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Learn how many calories can you burn while you sitting or standing at work

How Many Calories Do You Burn Standing vs. Sitting?

Man sit in front of his Laptop

By now, you’ve probably heard about the negative effects of sitting all day--this “sitting disease” affects our posture, health, and overall lifespan! Sitting for hours a day is associated with an increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

In the course of a year, many people who have transitioned to working from home, have made the upgrade to electric sit-stand desks. At the push of a button, workers can switch from sitting to standing whenever they want! Using a standing desk gives you the option to change working positions throughout the day, effectively fighting the sedentary lifestyle that so many of us are used to.

You can sit with standing desk by using memory pad and burn your calories

But a new way of working brings a whole lot of questions, and not to worry, we’re here to answer them! We’ve already covered a few FAQs asked by Reddit’s standing desk community, but there’s so much more to learn.

Today we’re here to tackle one of the most common questions we get about using adjustable standing desks: 

“How many calories do I burn when I use a standing desk?”  

Using standing desk can help you burn more calories than sitting at work

The exact number of calories you burn while sitting or standing is quite dependent on your height and weight! Every body burns calories at a different rate. But on average, you burn about 100-200 calories per hour if you’re standing, and only 60-130 calories if you’re sitting. 

This means using a standing desk does help you burn more calories than you would if you were sitting! Working at an electric sit-stand desk can help increase the number of calories burned by 40-70 calories per hour

How many calories do you burn a day? Use this handy calculator to get an idea of your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate).

“Does a standing desk help me lose weight?”

The short answer is no. Just using a standing desk won’t help you lose weight! In fact, the extra calories you burned by standing instead of sitting isn’t enough to make a noticeable difference at all. Using a height-adjustable standing desk might help to maintain and prevent weight gain, but the calories burned might not necessarily lead to weight loss if you don’t partake in other physical activities

However, don’t discount the health benefits of standing! 

Stretching at Business Office Electric Standing Desk - How Many Calories Do You Burn Standing vs. Sitting - EFFYDESK Ergonomics Blog

Keeping on your feet while you’re at work improves your circulation and posture. Plus, you’re much more likely to move around or take a short walk if you’re already on your feet! When you’re sitting down, it might be hard to find motivation to get up and move, but if you’re already standing--why not take a short stroll

“How can I burn more calories at work?” 

If it’s calorie-burning you’re going for, try doing stretches and light exercises throughout the day to keep your blood moving. Doing different strength-building activities for even 20 minutes right from your desk is a surefire way to engage your muscles and burn calories while you’re at work! Calf stretches, leg extensions, and back twists are all great ways to burn more calories and strengthen your muscles at the office! 

To burn more calories while you’re sitting (yes, it’s possible!) try active sitting! This involves sitting on a surface that allows constant, light movement--like a bouncy exercise ball or a wobble stool.

Wobble Stool - BohdiStool - How Many Calories Do You Burn Standing vs. Sitting - EFFYDESK Ergonomics Blog

Simple movements like twisting, leaning, and changing sitting positions throughout the day can burn as many calories as “light physical exercise.” Not to mention that sitting on a bouncy ball or a wobble stool can really help you with core strength. (Check out our complete guide to active sitting!)

To Sum It All Up...

Standing desks won’t help you lose weight right away, but it’ll definitely help you burn more calories through constant movement! You’ll be much more likely to walk around and get your blood moving, which helps you become more productive through your day. 

When you’re not burning calories on a wobble stool or standing at your height-adjustable standing desk, why not kick back into Canada’s favourite ergonomic office chair? You deserve it!

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Business Office Electric Standing Desk - How Many Calories Do You Burn Standing vs. Sitting - EFFYDESK Ergonomics Blog

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