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Introducing Eco-Friendly Closed Loop Collection - EFFYDESK Blog Banner

Introducing EFFYDESK’s Eco-Friendly Closed Loop Collection

There are many uncertainties in this world, but one thing is crystal clear. Climate change, whether we like it or not, is happening, and we need to do our part to protect the environment for future generations to come.

With the upcoming anniversary of the Vancouver Climate March, at EFFYDESK, we’re challenging you to reflect on your purchases over the last year, and identify an area where you can make an improvement. The fact is, no one is perfect when it comes to buying sustainable products and living a low impact life - we’ve all got to start somewhere, and it’s not too late! 

Now, more than ever, we need to be thinking about our purchases. Where are they from? How are they being shipped? What materials are they made out of?

Eco Friendly Closed Loop Collection - EFFYDESK x ChopValue

At EFFYDESK, we’re also reflecting on how we can do our part to minimize our impact on the environment. We’ve partnered with our friends over at ChopValue to create our new Closed Loop Collection.

What is a Closed Loop Approach?

You’ve probably seen the termsopen loop recycling, and closed loop recycling being thrown around a lot when it comes to sustainable purchasing, but what exactly do they mean?

Open-loop recycling is the process in which recycled materials are converted into both new raw materials and waste products. Open-loop recycled materials are usually used for different purposes than in their former, pre-recycled lives. It involves several processes and products, such as heat, chemicals or physical crushing to create the new raw material. Common names for open-loop recycling include downcycling or reprocessing. 

While consuming and buying close-loop cycle products is a great start to living a more sustainable lifestyle. There’s always room to kick it up a notch, with you guessed it - closed-loop recycling. 

What is Closed Loop Recycling?

Closed-loop recycling focuses on the supply chain sustainability, products or materials that are developed so that each component can be reused through a recycling system. In short, they’re developed with recycling in mind. Closed loop recycling supports a circular economy, while reducing the amount of waste and pollutants in the environment. 

Why is Closed Loop Recycling Important? 

Closed-loop recycling systems produce no waste, each element or product has a circular life, meaning it begins as a raw material and returns to a raw material at the end of its life cycle. Closed-loop recycling minimizes harm to the environment, preventing resource depletion and reducing the amount of non-biodegradable waste disposed of.

Our time is limited, and so are our natural resources. Just like you, we’re taking the steps to work on reducing our carbon footprint, so we can enjoy this beautiful planet for longer. We’re proud to introduce to you, our very first (and certainly not last) Closed Loop Collection. 

EFFYDESK’s New Eco-Friendly Closed Loop Collection

By popular demand and customer feedback we’ve got some exciting news to share with you!  EFFYDESK’s modern ergonomic solutions meet ChopValue’s next-generation manufacturing with our new Closed Loop Collection, a line of office accessories specially designed to elevate your workspace while doing good for the planet. 

Our earth-friendly standing desk, TerraDesk was launched in April to celebrate Earth Month, and this September we’re expanding our earth-friendly collection to bring you even more commercial-grade quality, sustainable ergonomic office furniture that’s made sustainably and responsibly.

Who is ChopValue?

"Our mission is to make a difference, one chopstick at a time," says Felix Böck, CEO and Founder of ChopValue. “We don’t just call it recycling, we think of it as a climate-positive transformation into a newly engineered material, which we use to make our products.”

Since its beginnings in 2016, this Vancouver-based company has recycled and transformed 36.3 million chopsticks (and counting!) that would otherwise have gone straight into a landfill. Over 100,000 disposable chopsticks get thrown out in Metro Vancouver every day, so there’s lots for ChopValue to “urban harvest” and bring back to the micro-factory.

During the carbon-negative manufacturing process, chopsticks are sanitized with a coat of eco-friendly resin and go through an ultra-hot oven to kill any bacteria present. Since the chopsticks don’t get washed with water, this minimizes the amount of water waste the micro-factory produces. 

The clean, treated chopsticks are then pressed into trays by powerful hydraulic presses. This creates a sturdy composite that can be shaped into tiles or boards, and the chopsticks are ready for their next life (as a chopping board, wall decor, or even an electric standing desk!). 

Benefits of Closed Loop Recycling

By diverting chopsticks from a landfill and remanufacturing them into new products, ChopValue and EFFYDESK help you contribute to a circular economy. Instead of a linear economy where items are produced, used, and thrown away, a circular economy aims to get as much use out of Earth’s resources before disposing of them. 

Reusing and recycling materials helps cut down on the amount of raw materials used, which then reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced in the manufacturing process. Instead of logging forests to get wood for tabletops and office accessories, ChopValue processes post-consumer materials in a carbon-positive microfactory to make durable, high quality products that preserve the planet.

Eco-Friendly Closed Loop Production | ChopValue x EFFYDESK Closed Loop Collection

(image from ChopValue)

The Closed Loop Collection

Our continued collaboration with ChopValue and mission to recycle 10 million chopsticks in 2021 brings you a sustainable and beautiful wood composite that’s harder and sturdier than oak or maple wood. Imagine the difference that will make to your office! Built to last, this durable collection also minimizes the number of times you’ll have to replace broken items.

Each item in our collection has a sleek, simple look, creating a minimalist design to streamline your workday. We’re committed to making sure you love where you work. 

The Closed Loop Rolling Cabinet has drawers made of 2,349 chopsticks. Smooth gliding wheel casters ensure that your files are right where you need them, when you need them. 

Eco-Friendly Rolling Cabinet | Closed Loop Collection EFFYDESK

The Eco-Friendly & Ergonomic Footrest has a surface made from 1,200 chopsticks. You might be wondering--what’s the point of a footrest at a standing desk? This footrest is here for you when you’re taking breaks from standing—it can even help relieve tension in your legs. Check out our step-to-step guide on how to fix bad sitting posture.

Eco Friendly FootRest - Closed Loop Collection - EFFYDESK

The Eco-Friendly Laptop Stand is made with 89 chopsticks, and will reduce neck pains and strains by elevating your laptop to a more comfortable height. More tips for relieving neck pain here!

Eco Friendly Laptop Stand - Closed Loop Collection | EFFYDESK

The Closed Loop Eco-Friendly Tablet Stand (made with 500 chopsticks) and Eco-Friendly Phone Stand (made with 150 chopsticks) will ensure that you’ll never have to awkwardly balance your screen against your coffee mug again! Keep your electronics where you can see them and you won’t have to hunt for them—keep your productivity up!

Eco-Friendly Phone Stand and Eco-Friendly Tablet Stand - Closed Loop Collection | EFFYDESK

The Closed Loop Wall Decor Set allows you to hang 3000 recycled chopsticks on your wall in a stylish, tasteful way. It’s not often that you can point at an art piece on the wall and say “that’s 3000 chapsticks, right there!”

Eco-Friendly Wall Decor Set - Closed Loop Collection | EFFYDESK

Finish off your earth-friendly office with TerraDesk, the piece that started it all! Made with 10,854 recycled chopsticks, this desk helps you take a stand for environmental sustainability. (Don’t forget to have a seat every now and then though--and make sure it’s in Canada’s favourite ergonomic office chair, the Aerychair). 

Eco-Friendly Standing Desk - Closed Loop Collection | EFFYDESK

To celebrate the launch of our Closed Loop Collection, we’re offering a 15% discount on any orders placed before October 13th. Preorders ship October 13th so you know you’ll have your Closed Loop Product in no time at all.

Let’s make a difference, one chopstick at a time.

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