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The Benefits of Using an Ergonomic Desk Chair

Supporting your work, one posture at a time

Ergonomic furniture has gradually made its way into the Canadian workplace as consumers have become increasingly aware of its many benefits. Products such as standing desks, chairs, and accessories enhance the user’s daily routine, leading to a better overall quality of life. From this list, ergonomic desk chairs stand out as one of the best investments that you can make in a health-forward workspace.

At EffyDesk, we have curated a collection of top-rated office furniture including a range of ergonomic desk chairs. Our team is passionate about bringing optimal solutions to individuals and commercial offices across Canada. Let's go over the top benefits of using an ergonomic desk chair in the workplace.

Better posture

Ergonomic desk chairs are strategically designed to facilitate an upright seated position. This is done by mimicking the natural curvature of the spine within the backrest. This keeps the user comfortable and lowers back pain while ensuring a healthy posture during working hours. Our ergonomic desk chairs are made with a flexible mesh backing that slightly bends, molding to the user’s upper body.

Reduced neck strain

In the modern world, the majority of Canadian workers spend most of their day behind a computer screen. This has led to an epidemic of neck problems resulting in serious pain that can make it difficult to focus on the task at hand. Traditional desk chairs do not help with this issue as they often fail to offer neck or head support. Our ergonomic desk chairs at EffyDesk keep your neck in a healthy position with a comfortable headrest. This feature combined with accessories such as our monitor mount make it easy to avoid neck strain throughout your workday.

Optimal comfort

The most immediate benefit that buyers can enjoy after purchasing an ergonomic desk chair is premium comfort. All of our desk chairs are made with comfortable armrests and cushioned seats that align with the curvature of your lower body. The mesh material used in our backrests also offers temperature control and breathability. With pressure distribution and natural ergonomic alignment in mind, the EffyDesk collection is made to support the user’s needs in both the long and short-term.


Similar to standing desks, ergonomic desk chairs offer a range of customizable features that make it possible to tailor your furniture to your body type. The seat height, position, as well as the headrests and armrests on our chairs can be adjusted at any time.


Ultimately, the more comfortable your body is, the easier it will be to complete a full workday. Office workers who experience chronic pain such as back aches or neck issues often find it difficult to focus. An ergonomic desk chair paired with a standing desk is guaranteed to make your productivity level skyrocket.

Whether you are experiencing lower back pain or you are simply uncomfortable in your current desk chair, an ergonomic model may be the best solution for you. Contact us today to learn more about our product selection.