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  • Use code: MOM200 for $200 off + a free deskpad with every bundle!
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Corporate Gifting

At EFFYDESK, we believe that the best gifts are those that enhance both comfort and productivity. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our exclusive corporate gifting bundles featuring our premium standing desks and ergonomic chairs.

Show your appreciation for your hardworking employees by gifting them the ultimate workspace upgrade. Our standing desks are meticulously crafted for optimal functionality and style, allowing users to seamlessly transition between sitting and standing positions for improved health and productivity.

Pair our standing desks with our ergonomic chairs, meticulously designed to support the natural curvature of the spine and promote proper posture during long hours of work. With adjustable features and luxurious comfort, our chairs ensure that your employees can work comfortably and efficiently day in and day out.

Choose from a variety of bundle options to suit your budget and preferences, each curated to provide the perfect combination of comfort, functionality, and style. Give the gift of a healthier and more productive workspace with our corporate gifting bundles from EFFYDESK."

Benefits of Corporate Gifting with Effydesk

Corporate gifting isn't just about giving; it's about fostering a culture of appreciation and recognition within your organization. At Effydesk, we understand the significance of acknowledging the hard work and dedication of your employees. That's why we offer a range of corporate gifting solutions tailored to elevate your employee appreciation efforts.

  1. Boost Morale and Engagement: Show your employees that their efforts are valued and recognized. Corporate gifting with Effydesk boosts morale and encourages greater engagement, leading to a more positive and productive work environment.
  2. Strengthen Team Bonding: A thoughtful gift can go a long way in strengthening team bonds and fostering camaraderie. By gifting Effydesk products, you're not only rewarding individual achievements but also nurturing a sense of unity and teamwork within your organization.
  3. Enhance Employee Well-being: Investing in ergonomic products like standing desks and ergonomic chairs demonstrates your commitment to employee well-being. By providing tools that promote comfort and productivity, you're helping your employees stay healthy, focused, and motivated.
  4. Differentiate Your Brand: Stand out as an employer of choice by offering unique and high-quality gifts from Effydesk. Corporate gifting is an opportunity to showcase your company's values and culture, leaving a lasting impression on your employees and stakeholders.
  5. Increase Retention and Loyalty: When employees feel appreciated and valued, they're more likely to stay loyal to your company. Corporate gifting with Effydesk can help increase employee retention rates and foster long-term loyalty among your team members.

Experience the transformative benefits of corporate gifting with Effydesk. Let us help you create a culture of appreciation and recognition that drives success and growth within your organization.

Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

I love my Effydesk that I got in medium size— it’s great for my nail production and for when I film nail tutorials! Set up was easy and I’m so impressed with how sturdy it was! This desk is a game changer!

Winnie Huang, Vancouver

Ordered and received it within less than 2 weeks. Set up went well, took my time with it, but got it up without issues. Have been using it for a few days now and love it. Works well and does what I hoped! Very happy. Cheers!

Rob Cussen, Quebec

Absolutely love this desk! It's been a game changer for my home working environment. I really recommend the standing pad (I didn't have this initially but after my partner received it I needed to have one too!)

Ben Waugh, Vancouver

Effortless Corporate Gifting: How It Works

At Effydesk, corporate gifting is made easy with our streamlined process. Follow these simple steps to elevate your employee appreciation efforts and make a lasting impact:

  1. Browse Our Curated Collection: Explore our curated collection of premium standing desks and ergonomic chairs, specially designed to enhance comfort, productivity, and well-being in the workplace. Choose from a variety of bundle options to suit your budget and preferences.
  2. Customize Your Gift: Personalize your corporate gifting experience by selecting the perfect combination of products for your employees. Whether you're celebrating milestones, recognizing achievements, or showing appreciation for your team's hard work, our customizable bundles ensure that your gift reflects your company's values and appreciation.
  3. Place Your Order: Once you've selected your desired products, simply place your order through our secure online platform. Our user-friendly interface makes the ordering process quick and convenient, allowing you to focus on what matters most – appreciating your employees. Alternatively, you can also speak to one of our sales representatives for personalized assistance and recommendations.
  4. Deliver With Ease: Sit back and relax as we take care of the rest. Our efficient delivery process ensures that your corporate gifts are delivered directly to your designated recipients in a timely manner. With Effydesk, corporate gifting has never been easier.
  5. Watch Your Team Thrive: Experience the transformative power of corporate gifting as you witness your team thrive with their new ergonomic workspaces. From improved productivity to enhanced well-being, our gifts are sure to make a positive impact on your employees' lives.

Make employee appreciation a breeze with Effydesk. Let us help you create a culture of recognition and gratitude that drives success and growth within your organization.


Our desk experts are here to answer
any questions you may have.

Available 9am - 5pm PST


Why get a height-adjustable standing desk?

Studies show that sitting at a fixed position for a prolonged period of time can lead to bad health with symptoms such as diabetes, heart disease and early death. Standing desks will help correct most of these issues in one go.

How standing desks will benefit you:

Standing lowers the risk of weight gain and obesity

May lower your risk of of heart disease

Help promote healthy muscles

Appear to help reduce back pain

Help improve mood and energy levels

Can boost productivity at your workstation

Can I get my own table top?

You are able to use any desktop you prefer as long as the table is drillable. Please keep the desktop size between 44" to 80” in width and 27-36” in depth for maximum stability. Keep overhang between 2-5 inches.

How long does it take to assemble a desk?

Moderate assembly is required for the desk and we provide assembly instructions with each desk frame. We recommend assembling the desk with a friend. The assembly process usually takes around 30-45 minutes from start to finish.You can find the latest instruction manual on our website here!

Can you tell me more about the warranty?

EFFYDESK has an all-inclusive 10 year warranty on all frame components, including the electric motors, control box and switch.

Warranty is valid for the original purchaser only.
We will repair or replace any parts deemed defective.

To receive warranty service, shoot us an email at

What’s covered by the warranty:
EFFYDESK Frame itself, including the electric motors, control box, and handset.

Performance according to published specifications.

Any defective parts that malfunction within the 10 years

What’s not covered by the warranty:
Normal wear and tear of the EFFY desktop or paint finish on the EFFYDESK frame.
Any damages or malfunctions in the product caused by repairs, or attempted repairs, performed by anyone not affiliated with or authorized by EFFYDESK
Any product that has been damaged by or subjected to misuse, abnormal handling or impact.
Improper assembly or disassembly.
Any modification to the frame or electrical components.
For any other questions, don't hesitate to contact us at

Do you offer local pickup?

Yes we do offer local pickup from our warehouse in Coquitlam. To pickup, please make an appointment by emailing!

What Is The Difference Between The Home Desk And Business Desk?

The main differences between the two models are the height and stability. Our Business edition can support up to 310 lbs while the Home edition is 265 lbs. 

The business model has a larger height range where the lows and highs are greater: 27.6-45.2 inches versus 23.62-49.21 inches. The business model also has reinforced matte gloss painted square columns versus rectangular raw steel metal columns and wider tapered feet.

Both models are made the exact way but the business model will provide a faster/quieter experience and hold more weight capacity.

Is There A Way To Reset My Desk?

To reset, unplug and plug the desk for 15 minutes. Then press the Down button and hold for 10-15 seconds until the table stutters and beeps.

How Do I Configure The Presets On My Desk?

1. Adjust the table to the desired height, then press M. “S-“ will flash on the display.

2. Press a number to set the desired height as a preset.

What Is The Return Policy?

All returns must be approved by EFFYDESK within 30 days. Just shoot us an email at and we will assist you through the process!

We typically process returns within 3 business days of receipt. After a return has been inspected by our staff, a refund will be issued. Please allow up to 5 business days for your credit card provider to process the refund.