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What Are the Advantages of Modern Ergonomic Desks for Businesses?

Read about the benefits of ergonomic desks in the workplace

Technology has drastically changed the job market in just a few short decades. With machines and automation taking over repetitive tasks, work that required physical activity has given way to sedentary jobs. In fact, sedentary jobs have increased by 83%, according to the American Heart Association. As a result, the average male sits for over 6.5 hours a day, though many sit for even longer.

Ending sedentary jobs isn’t a solution. Employees need to answer phones, write and print documents, send emails, develop code, and perform other tasks from their workstations. However, sitting in a fixed position for prolonged periods can negatively impact health in multiple ways:

  • Increased risk of weight gain and obesity.
  • Abnormal cholesterol levels.
  • Higher blood pressure.
  • Rising blood sugar levels.
  • Weakening muscles.
  • Greater risk of heart disease.
  • More back pain.
  • Lower energy levels.
  • Moodiness and anxiety.

Thankfully, there is a way to keep employees healthy and productive even in sedentary jobs. Businesses can change how staff work by investing in tables with ergonomic designs like standing desks.

In a nutshell, standing desks are types of desks constructed for working while standing up or sitting on a high chair.

One of the best places to start looking for a standing desk is Effydesk. They’re rated as Canada’s leading ergonomic office furniture company, with an outstanding 4.8 average stars on Google reviews.

They certainly believe in their products, offering a 30-day risk-free return on all their electric standing desks. Additionally, they provide an all-inclusive 8 year warranty. It’s no wonder that they’re trusted by renowned businesses like Holiday Inn, Hootsuite, Shopify, and Arc’Teryx.

Let’s look at some benefits of investing in standing desks:

#1 Improved Physical Health

Standing desks with ergonomic designs can offset many of the negative impacts of sitting in fixed positions for prolonged periods listed above. Working at a standing desk may reduce the chances of obesity, back pain, and other health complications. With fewer health problems, employees are more likely to have higher energy levels, resulting in improved productivity.

When buying a standing desk, it’s important to choose height-adjustable ones so they can match the user. Fortunately, Effydesk offers height-adjustable desks that can suit employees of different dimensions.

#2 Better Mental Health

Sitting for extended periods can be poor for anyone's mental health because it can impact blood flow. Research suggests that poor blood flow can intensify mental health issues like anxiety. Likewise, backpain from sedentary work can also be stressful for an employee.

So, how do you boost your blood circulation at work? Well, experts believe that taking breaks to walk can help, as can standing for at least two hours a day at the office.

Unfortunately, many offices lack space for employees to take regular walking breaks.

That’s why standing desks are part of the solution. They can counter the negative impacts on mental health from prolonged sitting by giving workers the option to stand while working.

When shopping for standing desks for your team, ensure that the tables have enough real estate to carry a user’s personal effects like family picture frames and the like. Employees who can personalize their work environments tend to be happier. When shopping for standing desks, you’ll notice that even the smallest desks from Effydesk have enough space for a potted plant or two in the corner. Larger desks offer even more space for an employee to be productive and happy.

#3 Superior Sustainability

Many forward-thinking businesses are investing in eco-friendly solutions to preserve the planet and enhance their branding. You can find many greener flavors in modern ergonomic standing desks from the right sources. A fine example of this is the TerraDesk by Effydesk. The adjustable electric standing desk is made with 10,854 recycled chopsticks, looks stunning, and is carbon negative.

#4 Greater Creativity

Modern employers know the importance of fostering creativity in the workplace. Creative employees tend to find unique answers to complex problems that can enhance efficiency and workflow. For instance, a creative computer programmer will often find more efficient solutions to technological challenges. Similarly, a creative manager may help their team utilize their time and resources more effectively.

But forcing employees to sit for almost the entire workday can hinder creativity. The last thing anyone needs while stuck in a rut is to vegetate in their chair. Podcaster and health blogger Patrick J. Skerrett talks about the advantages of standing at your desk for Harvard Business Review, “I feel more alert while standing. And when I’m blocked by a problem or temporarily bored, it’s a snap to walk away from the desk and pace. Before, while sitting, I tended to stay in my chair and stew or get drowsy.”

You can also boost creativity in the workplace by adding some color to the environment. Effydesk products come in multiple colors that will match your office culture with a little bit of flair.

#5 Better Aesthetics

It’s a proven fact that employees in aesthetically pleasing work environments tend to be happier, more productive, and healthier. It's undoubtedly one of the reasons why the most successful and innovative companies like Google tend to invest in contemporary, visually attractive office layouts.

Good-looking furniture can be a critical ingredient in an aesthetically pleasing workplace. And ergonomic desks from innovative manufacturers tend to look the part.

Whether you're looking for a business office electric standing desk for contemporary spaces, an executive L-shaped standing desk for executive rooms, or a smaller home office standing desk for reduced areas, you can satisfy your design challenges with contemporary ergonomic tables from a customer-oriented furniture seller like Effydesk.

Not only are their products engineered for stability with robust frames, reinforced steel columns, and fortified and tapered feet, but they’re designed to look good in the office. They also feature a cable management tray because nothing ruins the décor of an office like clutter.

In the modern age, more people work from their desktops, laptops, and devices, adopting sedentary lifestyles that can be poor for their physical and mental health while hurting their creativity and productivity. Ergonomic furniture like adjustable standing tables is the modern solution to these modern problems.