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Wholesale & Bulk Supply Office Desks

EFFYDESK strives to be North America's advocate for ergonomics lifestyle and quality solutions at extremely affordable prices.

We currently supply to over 50 commercial offices in North America, and wholesale to 5 distribution companies -- you can expect lowered wholesale prices as we continue to grow!

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EFFYDESK prides ourselves in choosing the best quality and industry's latest leading advancements in the ergonomics/standing desk category to provide you with office desks, chairs and accessories that will help you work effectively and efficiently. We're constantly looking for better ways to improve, whether it's the frame build, motors or shape of columns for maximum stability - we design with our customers (you!) in mind.

We can proudly say we are one of the best sit-stand desk suppliers in North America. Fulfilling bulk orders of 100+ desks at a time, we're confident about building our designs and designing prices that are affordable to you. We also offer customization for bulk orders, so please contact us directly for additional information and quotes.

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Currently based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, we do more than sell furniture. We're  disrupting the office industry, by evolving the workplace to involve better ergonomic practices. Our work is powered by the idea that office workers can and should create a healthier and balanced lifestyle for themselves.

Implementing Ergonomic Adjustable Electric Standing Desks and Ergonomic office chairs is the very first step of a healthier and more efficient office workspace -- we highly look forward to helping you accomplish more in yours!


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