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4 Reasons Electric Standing Desks Are Better than Pneumatic Standing Desks

Learn about the benefits of electric standing desks

In recent years, electric standing desks have become commonplace among homeowners and office workers alike. However, these innovative pieces of office furniture were not the first to facilitate the standing desk experience. In fact, this concept has been used since as early as the 15th century. It is no surprise then, that we have seen multiple iterations of this idea emerge over the years.

Today, the two main contenders in the world of standing desks are models powered by pneumatic and electric capabilities. These functions allow users to raise and lower their desk as needed, without the strenuous task of cranking a manual gear.

Have you been thinking about investing in a sit-stand desk? Our team at EffyDesk specializes in some of the top, industry-leading standing desk products on the market. Continue reading to find out a few reasons why our experts believe that electric standing desks are the way of the future.

Pneumatic vs. Electric Standing Desks

1. Lifespan

Generally speaking, electric standing desks are far more predictable than pneumatic desks in their decreasing ability to function over time. When you purchase an electric standing desk, the manufacturer will make it clear how many hours of operation you can expect to get out of the specific model depending on its electrical components. Pneumatic desks however, are powered by gas cylinders, which lift each side of the table simultaneously. If there is more pressure on one of these cylinders than the other, you may notice a slanted desk surface or gradual sinking throughout your workday. This can be extremely disruptive for unsuspecting users.

2. Design Flexibility

For a pneumatic desk to work properly, it must have several tubes built into the desk frame, where gas can expand and compress. Unfortunately, this limits the number of pneumatic desk designs available for purchase. Electric standing desks however, are powered by a control panel that is often small enough to incorporate into a variety of unique designs.

3. Operation

Where pneumatic standing desks require the user to apply pressure to a pump in order to adjust the height, electric standing desks simplify the process with just the touch of a button. This takes all of the effort out of adjusting your desk to your desired height. Conversely, pneumatic standing desks require multiple motions in order to raise the table. Not only does this take more time and effort on the part of the user, but it can also result in erratic movements that may cause objects on your desk to shuffle around or get knocked over.

4. Height Specificity

Another advantage that is unique to electric, height adjustable standing desks is the user’s ability to pre-program specific heights, at which they are most comfortable working. Ergonomically speaking, this is an excellent way to maintain a consistent body position and posture. In contrast, pneumatic standing desks require trial and error nearly every time the height is adjusted to achieve a specific height range.

Are you looking for the perfect electric standing desk to enhance your commercial or home office? Browse our top-rated selection at EffyDesk to learn more about our high quality products and find the right option for you.