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Best Standing Desk Setups: EFFYDESK Reviews and Ergo Tips

Best Standing Desk Setups: EFFYDESK Reviews and Ergo Tips

Ergonomics is an often overlooked factor when it comes to workplace safety. Although the injuries from improper ergonomics may not be as obvious, they are just dangerous if left untreated. 

Improper ergonomics over time can cause injuries like muscle strain, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, and other musculoskeletal disorders. Workplace injuries, if left untreated result in an increase in insurance claims, missed time at work and a loss of income. 

Applying proper ergonomics can reduce injuries and health disorders, while increasing productivity and improving the quality of work. 

Workplace ergonomics are important in protecting your body. It can make your job easier and safer. When proper ergonomics are applied, it reduces the strain on your body,  allowing you to work more comfortably and more efficiently. 

Making the change to an ergonomically optimized workstation or home office, is so much more than just updating your existing desk to a sit stand desk. Although, that’s a great place to start. 

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How to Ergonomically Optimize Your Workspace

To achieve the best results, experts recommend alternating between sitting and standing throughout the work day in a 2:1 ratio. For every two hours spent sitting, one hour should be spent working from a standing position

Tip: While working from your height adjustable standing desk try out these easy and fun desk exercises to help get your blood moving and improve your circulation. 

With all that time spent standing at your electric standing desk, what’s under your feet is important too.  Equip yourself with an anti fatigue mat. Ergonomic anti-fatigue mats help to reduce joint, muscle and tissue strain when standing for long periods of time. 

What you sit on is just as important as what you stand on. Upgrade to an ergonomically engineered chair for better back health. The best office chairs for back pain, should be made of temperature neutral breathable mesh, and offer lumbar support. 

Just like your sit stand desk, you should be able to adjust the height, depth and lumbar support of your chair for a perfect fit. 

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The Perfect Ergonomic Desk Setup

Now that we’ve covered the accessories, it’s time to get to the actual desk setup. Beware of the standing desk converters on the market as they don’t offer the same range of adjustments as sit stand desks

You should always seek out a desk with height settings that adjusts beyond your needs. A traditional stagnant desk is between 28” - 30” tall, which is perfect if you’re between 5’8 - 5’10. For those who don’t fit into that height bracket, sit stand desks offer a broader height range, to help you achieve the optimal ergonomic position while seated. 

Tip: To find your optimal desk and chair height, try this ergonomic calculator.

Use monitor arms to adjust the depth of your monitor. Remember, in order to avoid eye strain, your computer monitor should always be at one arm’s length away at eye level. Monitor arms and cable management are great ways to declutter and organize your work surface. 

Tip: More than one screen? Try a dual monitor mount to save space and achieve the optimal ergonomic position

The keyboard and mouse should be in line with the elbows to prevent shoulder and neck strain. Look for a keyboard tray with hand rests to prevent the hands from bending and causing wrist strain. 

Need Some Inspo? An Ergonomic Setup Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

Ideal setup for Digital Content Creators

Peter Chao - EFFYDESK standing desk set up with ring lights and podcast recording booth - TikTok

We love this clean and minimal setup by @peterchao. Featuring EFFYDESK's home office model, the desk functions as a podcast recording booth and editing station.

The pegboard shelf is an easy way to add storage, with the added bonus of being able to see everything. 

“I've tested a ton of standing desks and the build quality of EFFYDESK is far and above, the best I’ve seen.”
- Peter Chao, Digital Content Creator/TikToker 


@polishhousekeeper - EFFYDESK - standing desk setup lush green plants

Ideal Setup for Minimalist Plant-Lovers

This green office space by @polishhousekeeper makes you feel like you’re working in nature.

Plants not only purify the air, but they have also been proven to reduce stressthe perfect addition to any home office.

This desk setup features the EFFYDESK home office model.     

Ideal Setup for Developers/Gamers 

This next setup is a developer and gamer's dream come true. Featuring EFFYDESK's signature Business Office Model, this workstation setup allows this customer to work and game in comfort. The rainbow-lit LED keyboard adds a fun and unique touch to this set up, while the monitor arms add valuable table top space. 

“I bought the large version of the business desk, and I am super happy with the product. I attached a 32” monitor and a mounting arm to the desk, and have 2 laptops + a few headphones and some other peripherals - and this desk is sold and stable from sitting position to standing height.  The dual motors have no issue raising the desk. Note that if you use the included rubber washers between the frame and the desk top, you will have plenty of space to zip-tie power extension bars and cabling.” - David S. (5 Star Google Review)

EFFYDESK - gamer standing desk setup with dual monitor mount

Ideal Setup for the Everyday Worker

“This is the best investment you can make for your posture, especially if you are still WFH. I’m so happy with my desk. I ordered a size small and it’s perfect for dual monitors, a desk lamp and a bunch of other office supplies! Transitioning between sitting and standing height is so smooth and seamless. If you’re still working from your dining table, don’t contemplate. Just upgrade and your back will thank you.” - Melissa L. (5 Star Google Review)

EFFYDESK - minimalist standing desk set up, classic and clean

Looking To Ergonomically Optimize Your Workspace? Effydesk Can Help!  

At EFFYDESK — we design, mould, and deliver the best Electric Standing Desk for professional or personal use. EFFYDESK is here to help you maximize your potential, productivity and focus in your workspace. 

Our signature collection of electric standing desks and ergonomic office chairs are well-equipped to maximize efficiency and morale in the workplace — wherever that may be for you. Browse our signature Standing DesksOffice Chairs, and Monitor Mounts designed to boost workplace productivity, so you can get more done, more comfortably. Claim your free 30-day electric standing desk trial today.

To learn more about EFFYDESK’s products and services, be sure to check out our FAQ page or browse our ergomindfulness blog for more helpful articles on ergonomics in the workplace. 

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