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learn more about the best monitor stand for gaming

Best Monitor Stands for Gaming in 2021

Tired of having a tight neck and shoulder pain? The top ten negative effects of video games are reported to include repetitive stress injuries, reduction in motivation, and even eye fatigue, which impacts your vision abilities even after your gaming session is over.

You may already have a laptop stand or monitor riser to adjust the height of your computer screen, but a monitor stand will make all the difference with the adjustability features. 

You will need to set up better monitors when you are gaming or streaming
Using a height adjustable monitor stand (or monitor mount) allows you to tilt, swivel and move your screen around at will, adjusting it to exactly the position you need. Whether you’re a gamer, writer, or digital artist, you’ll benefit from a monitor desk mount, or even two or three, by being able to move your desktop screens with you to prevent slouching and posture mistakes.

Why monitor stands (aka monitor mounts or monitor arms) are useful: 

  • Monitor mounts help reduce back, neck, and eye pain from staring at a screen that’s too high, too low, or too close.
  • Monitor mounts provide an easy way to adjust screens if there’s glare from a nearby window.
  • It’s easy to share a desk with monitor arms because each user can adjust the screen to the right place!
  • Monitor stands help free up desk space—no more large rectangles taking up room.
  • Many monitor mounts have cable management systems--less clutter!
  • Easy adjustment between working positions, especially at an adjustable standing desk
  • They’re aesthetically pleasing! Mounted monitors are not only useful for productivity but they also float above the surface of your desk, giving your setup a simple, clean feel. 

Let’s dive in and take a look at all the monitor mount options available! 

4 Types of Monitor Mounts That Work The Best For Gaming

1. Spring Desk Mount

Most monitor stands fall under this category, as the section of the mounting arms give almost unlimited range of motion to your monitor. These stands are often attached with a desk clamp or grommet base, making them quite customizable! This is the best and most versatile option if you move your screen multiple times a day, as the joints in the articulating arms allow you to pivot, rotate 90 degrees and swivel to the perfect spot.

Full Motion Mechanical Spring Monitor Mount can help you hold your monitor better

Pictured above is a mechanical spring mount. 

There are two kinds of spring mounts: mechanical and gas. Mechanical spring mounts last a little longer than gas spring mounts, but the latter provides smooth and quiet adjustments. 

Adjustable Gas Spring Monitor Desk Mount works the best for single monitor


This EFFYDESK adjustable gas spring monitor mount is perfect for any single monitor that is VESA compatible, and supports any display monitor size that is 13 inches to 27 inches weighing up to 19.8lbs or 9kg. The built-in spring gauge in this monitor arm is perfect for easy and quiet height adjustment, and comes with mounting choices of G-clamp style mount and grommet hole. 

2. Post Desk Mount

This is (usually) a less-expensive version of the spring mount. Instead of being attached to a free-moving arm, your monitor moves along a post that’s attached to your desk. They can’t be moved as freely as spring mounts, nor do they have full motion but they’re a great option if you don’t adjust your monitor often. 


post desk mount is less expensive option for gaming monitor stand

Pictured above is a post mount (single monitor stand). 

3. Wall Mount

Instead of a desk clamp, wall mounts like a tv wall mount, are screwed directly into the wall. Some of these are spring mounts, but others are post-style. The more structured post mounts might be sturdier than single-monitor mounts that attach to your desk, but you lose the ability to adjust your screens freely (which a spring mount allows you to do). 

wall mount is a gaming monitor that has less ability to adjust your screens

4. Multiple-Monitor Mount

As the name suggests, these mounts are for more than one monitor. Most multiple-monitor mounts are spring mounts, which make it easy to move each screen to the height you need. 

one of the best gaming monitor stand is multiple monitor mount that can have more than one monitor stand

EFFYDESK’s dual monitor gas spring monitor mount supports two monitors that are 17 inches to 32 inches in size. Designed with cable management in mind, this dual-monitor arm has a removable back cover that allows you to tuck and tidy your cables for a clean, ergonomic look.

Compatibility Check! 

  • Weight: make sure your monitor isn’t too heavy for the stand. While you can make adjustments to prevent your screen from drooping, you’ll get best results if your stand can hold the weight of the monitor on its own! 
  • Size: this is especially important if you’ve got a dual monitor stand. Can you see both screens comfortably with the stand? Can you adjust the heights without them knocking into each other? (Check out this guide for VESA-standard height and weight ratings for your monitors including ones over 34 inches.)
    a close look of gaming monitor stand
  • VESA compatibility: This is probably the most important factor! Make sure that your monitor and stand work with each other.  The VESA Mount Standard (Video Electronics Standards Association) gives monitor and monitor mount manufacturers set sizes to allow easier interchangeability between brands. VESA-compatible monitors have a 4-hole screw pattern at the back which connects to the mount.

Making Your Monitor Work For You

You’ve picked a monitor mount--now what? Here are our best tips to make the most out of your new setup!

  • Make sure your computer isn’t drooping on the mount. This usually happens when a monitor is too heavy for a spring mount. If this happens, you can usually tighten the joint a little with a screwdriver. Just make sure that the mount is still suitable for the weight of your screen. 
  • Cable management can be a little tricky if your monitor mount doesn’t come with special attachments, but a few simple upgrades can help you keep all your wires organized. 
  • Whether you’re sitting or standing, make sure your monitor can be adjusted to the perfect height. Your neck and torso shouldn’t be hunched over, and the top of your screen should be at eye level or slightly higher. Keep your head up!  

Ready to Optimize Your Workstation for Ergonomics? EFFYDESK is Here to Help!

standing desk with monitor stand

At EFFYDESK — our height and depth adjustable monitor mounts are backed by a lifetime warranty so that you can optimize your ergonomic workstation or battlestation at any time with a peace of mind.

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