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Blog Banner: The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Interior Design Style by EFFYDESK

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Interior Design Style

Looking for some home interior design ideas? You’ve come to the right place.

With so many different trends in home design, it can be difficult to figure out the perfect style for your space. But fear not! We’re here to help you find an interior design style that reflects your personality perfectly.

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Interior Design Style by EFFYDESK

Given the increase in time we’ve all spent at home over the last two years, now is the perfect time to design the interior of your dreams. 

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most popular interior design styles, to get you inspired and find the perfect pieces to make your house a home. Join us in exploring today's most popular interior design trends, and we’ll share some decorating tips and tricks along the way. 

What is Interior Design?

Interior design is the process of shaping interior spaces to meet your needs and reflect your personal taste. It can involve everything from choosing paint colors and fabrics to ergonomic furniture and accessories. Some styles are more popular than others, and will have a longer shelf life. 

It can be easy to get sucked into microtrends when decorating your space, but interior design and furniture, unlike clothing, is an investment that when made properly, can last a lifetime. 

What are the different Interior Design styles?

There are interior design styles that fit every preference and budget, so it's easy to find an interior style that will work with your space. 

Here are six of the most popular design styles for home interiors:

Traditional Design

Traditional Interior Design Style - The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Interior Design Style

Traditional interior design typically features classic furniture and decor with traditional details like floral patterns or carved woodwork. This style features classic pieces like antique rugs, chandeliers and antiques mixed with more modern pieces to create a warm look.

Modern Design

Modern Interior Design Style - The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Interior Design Style

A modern style home is sleek and minimalistic, with clean lines, natural colours and simple shapes. It’s different from traditional interior design as there are less carvings and patterns involved. 

You may wonder, what is “modern classic interior design”? Modern Classic interiors will blend minimalist design with balanced neutral elements from modern style. Postmodern interior design involves more playful and extravagant elements.

Contemporary Design

Contemporary Interior Design Style - The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Interior Design Style

A contemporary space is often described as "edgy" and eclectic, featuring a mix of different styles and materials, often with pops of colour. 

Rustic/Country Design

Rustic Interior Design Style - The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Interior Design Style

Rustic interior design features a cozy, cabin-in-the-woods look with elements like exposed beams and stone or brick walls. 

Modern farmhouse interior design features rustic interiors by borrowing elements from rural architecture and prioritizing the use of salvaged materials, large open living spaces and front porches. 

Industrial Design

Industrial Interior Design Style - The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Interior Design Style

An industrial interior is often defined by its raw surface materials such as concrete floors and unfinished wood ceilings. 

Bohemian Design

Bohemian Interior Design Style - The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Interior Design Style

Bohemian style or “boho interior design” is often described as eclectic and creative with a lot of personal charm. In other words, there’s less structure and more “care-free layers” of pattern and textures.

This interior design style is defined by a mix of traditional and vintage styles, with handmade decor elements like colourful rugs and folk art. 

How to find your Interior Design style

How to Find Your Interior Design Style - The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Interior Design Style

When you decorate your space, whether it's a whole house or just one room, you're not only expressing yourself but also creating a visual extension of who you are. Your home’s atmosphere should reflect your passions and hobbies. 

The same principle applies for restaurant interiors (extremely important in restaurant interior design), apartment or condo interior design or house interior design. You should always consider who will be occupying the space. 

If you are unsure of what interior design style ideas to use, there are a few key things that will help guide your choices:

  1. Consider if you want the room to feel open or closed. For example, think about whether you would prefer doors with minimal glass panes so it is easy for people in different rooms to see each other and communicate easily compared to having several solid walls throughout the space. Subtle changes like this can have an impact on how well everyone gets along in your home!
  2. Check out larger trends across interior design styles, including where most designers choose natural materials, such as stone and wood versus modern items which tend towards metallic finishes.
  3. Another important consideration is colour schemes. Understanding these basic interior design style ideas and colour theory will be helpful in inspiring you to create the look you want in your home.

How to create an inviting feel throughout any type of home

Inviting Home Interior Design Style - The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Interior Design Style

With interior design, it's important to consider your space and what you want the end result to look like. 

Whether you're creating or revamping a room from scratch, interior design style ideas will help you get creative with colours, textures, patterns and furniture placement while adding personal touches wherever possible.

To make your home truly feel like it belongs to you, consider the following:


Interior design involves the careful selection of colors, textures, and materials to create a cohesive look. In addition, interior designers often use light fixtures and mirrors to create the illusion of space. 

Minimalist interior design often uses clean lines and muted colors to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere, whereas warm tones can help your space feel more welcoming - be sure to consider an overall color palette scheme when designing your space. If you opt for a more modern design style, such as a monochrome theme, try adding different textures to add depth and interest. 


No one wants to live in a space with the constant sound of construction, or loud upstairs neighbors. Consider the type of music you like to play, or sounds you like to listen to while cooking, working, or relaxing, and create a space that matches that sound environment. 

If you work from home full time, calming background noise created by rain or even fireplaces can be soothing and help change your focus from anxious thoughts about an upcoming deadline. Try listening to different types, like classical (to inspire creative thinking), jazz (for productivity) or dubstep (when you need some excitement).


Textures can be used in interior design to add interest and visual appeal. They are especially great when used in designing bedrooms, kitchen, and living rooms.

Stone, wood, and metal are all popular choices for materials in interior design. They are an easy way to break up a monotonous wall, and a safe choice for home decor accents since natural world materials never go out of style. 


Interior designers often use natural materials like cedarwood and teakwood, which have a distinct smell to add to the overall ambiance of a room. 

Scents like clean linen pair well with a minimalistic style, where wood and amber pair well with a rustic style. When designing your interior space, make sure you consider a signature scent to pair with your home. 

Bringing It All Together

Creating an inviting interior design style doesn't have to be difficult. By considering your senses, you can add personal touches that make your home feel like a true reflection of you. So get creative and have fun with it!

Read on for more ideas on how to find inspiration when making over your home.

How to Create the Perfect Style for Your Space

The following interior design styles can help give you ideas on how to transform your home into something that reflects your personal taste and makes you feel comfortable every time you walk through the door.

Whether it's contemporary open-concept living with clean lines and simple shapes, rustic cabin with exposed beams and stone walls, a worn-and-torn shabby chic look, or anything in between– interior design can help you achieve the perfect look for your space.

Mid-century modern style

Mid-Century Modern Style - The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Interior Design Style

This interior design style is inspired by designs from the mid 20th century and often features simple lines, natural materials, and muted colors. 

The ergonomic products from EFFYDESK are a perfect fit for interior design style homes that favor the mid-century modern aesthetic. With simple lines and natural materials, our products will help you create a cohesive look in your space.

Scandinavian style

Scandinavian Interior Design Style - The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Interior Design Style

Scandinavian homes are generally characterized by light wood tones, white walls, and minimalist decor. This interior design style is perfect for creating a bright and airy space. Many also feature a gallery wall that can add personality to the space.

If you are looking for interior design style ideas where the interior design style is Scandinavian, you should consider interior design elements that are light in color. When choosing a desk for a Scandinavian interior design styled home, opt for our Oak White or Oak Wood standing desk table tops for a clean and airy look.

Some may wonder, what’s the difference between Nordic interior design and Scandinavian interior design? According to experts, Scandinavian focuses on “warmth and invitation”, whereas Nordic styles focus on the concept of “hygge”, a term referring to “comfort” in the Danish language where design pieces often include throw pillows or soft rugs.

Industrial style

Industrial Interior Design Style - The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Interior Design Style

This interior design style embraces the natural elements of metal, wood, and concrete. It features simple furniture and decorations that give a space a modern edge. If you're after a gritty urban feel in your home, industrial interior design might be right up your alley! It typically uses unfinished brick, metal finishes, and concrete accents. 

EFFYDESK's durable, reinforced standing desk frames in black would be a perfect match for industrial style home offices. The best part - EFFYDESK frames can be paired with a custom tabletop, pair your back frame with a raw edge top to complete the look. Need help with the dimensions? Team EFFY is here to help - speak to one of our agents via live chat here. 

Coastal style

Coastal Interior Design Style - The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Interior Design Style

For those who love the ocean, coastal interior design features light colours and natural materials to evoke a relaxing beach-like feel in your home. If you're after a coastal interior design style for your home, EFFYDESK's ergonomic office chairs are perfect for you! Our chairs are made with comfort and style in mind, so finding a great fit for your home will be a breeze.

Minimalism style

Minimalist Interior Design Style - The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Interior Design Style

A minimalist style is all about simplicity and functionality. Minimal interior design features a clean, modern look with plenty of white space and a neutral color palette. The decor is usually sleek and simple to give your home a tranquil vibe. 

This style usually features clean lines and muted colours, with minimal furniture and accessories. If you're a fan of a minimalist interior design style, our standing desk collection would make a perfect fit for your space. Sharing an office space, but don’t want the clutter of two desks? Opt for an L-shaped desk for a minimalist look without compromising on that precious tabletop real estate. 

In minimalist design, sustainable reclaimed wood is often used to bring a natural strength to the room. For home decor that would be perfect for this, check out our eco-friendly Closed Loop Collection!

Rustic style

Rustic Interior Design Style - The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Interior Design Style

A rustic interior design uses natural materials and textures to create a warm and cozy feeling. This style often includes wood accents, earthy colors, and vintage furniture. If you're looking for modern furniture that will fit in with a rustic interior design, EFFYDESK's eco-friendly TerraDesk made from recycled chopsticks is a great option. The TerraDesk has a warm butcher-block wood finish and artisanal, rustic details that will add character to any space.

Eclectic style

Eclectic Interior Design Style - The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Interior Design Style

Eclectic interior design is unique and original, with each room reflecting the character of its occupants. The decor in this style can vary widely because it's all about choosing your favourite pieces rather than following a specific set of rules.

Hollywood Glam/Hollywood Regency style

Hollywood Regency/Hollywood Glam Style - The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Interior Design Style

A Hollywood interior design style emanates luxury and glamour. Think opulent, classic and art deco style with a lot of glitz and gold accents. This interior design style is ideal for homeowners with a refined taste and an eye for beautiful details.

Which interior design style is right for you?

This really depends on your personality and the look you want for your home. Try exploring a few different styles until you find one that feels like "you."

Don't be afraid to mix interior design styles or combine elements from different interior design styles. You might surprise yourself with what you come up with!

If you're still trying to figure out what interior design style ideas would work best for your home decor needs, try taking a look at even more inspo looks on our Instagram feed! (Tip: You can search our hashtag #EFFYSETUP on Instagram to get inspired by refreshing interior design and home workspace ideas.)

EFFYSETUP - Interior Design Styles on Instagram

Interior design styles come and go, but furniture is a long term investment. There are easy and affordable ways to change your interior design style, while using your existing furniture. That’s why it’s important to invest in quality furniture that will stand the test of time. If you’re unsure - keep it neutral. Neutral furniture will always be easy to style around. 

Looking for new ways to elevate your home’s interior design? 

EFFYDESK - Minimalist Interior Design Style featuring TerraDesk and AeryChair

EFFYDESK can help! We’re an ergonomic office furniture company based in Vancouver, Canada. We believe an engaged workspace that enables routine movement is the future of work. Our mission is to provide innovative ergonomic products that help people work in happier and healthier workplaces. 

To help you achieve this, we offer height adjustable Standing Desks (winner of The Consumr’s "Best Office Desk 2021" Award), Office Chairs, and desk accessories like anti-fatigue standing mats, monitor arms, filing cabinets, under-desk treadmills, and more.

Thousands of North American workers and corporate teams of all sizes have transitioned from sedentary lifestyles to staying active and upright at work by choosing EFFYDESK. We’re excited to help create your ideal home interior so you can work more productively than ever, too.

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