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Learn how Fidget Spinner Gadgets to Help You Relieve Stress at Work

4 Fidget Spinner Gadgets to Help You Relieve Stress at Work

Do you tap your fingers on your desk? Play with your hair? Bounce or shake your legs when you’re sitting down? 

These are all common examples of fidgeting, which is the act of doing a small, repetitive movement, usually with your hands or feet. 

Other common types of fidgeting include

  • Crossing and uncrossing your legs
  • Playing with a pen or pencil
  • Tapping your foot
  • Randomly shifting your body weight
  • Scratching or picking at your skin
  • Biting your nails

If you tend to do one or more of the above while working, it may be time to assess how these habits are affecting your productivity at work. Luckily, there are many fidget spinner gadgets on the market today that can help you relieve stress at work.

What Causes Fidgeting?

A guy fidgeting in front of the desk

That depends! Fidgeting can be a result of anxiety or stress in a situation, as it diverts your attention and gives you something to do when your fight-or-flight instincts are engaged.

Studies show that your body also uses fidgeting as a way to “mediate cognition”.n other words, it helps to regulate your attention levels. Playing with your hair might help to calm you down in tense situations, and bouncing your legs might keep you alert and engaged in slow meetings. 

Mild fidgeting is a part of everyday life, but it’s important to know when to consult a professional for other underlying conditions (ADHD, Restless Leg Syndrome, Skin Picking Disorder, etc.)

When Should You Consult a Doctor?

You should seek professional medical health advice if...

  • Your fidgeting stops you from doing everyday tasks
  • You are having trouble sleeping at night due to fidgeting
  • You are unable to focus or work effectively
  • You experience mood swings or difficulty concentrating
  • Your skin-picking/nail-biting becomes compulsive

Fidgeting Has Health Benefits

You read that right! We mentioned earlier that your brain uses fidgeting as a way to control your attention, but did you know that fidgeting can also burn calories? 

A study by Mayo Clinic shows that fidgeting is a key factor in why some people seem to never gain weight. The extra calories they burn are attributed to “non-exercise activity thermogenesis”--in other words, fidgeting! 

Small movements like changing posture, moving around, and fidgeting caused small but significant changes in the number of burnt calories. Fidgeters can also burn up to 50% more calories as someone who doesn’t fidget while doing the same task. 

Side note: People often believe that standing at a desk can help you lose weight. Not true! Standing in itself won’t help you lose weight, but it’s the little movements that go along with standing up that cause you to burn calories. You rarely ever stand perfectly still, and the fidgeting adds up over time. Standing at a desk has many other health benefits, and you can take simple breaks using a quality, active-sitting wobble ergonomic office stool

Of course, this doesn’t mean that fidgeting alone can help you lose weight--make sure you stand up and walk around every so often to boost your metabolism and get your blood moving. 

stretching can help you be more concentrate while you work a lot

Controlling Fidgeting in Group Settings

“Why would I need to control my fidgeting? Didn’t you just say there are health benefits?” 

We did! However, fidgeting is commonly perceived as boredom and lack of focus. It can also indicate restlessness and might be seen as a sign of disrespect especially when in meetings or a group setting. 

There’s also a fine line between helpful and distracting. Though tapping your fingers on the table might seem like a harmless fidget, it may be louder than you think! Your pen-twirling may cause your peers to watch you instead of focusing on the task at hand. 

Additionally, constant fidgeting can harm your credibility when you’re speaking to an audience. When reading someone’s body language, fidgeting or squirming indicates lying 75% of the time! Simple cues like playing with your hair or twiddling your thumbs can convey nervousness, making you seem like an untrustworthy speaker. 

When you’re in a group setting, keep your fidgeting under the table or out of sight in order to minimize visual distractions. 

Fidgeting At Your Desk

When you aren’t around other people, you’re free to fidget however you like--as long as it doesn’t affect your productivity! 

The key to a healthy work/fidget balance is to find what works for you. Find that sweet spot where your brain can concentrate without the fidgeting causing you (or anyone else) to be distracted! Everyone’s balance will be unique--some people like to move around constantly, while others find they can sit quite still without feeling the need to fidget. 

Fidgeting can help you burn some energy and keep busy so that your brain can concentrate on a task at hand. This is especially helpful for long, daunting tasks or meetings. 

Top 4 Fidget Gadgets of 2021

There are plenty of fidget spinner gadgets on the market to help you relieve stress and anxiety at your sit-stand workstation. If you find yourself constantly tapping your foot on an anti-fatigue mat, or crossing/uncrossing your legs on Canada’s best office chair (😉), you can use the following gadgets to sharpen your concentration and turn your fidget habit into a productivity tool!

Fidget Spinners (and more)

You’ve no doubt seen fidget spinners, the odd-looking toys that spin with a simple flick of your finger. These come in every shape and colour imaginable! Having a fidget toy at your desk is an easy way to keep your hands occupied (and keep you from picking at your skin, if that’s a concern for you.)

spinner can help you release your stress during work

For a more sophisticated fidget toy, try a fidget ring! It’s like fiddling with your jewelry, with a twist (see what we did there?). A section of the ring rotates freely so you can spin it while it’s on your finger. And it looks just like a trendy ring!

Fidget Ring - 4 Fidget Spinner Gadgets to Help You Relieve Stress at Work - EFFYDESK Ergonomics Blog (Vancouver, B.C)

(find this Vinci Ring at

Fidget Cubes

These cubes are smaller than a golf ball and provide 6 sides with different sensory buttons for you to fidget with. With buttons to push, switches to flick, and a clicking rollerball, your fingers will be kept busy wherever you carry this gadget. 

vinci ring is one of the fidget toy you can use

(find this fidget cube on


Lastly, a creative and cool magnetic toy for your desk. Neocubes are a set of tiny magnetic spheres that you can rearrange into a variety of shapes. Keep your hands occupied and unleash your creativity with this one little desk toy! 

Neocubes help You Relieve Stress at Work

(image from

Need more ways to de-stress while working from home?

A business woman working with standing desk

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