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4 Benefits of Standing Desks vs. Sit-Stand Desk Converters

Upgrade your workstation with a motorized standing desk today!

If you have been looking into standing desk alternatives, you have likely come across standing desk converters. These devices are designed to elevate your workstation without replacing your traditional desk with a height-adjustable model. While this may serve as an adequate alternative for some, many people who purchase standing desk converters are left dissatisfied with the overall user experience.

At EffyDesk, we offer high-quality electric height-adjustable standing desks that provide several advantages over standing desk converters. Continue reading to discover the top four benefits of electric standing desks compared to standing desk converters.

1. Standing Desk Accessories

One of the drawbacks of standing desk converters is that they limit the user's flexibility due to the lower desk surface, which can hinder the use of certain desk accessories. One popular accessory among standing desk users is the EffyDesk WalkingPad, which offers various health benefits and can improve productivity. However, standing desk converters are not compatible with this accessory because there is not enough space to fit it under most regular desks. If you plan on elevating your experience by investing in an under desk treadmill in the future, it would be more suitable to purchase a height-adjustable standing desk rather than a converter.

2. Surface Area

If you have a busy professional schedule, it's likely that you need sufficient space for your desktop devices, stationary items, paperwork, and other materials. One common issue that standing desk converter users frequently encounter is the lack of space to accommodate all their essential belongings on the elevated surface. Typically, these platforms only offer enough room for a computer monitor or laptop. This limitation is not practical for the average worker who intends to spend a significant portion of their workday standing.

3. Minimal Monitor Shaking

Another common issue with standing desk converters is the tendency for computer monitors to shake while in use. This can be both damaging to the hardware and frustrating for the user. Converters are typically made of lightweight materials and lack the ability to distribute weight effectively, which means they are not capable of providing stable support for your computer. In contrast, EffyDesk's electric height-adjustable standing desks are constructed using top-quality materials like reinforced steel, solid wood, and high-density particle boards. Our products are specifically designed to support all your desktop items securely and prevent any shaking or instability.

4. Ergonomic Design

When it comes to ergonomics, height-adjustable desks outperform standing desk converters. Converters often lack customization options, resulting in a stagnant setup. For instance, it can be challenging to adjust the keyboard tilt or mount the computer monitor optimally. Although using a standing desk converter may offer some ergonomic benefits compared to sitting all day, users may still experience musculoskeletal issues like neck and wrist discomfort over time. EffyDesk's standing desks provide full customization options to accommodate your height and preferred body position, offering superior ergonomics. With our desks, you can tailor the setup to your specific needs, ensuring optimal comfort and health.

Are you still undecided between a height-adjustable desk and a standing desk converter? Contact us today for more information on how our products can optimize your workspace.