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5 Inspirational Decor Ideas for Your Home Office

Remember those motivational posters that were all the rage a few years ago? You probably had friends and family share them on Facebook, or send them to you when you were having a tough time. These photo-and-quote combinations became so overused and nearly too cheesy for some people that it even sparked a whole new line of “demotivational posters” in the same style. 

Inspiration wall page can decor your home office

(you can download this wallpaper here, if it’s your cup of tea)

When you’re working from home, you have the advantage of decorating and re-decorating your home office however you see fit. Make use of that space!

The trick to an inspiring workstation is finding the right words and style to motivate you. We’ve gathered our 5 best inspirational decor ideas for you so you’ve got options to choose from! 

Five Best Home Office Decor Ideas

1. Put up Canvas Wall Prints

Simple wall print that match your home office

(these prints from SuccessHuntersPrints on Etsy)

A simple, minimalist set of prints like these will stand out in your home office. Find quotes and statements that resonate with your goals, as these words on your wall will become a constant part of your life. 

Inspiration phrase is one of the best idea to decor your home office

(this one from PositivePosterArt on Etsy)

If you’re a hands-on, DIY person, check out this Canvas Wall Art Tutorial! This way, you can customize your quote and pick whatever colours go best with your office decor. 

2. Decorate with Wall Decals

Don’t want your words to be confined to a frame? Go bigger than that! Wall decals can be arranged on your wall any way you like, and the options are endless. 

Create words print that can decor your office

(this one from

creative wall that encourage you to be more creative

(this one from WallsArtStudio on Etsy)

3. Create a Vision Board

If you like images over text, why not create a vision board? These are photo collages that help you create a vision for your goals--whatever they may be! You can include photographs of role models, images that make you feel happy or at ease, and even keywords you want to focus on. 

Vision boards can centre around any theme you pick: 

  • 2021 Goals
  • Acting on Broadway
  • Starting a Business
  • Writing a Novel
  • Playing Pro Sports
  • Living in the Moment
You can decor your wall with all kind of drawings
organized documents with simple white home office design
simple and light home workplace

These vision boards also help you visualize and narrow down what you really want to work towards. The process of selecting and arranging your images also motivates you to achieve your goals! Put your vision board somewhere you can see it every day.

4. Stitch a Quote

If the vision board didn’t quite fill your craft quota, you can get even more creative and stitch some pieces for your wall! Crafts like cross-stitching and embroidery have also been shown to reduce stress and combat depression, which makes this decor piece a two-for-one. A cute wall hanging AND a way to practice self-care during the day! 

inspiring quote on wall hanging is a way to decor your office

(get this DIY kit at

5. Set a Wallpaper

If you don’t have the space to decorate, you can always use your computer’s desktop as a virtual space for inspiration. In fact, you can even make your vision board online and set it as your computer’s desktop wallpaper! 

Some people set wallpaper photos of their family, pets, or a special event like a birthday or graduation to brighten their day. Having an inspirational quote as a wallpaper works in the same way--every time you read this quote or see your vision board, you’ll be motivated to work towards your goals! 

You can do the same thing with your phone wallpaper or lock screen, too. Opening your phone or laptop to an uplifting message is much nicer than seeing a default blue background. 

design a wallpaper for your laptop

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