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What is the Best Lighting for Desk Work?

Desk lighting ideas to help you be more productive

When we think about creating an ergonomic workspace, furniture such as standing desks and office chairs are usually the first items that come to mind. However, there are a variety of small changes that can be made to increase comfort and productivity in the workplace. Lighting is among the most important factors to consider if you are trying to make your workstation more ergonomic.

At EffyDesk, we specialize in a range of ergonomic furniture and accessories that improve the desk work experience. Below we have listed a few tips on how to make your lighting as ergonomic as possible.

Adjustable lights

Harsh lighting can wreak havoc on the eyes and create a sterile work environment that makes it difficult to remain focused. Conversely, relying on smaller options such as a desk lamp can make it difficult to position the light correctly so that you can see everything you’re doing. By installing adjustable dimmer lights, you will be able to brighten your space as needed throughout the day. For example, if you are reading paperwork with fine print, you may want to raise your lights, while you may prefer to dim them while catching up on emails.

Indirect lighting

If you have lights directly within your line of vision, this can be extremely distracting while trying to get through your work. Wall sconces and low-hanging pendant lights often disrupt desk work and spread light unevenly throughout the room. If you have lights shining directly on your computer monitor for example, they are likely to create a reflection that can make it difficult to focus. Additionally, you may find yourself altering your body position to try and get the best view of your device. A better alternative would be recessed lights that can be placed at various points on your ceiling to brighten the entire space.

Limited natural light

In any other room, natural light is a major plus. However, in a home or commercial office, natural light can result in uncomfortable heat, indirect lighting, and extremely distracting reflections on your electronic devices. If you’ve ever tried to use your cell phone while standing directly in the sun, you know how difficult it can be to see your screen. If your office receives a large amount of sunlight, use shutters or curtains to block some of it out.

Computer monitor health

Your computer monitor is one of the most significant sources of light in your office. However, this device can quickly become detrimental to one’s health if used incorrectly. We recommend lowering your screen brightness to ensure you can see without straining your eyes, and your retinas are not flooded with bright, artificial light. We also recommend keeping a distance from your screen to protect your eyes. This can easily be done with the help of a monitor mount and by maintaining good posture behind your standing desk.

For more tips on how to make your workstation as ergonomic as possible, contact our team today.