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How High Should My Electric Standing Desk Be?

Find the right height for your standing desk

One of the primary reasons why people across Canada are investing in electric standing desks is because they are an incredibly ergonomic choice for busy professionals. However, many people do not realize that the way in which you adjust the height of your electric standing desk has a major impact on its health benefits or lack thereof. As is the case with traditional, stationary desks, it is important to ensure you are in the optimal position for good posture to take place. Otherwise, the wrong desk height can lead to serious muscular and skeletal problems.

Have you recently purchased an electric standing desk and are wondering how to determine the perfect height? There are a few key factors to consider while setting up these unique pieces of furniture. At EffyDesk, our experts are passionate about creating optimal work environments for our customers with a combination of high-quality furniture and useful information. Continue reading to learn a few indicators that your desk is set to the correct height.

Finding the perfect height for your standing desk

Elbow Positioning

While using your electric standing desk, it is important to ensure your elbows are resting at a comfortable height. As a rule of thumb, your forearms should be at approximately a 90° angle with your upper arms. This will enable you to comfortably type on a keyboard or put pen to paper without straining your wrists or rubbing your forearms up against the edge of your tabletop.


Another indicator that you have correctly positioned your electric standing desk is if your spine is naturally resting at a healthy posture. Many people make the mistake of lowering their workstation so that they can slouch over, leaning down onto their tabletop. This causes the shoulders to roll forward, resulting in an unnatural arch of the spine. Standing upright at your desk is by far the best way to reap the long-term postural benefits of these products.

Neck Positioning

The neck is one of the main areas of the body that is at risk of injury or chronic pain due to improper body positioning. While sitting or standing at our desks, the placement of our computer monitors or other work materials will naturally determine where our gaze falls. If your desk is too high or too low, you will need to crank your neck upwards or downwards, which can lead to serious health issues. The right desk height should allow for your gaze to be directed straight ahead, creating a comfortable position for the neck.

Adapting to Your Accessories

Adding accessories to your electric standing desk is a great way to make the most out of the product, however it is important to adjust the height of your tabletop accordingly. For example, if you install a standing mat, casters, or a walking pad underneath your desk, you will need to slightly raise the table to maintain an ergonomic position.

For more information on our electric standing desks, browse our selection of top-rated products online or contact us today.