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Common Standing Posture Mistakes at Your Standing Desk

How To Fix Common Standing Posture Mistakes at Your Standing Desk

Standing is such a natural part of our lives that we don’t usually stop to think about it. We stand in line at the grocery store. We stand at the bus stop. We stand at the kitchen sink as we wash dishes. 

Woman Leaning on standing desk

But did you know that you might be standing wrongly this whole time? 

Even a small and subtle shift in the way you stand can leave a huge impact on your posture. Adjusting and correcting your posture can help relieve aches and strains you may have! 

Why Do I Need Good Posture?

Excellent question! A good, relaxed posture is good for your physical body as well as your mental strength.

Good posture means your body can stand in its natural, relaxed position. No strains, no awkward cramps. With proper posture, you’ll have better breathing and circulation, as your lungs will be able to expand to full capacity. You’ll also have less back pain and fewer headaches

Standing tall is also a great mood booster! When you stand tall, you feel more motivated and confident. Good posture makes you feel good while you’re working, especially if you have fewer muscle pains! 

man standing in front of tall standing desk

Watch out for these 5 ways you might be standing wrongly, especially if you’re working at a standing desk! Using an electric sit-stand desk gives you many health benefits, but it won’t be as effective if you aren’t standing properly.

Let’s Do Some Posture-Checking!

Remember… you can’t fix your posture overnight! Your body is used to standing a certain way, so you’ll have to train yourself to maintain proper posture. It takes time, but you’ll get it!

1. Standing On One Foot

Are you… standing on one foot? 

Many people stand with their weight on one leg, and the other bent. It’s a natural, relaxed stance--it probably looks and feels normal, too! But standing like this for long periods of time can misalign your back. When you favour one leg over the other, your spinal column may curve the way you’re standing, which leads to back problems down the road. 

When you’re working at your standing desk, make sure your feet are side-by-side, about shoulder-width apart. Distribute your weight evenly over both legs so that your spine stays aligned!

2. Locking Your Knees

Are you… locking your knees?

two legs tense up together while you are working

Locking your knees” occurs when the quad muscles of your leg are tensed up for the whole time you’re standing. To test this, try flexing your quads (you should notice your kneecaps lift when you do this). If you can’t flex your quads, it means they’re already tensed! 

Locking your knees restricts blood flow and puts pressure on your joints, which can lead to arthritis if not addressed properly. Keep your legs relaxed while you work, and don’t be afraid to sit down and take a break from your standing desk

3. Leaning Your Forearms On Your Standing Desk

Are you… leaning your forearms on your standing desk? 

This often comes as a result of leg fatigue from standing too long. As the hours wear on, you might find yourself relying on your desk to hold you up. While it’s good to rest your forearms on your working surface, it’s not ergonomic to lean your body weight on the tabletop! 

If you find your legs tiring as you work, take sitting breaks! Devise a schedule so you get to sit down before resorting to leaning on your desk. Try sitting for 20-30 minutes every hour to reduce fatigue. Lastly, you can consider an ergonomic anti-fatigue standing mat for your sit-stand workstation. A good anti-fatigue standing mat can help alleviate pressure and provide comfort for your feet. 

4. Hunching or Stooping

Are you… hunching or stooping?

Muscle Strengthening Exercise can help stand properly and relief pain

Hunching your shoulders while you stand can lead to a stiff neck, sore shoulders, and tension in your upper back. Closing your posture by stooping can also restrict your lungs from expanding to full capacity. 

Keep your head up when you’re at your standing desk, and make sure your shoulders stay back. Take a deep breath in--see how much better that feels? If you find yourself hunching over during the day, you can even try some shoulder rolls to loosen the tension. 

5. Sticking Your Neck Out

Are you… sticking your neck out?

We mean this literally! If you tend to stick your head forwards when you work, you end up placing a lot of unnecessary pressure on the top section of your spine. Also known as “forward head posture,” this position can give you one very stiff neck. Your head weighs about 12 pounds, and your head in a forward position can add up to 30 pounds for your spine to carry! 

Man at Desktop Monitor who stick his neck out is a wrong sitting position

Keep your head aligned over your shoulders while you work, and you’ll have much less strain on your neck! Chin up--adjust your monitor so that you don’t have to tilt your head too far up or down to look at it. Remember, posture is all about preserving a natural stance for your body! 

A properly placed computer monitor helps to increase productivity and decrease the strain on your body. Be sure to check out adjustable monitor arms for your workstation if you don’t already, to not only maximize your table top space but to adjust the height and depth of your computer screens freely as you work. 

Want More Ways to Improve Your Posture While You Work? EFFYDESK can help! 

while you sitting or standing in front of you standing desk you still need proper posture

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