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Looking for the best standing desk company in Canada and the USA? Look no further.

As a North American standing desk company, our mission at EFFYDESK is to provide accessible and affordable ergonomic office furniture for Canadians and Americans nation-wide. 

From our signature collection of electric standing desks to our ergonomic office chairs, our ergonomic office furniture never compromise on quality. 

Our signature height-adjustable sit stand desks are also backed by a 10-year warranty, fast & free shipping, and a 30-day risk-free trial.

What’s So Great About EFFYDESK Standing Desks? 

At EFFYDESK we recognize that 'one size fits all' office furniture -- doesn’t fit most. Our ergonomic furniture is height, width, and depth-adjustable. 

Designed with you in mind, we have a large height adjustment range, spanning from 24” to 50” tall, whereas the industry standard for a seated desk stands typically between 28” to 30”. 

EFFYDESK offers a variety of desk work heights to help you achieve your optimal ergonomic position, so you can get more done, more comfortably.


Why Canadians and Americans Choose EFFYDESK

  • Our desks are made with industry-leading, reinforced, 3-segment squared columns -- versus industry standard rectangular columns for our business desks - which helps with stability.
  • We offer industry-leading reinforced longer/wider/heavier and tapered off feet for both business and home.
  • Our Executive desk is one of the sturdiest built corner desks on the market, which includes all of the above.
  • Our motors come equipped with anti-collision and several safety and lock features (child-proof locks).
  • We're always evolving our products by listening to our customers, and taking your feedback seriously -- here are some upcoming changes you can expect from our collection:
    • Pre-drilled holes for easy assembly
    • Cable management tray included
    • Free power bar holder/slider for under the desk
  • Any issues found with your desk within the 10 year warranty time-frame, we'll take care of it without a long process nor tons of paperwork.
  • We hold lots of fun contests over on our Instagram page and love connecting with our customers to celebrate the benefits of working ergonomically.

How Can EFFYDESK Help Me Create an Optimized Sit-Stand Workstation?

Ergonomic Sit-Stand Workstation

 Whether you’re a creative, gamer, developer, lawyer, student, or content creator, we're ready to help build your sit-stand workstation when you are!

Browse through our online shop for high-quality yet economical dual monitor mounts, lumbar-support office chairs, anti-fatigue mats, cable management, and more, to help you design the office of your dreams.

For the best tips on how to work ergonomically, improve focus and boost productivity, be sure to check out our blog.

Who Else Uses EFFYDESK?

Invest in your body, and treat yourself to the ergonomic office you deserve.

Whether for your home office or head office, EFFYDESK comes highly recommended by corporations and individuals alike. 

Ergonomically engineered for personal and professional use, use EFFYDESK to work from home or from the office! 

Check out our Instagram account to see different ways our customers have designed their #effysetup.


Who’s Behind EFFYDESK? 


EFFYDESK is powered by dedicated, hardworking individuals -- not robots. We're a local Canadian company based in Vancouver, B.C. 

Our customer service live chat support instantly connects you with our EFFY experts, so that we can answer your questions in a timely manner.