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Gaming Chair vs. Office Chair: What's the Difference?

Did you know that over 18.9% of adult Canadians experience chronic pain?

If you’re a gamer, sitting in front of a computer for prolonged periods of time can cause strain on your body. In order to play your best, you must feel your best. After all, it’s difficult to concentrate and be on your A-game when your body is in pain. 

The fix? It’s easy, in fact you’re probably sitting on it as we speak. Take a look at your current chair? Does it feature an ergonomic design with lumbar support? What about adjustable armrests or a support pillow

When you are wondering about gaming chair or office chair, Effydesk has the answer for you

You may be thinking to yourself do I really need to invest in a gaming chair in order to improve my overall gaming experience? For those of you who do not have a dedicated space for gaming, or maybe you’re simply compiling research on investing in gaming chairs vs. office chairs. 

With this guide, we will outline the differences and strengths of both. Whether you’re playing games, working or surfing the net, one thing is for sure. The most important thing is to look for a quality chair, designed with comfort and ergonomics in mind. 

Gaming Chair

Mechanical keyboard is perfect for gaming player

Gaming chairs use back support technologies, similar to those found in racing car seats. These chairs have a bucket seat design while maintaining a tall reclining backrest. It has thick, padded seats with adjustable neck and lumbar pillows.

Gaming chairs also typically come with adjustable arms. These help to avoid chronic pain by absorbing your arm weight which reduces strain. The 3D armrests are often reinforced for sturdiness.

When creating a winning gaming desk setup, be sure to pay extra attention to the chair.  This is especially important for those who spend long periods of time playing games, with all that time in front of the screen make sure you invest in an ergonomically engineered, quality chair to reduce the stress on your body. 

Traditional Office Chair

These standard office chairs are often inexpensive, basic seats. They have fixed armrests and backrests.  They are often height-adjustable and feature a cheap backrest recline. These chairs are okay for those who only spend a few hours at their desk each day. For those who spend more time in front of their screen, a poor quality chair can amplify the pain caused by sitting all day. 

Gaming Chair vs. Office Chair: A Comparison

Office chairs used to be ubiquitous in terms of comfort. However, with the recent ergonomic chair guidelines update, their popularity is quickly declining. A chair must have a reclining backrest, adjustable 3D armrest, and ergonomic support for your back.

With this, how do both chairs measure up? Here are some things you must know:

1. Design and Aesthetics

It’s easy to see the aesthetic variations between office chairs and gaming chairs. The former has a discrete design that makes it easier to blend in rather than stand out. They have simple features that come with rudimentary controls.

Most office chairs will come in subdued shades of either black or gray. They also use mesh or nylon fabric for their upholstery.

On the other hand, gaming chairs stand out with their contoured, ergonomic design. It has a taller backrest, with thick padding and adjustable armrests. Some chairs have bolder styles that look similar to race car chairs. 

The good news is that gaming chairs have begun to make more subdued designs and styles. Perfect when used in an office setting, especially when you’re working from home, no more hiding that pink gaming chair with bunny ears during your zoom calls.

2. Comfort

its important to pick a comfortable chair

A chair’s comfort level is one of its most important features. This is especially true when you spend most of your time sitting. Invest in a comfortable chair to help you work more productively, game more efficiently and for your overall health.

If you only sit for short periods, office chairs feel more comfortable than gaming chairs. It’s because most people find the features of these chairs more familiar. However, the lack of adjustment features will cause problems for the body over time.

Your body will default to using less efficient muscle stretching and contracting patterns as you twist and turn. Over time, you become more comfortable with slouching and sitting upright will turn into a strenuous activity.

If you sit in awkward positions, your muscles will work harder to hold your trunk, shoulders, and neck. It will squeeze your muscle’s blood vessels, making it difficult for blood to circulate. Without enough blood supply, you’ll start feeling tired faster.

When using an office chair without an ergonomic design, you’re more likely to feel physically exhausted at the end of the day, despite not doing any physical labour. This is due to the physical strain improper ergonomics leaves on your body. 

3. Ergonomics and Height-Adjustability

To compare the ergonomic capabilities of gaming chairs and office chairs, look at how their features adapt to you. Traditional office chairs have fixed armrests and backrests. Gaming chairs give more adjustment capabilities, including height-adjustability.

This will help you achieve a healthier posture while at your desk. With a gaming chair, you can pick the angle of the backrest as well as adjust the support pillows and the position of the armrests.

When working from a basic office chair, you may not notice the strain at first. However without proper support, you’ll find your back and neck muscles starting to ache as your day progresses. 

When this happens your body has a tendency to slouch. Avoid this by investing a chair with ergonomic support, as it will help you to maintain your posture and relieve your tired muscles.

4. Accessories and Extras

Traditional office chairs won’t come with ergonomic features like depth adjustability, or lumbar support. They are unlikely to come with any accessories, such as a neck pillow or armrest pads. In most cases, you’ll only get tools and a manual necessary for assembly.

Gaming chairs come in heavier packages. You’ll find all chair components and other necessary tools for assembly. You’ll also get the primary add-ons like the adjustable neck and lumbar cushions.

As gaming chairs are more comprehensive, many offer more accessories. This may even include retractable footrests or massage units.

5. Price

Most reputable office chairs will cost less than $150. Warranties may span anywhere between 30 days and 6 months.

In contrast, gaming chairs can become more expensive. The cheapest ones tend to cost between $120 and $200 with 1-year warranty periods.

The most expensive gaming chairs are eSports-grade ones. These will have price tags that range from $350 to $550. These high-end gaming chairs are a great investment with warranties between 2 and 5 years.

The Hybrid

Our aery chair has added support of a gaming chair which is a perfect office chair

Are you looking for the appearance of an office chair, with the added support of a gaming chair? Look no further, the answer is an ergonomically engineered office chair. An ergonomic chair features the support and adjustability of a gaming chair, without the added bulk.

Ergonomic office chairs are discrete and more minimal in their appearance. They offer just as much support as a gaming chair, and are ideal for reducing back pain

Ready to give your body the chair it deserves? EFFYDESK is here to help. 

work out beside the standing office chair

At EFFYDESK — we design, mould, and deliver the best Electric Standing Desk for professional or personal use.

Our award-winning ergonomic office chairs ensure that office workers are protected against desk job damage and are well-equipped to maximize efficiency and morale in the workplace — wherever that may be for you.

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To learn more about EFFYDESK’s products and services, be sure to check out our FAQ page or browse our ergomindfulness blog for more helpful articles on ergonomics in the workplace.

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