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  • Use code: MOM200 for $200 off + a free deskpad with every bundle!
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Best Desks For Accountants

Accounting can be a very fulfilling career but at times it can also be very demanding, especially in terms of physical strain. Sitting at your desk all day can cause a lot of tension to build up in your back and lower torso; consistently switching between paperwork and online work can also put pressure in your neck and shoulders. It is especially important for accounts to have a workstation that is durable and ergonomic! Here at Effy Desks, we have three main priorities:

  1. Ergonomic Desks: We design with ergonomics in mind. It is of outmost importance that our desks minimize any physics; tension or pressure caused by working for multiple hours at a time. 
  2. Durable Desks: We believe in quality! The right desk is worth keeping for a lifetime and here at Effy Desks, we deliver on that - our desks are made with top quality materials and with lasting designs to stay classic and durable. 
  3. Functional Desks: Ultimately when you purchase a desk it means you have work you need to get done. Our desks are designed with thoughtful features and details to ensure that your able to optimize your workspace - maximize functionality with efficient designs.

Ergonomic design philosophy

It is essential that your desk and workstation offer you comfort - with ergonomics in mind, the right desk can help you minimize strain on your spine, hands, and eyes. When ergonomics combine with efficiency, your main focus can be accounting!

Features Of An Ergonomic Accounting Desk

1. Ample Workspace: Relaxation and calmness comes when you have enough space to work and remain organized easily. Having a good amount of desk space as an accountant can help when you are using multiple monitors or working with multiple mediums such as paper and technology. Furthermore, often as an accountant you are working directly with clients in person - you want to ensure that you have enough space to create a collaborative environment at your desk! 2. Integrated Technology: One of the most common ways desks begin to look cluttered is when there are numerous visible cords and cables all around. Clutter makes it harder to remain organized and maintain your comfort and posture while working. Consider finding a desk with a cable organizer to hide the unnecessary wires. This will definitely help create a more zen workspace.

Nifty Desk Features For Accountants

Here at Effy Desk, innovation is a key component of our design process. Some exciting desk features that we recommend for accounts include: Whiteboard desk: A desk with a built in whiteboard can aid in collaborative work with clients. Its a great way to present information and ideas; when you are able to properly present and walk clients through the process, you can facilitate brainstorming sessions and discussions with more ease. Dividers and panels: Privacy is very important in accounting! Desks with built in panels help minimize distractions, and promote focus. They can also provide comfort to clients with discussing sensitive matters about finances.
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Effy Desk’s Desk Recommendations For Accountants