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some standing desk faq question from reddit board

EFFYDESK Answers Standing Desk Reddit FAQ (2021)

Ah, yes. It’s the most wonderful time of year again, where EFFYDESK answers Standing Desk Reddit’s most frequently asked questions (FAQ). 

Are you on the hunt for a new standing desk? Have you ever wondered: “are standing desks worth it”? Maybe you’re having a hard time deciding between two different standing desk companies, or perhaps you’re searching for the right Canadian standing desk company

You’ve come to the right place.

Effydesk answer the standing desk faq for you here

Since our last blog post on Standing Desk Reddit FAQs, “Size Matters: EFFYDESK Gets Real with Reddit’s FAQ on Standing Desks”, your fellow desk job worker Redditors have asked some great questions about standing desks and ergonomics on the subreddits, r/StandingDesk and r/StandingDesks -- and we’re here to help answer your most curious questions today. 

Are Standing Desks Good for You?

Standing desks, also known as sit-stand desks, stand up desks, or adjustable height desks, are designed with ergonomics (the study of people in their working environment) in mind, to help you work more efficiently. The more alert, focused, and happy you are at your workstation, the more motivated you will become to accomplish tasks throughout your day. 

Whether you’re working from home, or out of a company office, maintaining proper posture and staying active (either at or around your workstation) is critical to your physical and mental well-being at large. 

But First, Why Reddit?

effydesk answer the reddit's standing desk question in the article

There are many reasons why many desk job workers turn to Reddit when researching standing desks. The main reason may be that Redditors have historically offered honest and unfiltered opinions. 

Reddit users, for the most part, are happy to provide insightful and resourceful information about the promising features and benefits of each product in discussion, and are generally delighted to share their best work from home tips and ergonomic product reviews that can help others succeed. 

Redditors are also smart shoppers. You’re probably reading this article because you’re a smart shopper and you’re ready to start working smarter, too. This is where we (proudly, a Canadian standing desk company) come in. We see all of your questions about standing desks on Reddit, and we’re here to help you get more done, more comfortably at your workstation - wherever that means for you. 

Standing Desks FAQs

Do You Need a Standing Desk?

If you’re still on the fence about whether a standing desk is right for you, it may be helpful to consider the following:

  1. Do you work from home and are feeling the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle
  2. Do you like to get up and stay active throughout the day, even when you have to take meetings from your desk? 
  3. Do you ever experience back pain, neck strains, sore feet, or other physical symptoms caused by “desk job damage”? 

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, you can definitely benefit from switching to a standing desk

answer the question to understand do you need a standing desk

Whether you’re working or gaming, if you have a habit of staying stationary in front of a computer screen for extended periods of time, a height-adjustable standing desk can help promote proper posture by allowing you to adjust your desk height to your most comfortable position, which helps to prevent back pain and other bodily strains caused by desk job damage. 

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at our collection of your most frequently asked questions on the subreddit, r/StandingDesk.

1. Height Adjustability

is standing stand adjustable from reddit board

What matters to you: Personal Height Adjustment Preferences; Adaptability to Your Needs

How we can help: How do you determine which option is the best standing desk for you? Finding a desk that has the right adjustable height range for both your sitting and standing heights is essential to finding the “best” standing desk for your home office.

Our Home Office Standing Desk has an adjustable height range of 27.9 to 45.2 inches or 71cm to 115cm. 

If you’re looking for even more flexibility in height, EFFYDESK’s Business Office Standing Desk has a height range of 23.62 to 49.21 in or 60cm to 125cm. That’s a lowest adjustable height of approximately 2 feet and the highest of 4.1 feet! 

For more workstation flexibility and movement, try a customizable ergonomic lumbar-support office chair that allows you to adjust and optimize sitting postures all day long.

Want to learn more about the difference between our Home Office, Business Office, and Executive Office L-shaped desks? See the chart below for a quick comparison:

Home Office Desk

Business Office Desk

Executive Office L-Desk

Supports up to 220 lbs

Supports up to 300 lbs

Supports up to 330 lbs

Speed: 30 mm/s (dual motors)

Speed: 35 mm/s (dual motors)

Speed: 30 mm/s (Triple motors)

Height Range: 71cm-115cm (27.9-45.2in) 

Height Range: 60cm-125cm (23.62-49.21in) 

Height Range: 60cm-125cm (23.62-49.21in)

Width Selection Range: 100cm to 180cm (39.37-70.86in)

Width Range: 100cm to 180cm (39.37-70.86in)

Width Selection Range: 100cm to 180cm (42.12-70.86in)

Rectangle Columns Steel Finish

Reinforced Square Columns Matte Gloss Finish

Reinforced Square Columns Matte Gloss Finish

Standard Feet

Wider and Tapered Feet

Wider and Tapered Feet

2. Desk Sturdiness

Is standing desk's has heaviest legs from reddit board

What matters to you: Desk Weight, Frame Weight, Desk Feet Design, Wobble

How we can help: Why do some standing desks wobble more than others? EFFYDESK’s Business and Executive L-shaped desks are your solutions to that darn, infamous standing desk wobble. Our signature Business Office and Executive Office standing desk models offer reinforced square columns for extra sturdiness and stabilization while you’re working, even when you’ve got your desk set at maximum height.

3. Desk Weight Limits

is standing desk has a load capacity from reddit board

What matters to you: Desk Weight Capacity, Multiple Monitor Desk Setup, Hard Drive Storage

How we can help: Powerful sit-stand desks with a load capacity of 330lbs can comfortably allow all your work and play accessories, hard drives, and more without leaving your desk space cluttered and disorganized. 

Our ergonomic Electric Height-Adjustable Standing Desks can withstand up to 220-330lbs, depending on the model you’re going for. Your PC averaging at 25-40lbs can rest easy over our well-engineered L-shaped desk that’s built to last. (However, you might feel more at ease leaving your full-tower PC cases on the floor if they reach ~60lbs.) 

L shaped standing desk have lots of space and enough capacity to provide a better workplace

4. Multipurpose Versatility

people are looking for multipurpose standing desk that can for gaming and for work

What matters to you: Multi-Monitor Setup; Gaming After Work; Upgrading to a Desk with Table Top Space that Adapts to Your Needs

How we can help: When it comes to your workstation - this is true: the more tabletop space available, the merrier. 

EFFYDESK’s L-shaped corner standing desk with triple-motors would be ideal for the ultimate work/battlestation that needs to hold more than two computer monitors. 

standing desk is one of the best gaming desk for gamer

All our electric standing desks come with anti-collision systems so you won’t have to worry about your tabletop accidentally hitting it. What a wonderful segue for cable management!

5. Cable Management

our business offcie standing desks can help you solve cable management

What matters to you: Cable Management; Routing; Organization

How we can help: Standing desk cable management is one of the most important elements of an aesthetic, visually appealing workstation. You need cable management for your standing desk setup - and we’re ready to bring you the optimal solution to this! 

Starting February 2021, all EFFYDESK Business Office and Executive Office Standing Desks come with complimentary cable management trays and power bar strip holders. Because what matters to you, matters to us.

6. Pricing and Value

Effydesk provide affordable standing desk with high quality

What matters to you: Value of Your Investment; Staying Active; Combating the Negative Effects of a Sedentary Lifestyle

How we can help: If you’ve ever looked up “affordable standing desk”, you’ll quickly find that the general consensus among Redditors’ is that “affordability” is ultimately defined by whether or not you (the desk user) feel like your investment was worth it. And of course, you’d want to ensure that you get the best ‘bang for your buck’. 

At EFFYDESK, we believe that greater productivity and workplace efficiency should be accessible to all. We believe in providing the best quality commercial-grade products for desk job workers. For the best standing desk under $800, we recommend that you check out our Home Office Standing Desk.

For those new to sit-stand workstations, they may wish to first try out a standing desk converter before investing in a standing desk. If you’re wondering about the difference between whether a standing desk converter or standing desk is right for you, check out our article, “Are Standing Desks Better For You Than Standing Desk Converters?”.

7. Warranty Preferences

our standing desks provide with 8 years of warranty

What matters to you: Warranty; Trust; Credibility

How we can help: All of our standing desks come with an 8-year manufacturer warranty, satisfaction guaranteed, so you can rest assured as we are a Canadian office furniture company that will stand by and honour your 8-year warranty as promised.

our standing desk have high customer review and recognized by one of the best standing desk in Canada
customer feedback on google that customer comment how amazing is the standing desk

8. Best Standing Desk Reviews (Canada)

people are looking for standing desk in Canada on reddit board

What matters to you: Quality Customer Service; Product Quality Assurance; Customer Reviews; Time; Desk Wobble; Compatibility with Desktop Monitor; Shopping for Canadian Brands

How we can help: We like to let our customers speak for themselves. Check out some of our latest Google reviews:

A standing desk review from one of the standing desk customer
Another five stars rate from our standing desk customer

9. Seating Options

People are looking for seating option on reddit

What matters to you: Seating Options, Comfort; Chair Height, Seat Depth Adjustability; Precautions

How we can help: For those who have purchased a standing desk, it’s especially important to accessorize your new sit-stand workstation with office essentials to help you succeed.

Whether you need an office/gaming chair that comes with or without a headrest, our ergonomic office chair collection has got the solution for you. If you’re looking to practice active sitting or are searching for a seating solution without armrests, we’d also recommend checking out our signature EFFYDESK BohdiStool!

Do you work from home? EFFYDESK is for you.

business women is working on standing desk

At EFFYDESK — we design, mould, and deliver the best Electric Standing Desk for professional or personal use. 

Our mission is to help you optimize your workspace ergonomically for a healthier, happier, more productive you. That’s why we love getting real with our customers and Redditors on your most frequently asked questions about standing desks. 

Our award-winning ergonomic office chairs ensure that office workers are protected against desk job damage and are well-equipped to maximize efficiency and morale in the workplace — wherever that may be for you. 

Browse our signature Standing Desks, Office Chairs, and Monitor Mounts designed to boost workplace productivity, so you can get more done, more comfortably. Claim your 30-day free trial today.

Want to explore further about work-from-home tips and standing desk ergonomics? You can always refer to our Ergomindfulness blog that helps desk job workers to learn about the benefits of a standing desk, how to improve workplace efficiency, how to achieve proper posture and much more. 

Don’t forget to subscribe (at our website footer below) so you never miss a blog release or store updates from us!

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