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How to Fix Wrist Pain with Proper Keyboard Ergonomics

How to Fix Wrist Pain with Proper Keyboard Ergonomics

Proper sitting and standing posture is key to a productive workday. Adjustable sit stand desks, ergonomic chairs, and fully-customizable monitor setups help you maximize productivity by allowing you to work in comfort. 

Too often ergonomics focuses on spine alignment and shoulder posture, neglecting some of the most important appendages and joints… the wrists and hands! Those who spend their days in front of a computer screen know just how much forearm and wrist movement it entails. Our hands help us work, study, cook and feed ourselves so it’s important that we take care of them. Therefore, it is important that we can prevent strains or know how to fix wrist pain when it happens.

Whether you’re sitting or standing, a proper ergonomic setup is crucial to prevent wrist injuries and protect your body. 

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Wrist Pain Causes

Our wrists are one of the most important joints in our bodies. It connects our hands to our arms, and facilitates all of our hand movements. Simple actions like stirring your coffee, typing on a keyboard, and frying an egg all involve extensive wrist use. Imagine doing any of those tasks without using your wrists! 

You’ve heard of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, the RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) that occurs after long periods of improper wrist posture and repetitive motions. These muscle strains that affect 15% of Canadians are actually avoidable. It’s as easy as switching out your office chair, and opting for an ergo friendly keyboard setup. 

We use our wrists constantly so it’s no surprise that wrist injuries are so common. In order to avoid hefty bills from the physical therapist years down the road or a reliance on anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), it is imperative that we take care of your wrists now with proper typing posture. 

Proper wrist posture at work

According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS), a good typing posture is a neutral, relaxed position where your forearms rest lightly on the desktop. 

Your wrists should be in line with your forearms, not drooping or bent. While your elbows should not extend more than 120 degrees-- stretching any further, may cause muscle strain and “computer elbow”.

To find the sweet spot, adjust your office desk and computer chair so your feet are on the ground but your arms are able to rest on the desk. Move your keyboard and mouse to a comfortable position. 


  • Take breaks to do a wrist stretch by rotating them
  • Make sure your shoulders aren’t shrugged 
  • Keep your body in a relaxed state when you’re typing.

Ergonomic Gadgets

To avoid pain and swelling, keep your wrist supported while you type, click, and scroll. Here are some handy gadgets to help you protect your wrists:

Keyboard Wrist Rest

How to Fix Wrist Pain - Keyboard Wrist Rest - Ergonomics Blog

This long roll of foam or gel helps to elevate your wrists to the same height as your keyboard. It’s perfect if you find your wrists drooping and you have to bend your fingers up towards the keyboard.

Gel Mouse Pads

How to Fix Wrist Pain with Proper Keyboard Ergonomics - Gel Mouse Pad - Standing Desk Blog

These come in a wide variety of colours and shapes! This type of mouse pad helps to ensure your wrist is cushioned and supported.

Ergonomic Computer Mouse

Ergonomic Computer Mouse - How to Fix Wrist Pain with Proper Ergonomics - EFFYDESK

A specially-designed computer mouse keeps your wrist in a natural position. The slight upwards tilt reduces strain on your wrist and forearm. You may want to look for an ambidextrous ergonomic mouse if you use your left hand, however.

Curved Keyboards

Ergonomic Logitech Keyboard - How to Fix Wrist Pain - EFFYDESK Standing Desk Blog

Similar to the ergonomic mouse, curved keyboards help keep your wrists and forearms in their natural position. Rather than overextending your wrists on a straight keyboard, curved keyboards allow your wrists and forearms to stay relaxed.

Split Keyboards

How to Fix Wrist Pain with Proper Keyboard Ergonomics - Split Keyboard

These keyboards allow you to move the sections to your ideal ergonomic position, this is ideal for those with broader shoulders as it is more comfortable and offers a broader range of motion.

Digital Memory Keypad 

Digital Memory Keypad for Electric Standing Desk Canada - EFFYDESK

Transition seamlessly from sitting to standing during your busiest workdays with just a touch of a button. A digital memory keypad offers you the ability to pre-set up to 4 custom height settings at your ergonomic electric standing desk to keep your postures dynamic while working.  

Looking for more ways to improve your ergonomic posture? EFFYDESK Can Help! 

Standing Desk Canada - Home Office Sit-Stand Desk

"EFFY" stands for Efficiency and Effectiveness. Our robust, performance-driven products are crafted on the belief that you should feel good mentally and physically at the end of your workday. 

Our signature collection of modern and functional ergonomic office furniture have since helped thousands of Canadian desk-job workers combat the negative effects of sedentary lifestyles. 

For additional information on proper sit-stand desk ergonomics and how to work smart from your home office, visit our ergonomics blog.
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