories standing? If you start to feel your legs getting stiff from sitting throughout the day, get up, stretch yourself out, and burn some extra calories without taking a break from your game. They work with both standing monitors and those attached via monitor arms, too, meaning you won't have to fear your set-up being adjusted when you raise or lower the desk. Shake out those pins and needles, without compromising your gameplay.

Better yet, many standing desks these days are electric, making it easy to raise and lower your desk with the simple press of a button. With the ability to tweak and change to your battle station, you'll find yourself gaming in comfort.

The change will not only alleviate muscle strain and improve your posture, it will allow you to be a better gamer as your body is no longer in pain. 

Deck Out Your L-Shaped Standing Desk Battlestation

comfortable standing desk with accessories like mouse for gaming can get away with muscle pain

The beauty of a convertible standing desk is that you can game from the desk sitting or standing. It's ideal for seamlessly switching between sitting and standing. Its ability to move up and down on command will keep your limbs and lumbar pain-free, allowing you to put your full focus on the game in front of you. 

In addition to a standing desk battle station, make sure you pick up an ergonomic anti-fatigue mat for proper support while standing. They feature an ergonomic foam layer that reduces impact on hard surfaces, helping you stand in comfort.

With all your new found desktop real estate, you’ll be able to fit an ultrawide monitor, giving you the best angles in the battle royales on Fortnite or PUBG.

You’ll finally have space for that multi-monitor setup, one to play League of Legends, the other for your Twitch or Discord chat.

keyboard and mouse for gaming should match with l shaped standing desk for gamer

Then there's your mouse and keyboard setup. There are some gaming mouse pads out there that can only work on wide, spacious desks. These mousepads offer increased texture to ensure your movements are perfect and precise 100% of the time

What to Look for When Buying a L-Shaped Standing Desk?

L-Shaped Standing Desk frame chart

Make sure you invest in a desk that adjusts beyond your needs.  Ensure that it provides the proper range of height for you or anyone who plans to use the desk.

Don't forget to check the weight limit, even the sturdiest desks can only hold so much, and do so safely. The last thing you want is for your new battlestation to come crashing down. 

Monitors can weigh anywhere from five to 30 pounds. TV's can go even higher! Take precautions and make sure your new desk can accommodate for the weight of all of your gear and equipment. 

A weak, unstable desk can mean the demise of your rig, monitors, speakers, keyboard, laptop, camera, oh my, the list just keeps going! Think of a stable desk, as an insurance policy for your battlestation. 

Storage Capacity

extra storage space beside your computer desk

Standing desks often do not come with extra storage solutions, aside from the cable management tray. This is because it is difficult to attach stagnant cabinets to a moving desktop. 

However, this is the perfect opportunity to really customize your station. 

There are plenty of options for storage cabinets that can fit under these standing desks when they're at their lowest setting. Because they won't raise and lower with the desk, anything in your storage will remain safe and undisturbed inside.


Putting together a motorized desk can sometimes be more of an activity than you bargained for. Avoid desks that require oddly specific tools to set up. 

The standing desks should come minimally packaged with easy to read instructions for assembly. That means less parts, a few screws, and a quick plug-in to ensure it's working.

Easy and fast so you can get back to gaming.

Man is installing the l shaped standing desk by himself


Think of standing desks as an electronic, rather than a piece of furniture. With it’s motorized components, be sure to invest in a quality standing desk that is backed by warranty.

Cheap desks are cheap for a reason, so be sure to do your research first. If they have a no-returns policy, that is a huge red flag. You may end up spending more in the long run replacing the cheap option.

Always look for a desk with a flexible return policy, and is backed by warranty.

Build the Best Battle Station

Larger space of l shaped desk that can have multiplayer gaming

If you're building the best battle station, you need the best parts. An L-shaped standing desk is fundamental to gaming better for longer.

The Executive L-shaped desk comes with four customizable height presets, an eight-year warranty, and several styles and desk colors, perfect for leveling up your battlestation. 

Pair your new ergonomic desk, with one of our award winning ergo chairs to game in comfort. 

battle station with screen and other computer accessiores

Ready to treat yourself to the battlestation you deserve? EFFYDESK is here to help. 

l shaped desk can fit over three monitors for game player

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