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Why Do Some Standing Desks Wobble More Than Others?

Why Do Some Standing Desks Wobble More Than Others?

Although sit stand desks have come a long way from the models once used by Virginia Woolf and Leonardo da Vinci, there is still wobble room for improvement. 

Despite standing desk manufacturers making adjustments to the structure, and materials used, some sit to stand desks are more prone to wobbling than others. 

The adjustable standing desk wobble is unfortunately often unavoidable at maximum height. The higher the desk, the more the table will give, it all comes down to gravity. 

Anything with a lower center of gravity will be more stable than its taller counterpart.

Not all height adjustable desks are of the same quality. Switching to ergonomically optimized office furniture, doesn’t mean you need to compromise on stability. 

Without further ado, here are the top 3 reasons standing desks wobble and what to avoid when searching for the perfect ergonomic desk.

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1. Base Structure 

The most important thing to consider when searching for a stable standing desk is its base structure. Look for a standing desk with larger feet for better stability. 

After all, objects with a larger base are more stable. Reduce desk wobble by opting for a standing desk with wider, longer, thicker, and heavier feet. 

Quality is not only important in extending the life of your sit-stand desk, but it is also important in stability. Desk manufacturers that use cheap materials will often use mixed metals or even plastic for their base.

Go for a desk that has a base made of steel, the second strongest metal on earth, to reduce side to side sway.

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 2. Desk Frame

There are three components in a desk frame that help to determine how stable the desk is. 

First, the column shape. The column shape plays a key role in reducing the wobble of a standing desk. Square columns are more stable and sturdier than rectangular columns. Look for a standing desk with square columns as the equal sides help to evenly distribute the weight making it more stable. 

Secondly, look for columns that telescope upward for better stability. The larger surface area towards the bottom of the columns will help to reduce wobble. Columns also help with weight distribution, the more columns the more stable your desk will be. 

Lastly, just like the base structure, the frame of the desk should also be made out of a sturdy metal like steel. Flimsy metal frames equal an unstable desk, with a low weight capacity.

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 3. Weight Capacity

Before purchasing a standing desk, you’ll also want to consider the weight capacity. Desks that are over their weight capacity are prone to sagging and breaking even in their lowest position

Using a desk that is beyond its weight capacity is not only unstable but unsafe. Simply raising the desk within its height range might cause the entire desk to break, taking your brand new computer monitor with it. 

In order for a desk to be stable, it needs to be balanced. The feet of the desk must be heavy and stable enough to support the weight of the frame, table top, monitor mount, and all other desk accessories

Additional Tips

Aside from the structural components of a sturdy desk, make sure your floor is level. A uneven floor will result in an uneven desk. Check to see that your desk has been installed properly, and that you aren’t missing any screws. 

Desks on the market with a crossbar between the legs will always structurally be more stable. However they often do not provide enough knee clearance. The cross support or as we like to call it, knee knocker does help to reduce wobble, but also reduces leg space in the process. 

It is uncomfortable to work from a desk, with not enough leg room. It also makes it difficult to work from an optimal seated ergonomic position

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Our ergonomically engineered desks feature larger, wider and thicker feet than the industry standard for a more stable and sturdy desk. At EFFYDESK, our frames and base structure are made out of pure steel, with a frame weight of 75lbs to reduce wobble.

Our desk frames feature 3 reinforced steel columns that telescope upwards for optimal stability, and feature a weight capacity of 300lbs.


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