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What is the Best Stand Up Desk in 2021? - Blog Banner

What is the Best Stand Up Desk in 2021?

Looking for the best stand up desk in 2021? You’ve come to the right place.

Having the ability to easily switch from sitting to standing with a full standing desk is the key to improved posture, better ergonomics, and a comfortable workday. With this in mind, many offices have made the switch to sit-stand desks as an alternative to having employees sit at a desk job all day. 

One of the best stand up desks for your home office in 2021

Electric height-adjustable standing desks are a great way to instantly upgrade your setup, whether you’re working from home, creating content, or simply gaming with friends. When you think about the fact that prolonged sitting can increase your risk of diabetes, obesity, and other cardiovascular diseases – it’s no wonder so many people are making the switch to combat sitting disease

So, what is the best stand up desk in 2021, and what do you need to know when it comes to purchasing the best sit-stand desk for you?

Why Use a Height-Adjustable Standing Desk?

A high-quality sit-stand desk will be fully customizable so you can work with great posture--no cramps or strains.

An electric height adjustment motor is a must for easy adjustments (bonus points if it has memory presets so the desk slides up to the perfect height setting every time). The lifting capacity enables you to find your flow and maintain movement throughout the day with minimal effort. (Check out our active sitting tips for more ways to stay active at your desk.) 

So, no more sitting all day… but what else are height-adjustable desks good for?

A remote height adjustable desk can be used for many purposes

Some remote workers use standing desk converters in their home offices, which can help to temporarily reduce back and neck pain. But, using a sit-stand desk to switch positions during the day helps get your blood moving for overall posture improvements. 

These small movements keep your joints moving, so you don’t get the dreaded pins and needles in your legs or arms from working in one position for too long. 

Whether it’s a home workspace, a small study nook, or open-office plan, an electric standing desk will instantly boost your productivity. 

What Makes a Good Standing Desk?

A sleek electric standing desk is the perfect addition to any office. 

Electric standing desks help you streamline your workday--with easy height adjustments, you don’t have to strain to move your table from a sitting position to a standing position. 

More movement = better circulation = a more productive day

Plus, it’s much easier to enjoy your work when you’re not worried about a crick in your neck or a cramp in your leg.

Your ideal standing desk should also work with the rest of your office furniture. An electric standing desk can increase your productivity

Whether it’s your ergonomic chair or your dual-monitor setup, your desk should be able to complement your workspace perfectly. (Not sure how to choose the right desk? Check out our step-by-step buying guide!) 

What is the Best Standing Desk for Home Office in 2021?

Whether you have multiple monitors, need a larger work surface, want to make room for your monitor arm or are concerned about weight capacity – you need a sit-stand desk that will help you elevate your workspace design and motivate you throughout the day.

What makes EFFYDESK the Best Standing Desk in Canada? Here’s why our customers love their desks.

1. It Adjusts For Any Height

You can easily adjust the perfect height for your stand up desk with four monitors

“Very sturdy construction that feels solid and stable at low and tall heights. I’m a tall (6’4”) person and having the flexibility to finally have a desk that fits my frame when sitting has greatly eased the strain on my back.”

“I chose Effydesk because it’s a Canadian company, it goes low (I’m 5’1”), and the 8 year warranty. I reached Effydesk to help me with questions, and they responded fast and they were very helpful!”

2. It’s Sturdy Under Pressure

“This standing desk frame is fantastic. It took me only about 30 minutes to put together and doesn't have a problem lifting all the junk on my desk. I'm actually super impressed with how sturdy it is when it's at the height I need (41.6").”

"I love my Effydesk that I got in medium size— it’s great for my nail production and for when I film nail tutorials! Setup was easy and I’m so impressed with how sturdy it was! This desk is a game changer!”

3. It Offers Ergonomic Comfort

Our best stand up desk offers ergonomic comfort

“I can't believe my back! A few years ago I had back surgery and needless to say my life has changed. Sitting for 8-10 hours a day at my desk was causing more issues than ever before. When I reviewed the products offered by EffyDesk it was clear that not only were they conscious of the materials they were using, but the design of the desk (ie. square lift legs, centered lift legs, dual motors) was such that it would last for years and be practical.”

“The Effy desk is incredible! As someone with invisible illness and invisible disabilities having a 100% reliable ergonomic setup is imperative to my success and health!

4. It Comes With State-of-the-art Dual Motors

“The desks are gorgeous to look at. The motor is buttery-smooth and super satisfying to listen to when the desk goes up and down. 

“The desk is VERY quiet. Many standing desks are noisy, and sound like a plane taking off every time you move them up and down. The Effy desk is really smooth and has an excellent height range! I love the option to preset heights! My previous desk didn’t have this option and it’s super convenient especially when I share this desk with my partner.”

5. Setup is Simple

You can simply assemble your stand up desk by yourself

“The parts of the desk that are meant to be assembled are really well marked! No guessing what hardware goes where. Each screw was labeled (A,B,C,D...etc) and it Corresponded with the hand written instructions!”

“When I began referencing the pieces with the instructions I discovered that EffyDesk were my kind of people. Every single connector/bolt/screw had exactly 1 more than what was required. As someone who drops and loses things with relative ease, this was a blessing on more than one occasion.”

6. It’s a Trusty Setup At A Great Price Point

“I've had the Ikea Bekant, which was horrible for stability even at the LOWEST height setting - and promptly returned it. One of my main concerns was the wobble at that height, especially since I have 2 monitors, with one of them being the Dell U3415W ultrawide. I needed something sturdy that could sustain heavy weights. The Effydesk Business model is definitely stable with minimal wobble. In fact, I felt like it had less wobble than my friend's Fully Jarvis setup - which would cost me around 1.2k+ CAD when you consider shipping and customs. This is definitely both great for quality and price. I highly recommend them!”

“Effy desks are in a league of their own ESPECIALLY when it comes to the design. It has more added features then my past Herman Miller desk for a fraction of the cost, while allowing me to support a Canadian company! Doesn’t get better than that.”

7. It’s Backed By An 8-year Warranty And Unmatched Customer Service

Our standing desks have 8-year warranties and we offer the best customer service

“I'm confident as it comes with the 8 year warranty (one of the best I could find). The customer service staff were very helpful and remained helpful during the shipping process and keeping me up to date on where things were at. Thanks EffyDesk! Great product you have here and you've gained an advocate customer.”

“I chose to order from Effydesk after doing some research on a few different standing desks, and I have no regrets on my purchase! I reached out with a few questions before placing my order and the communication was excellent. I've had my business model desk set up for over 2 weeks now and absolutely love it! I've had no issues so far but I trust that they will be super easy to deal with in case of any warranty work that needs done. With 8 years warranty, great customer service, and a quality product you can't go wrong. Thank you Effydesk!!”

Why Choose EFFYDESK Stand Up Desk?

The best stand up desk in 2021 can offer you comfort and increased productivity

Looking for an ergonomic piece of furniture that will help you improve productivity throughout the day?

EFFYDESK is Canada’s leading ergonomic standing desk company based in Vancouver, Canada. Our ergonomic office furniture collection is crafted on the belief that you should feel good mentally and physically by the end of your work day.

Studies have shown that poor posture can lead to decreased productivity, motivation and performance at work. Knowing that our bodies are made to move, we're here to help you combat the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Designed for both personal and professional use, our premium-grade ergonomic solutions are here to help you to enjoy EFFY in your home office or at your work office. 

Our ergonomic office furniture collection features a variety of ergonomic sit-stand desks, ergo office chairs and perfect-pairing office essentials to help you achieve your ideal sitting and standing positions, so you can get more done, more comfortably.
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