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Top 7 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs in Canada and Where to Buy Them

Top 7 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs in Canada and Where to Buy Them

So you’re on the market for an ergonomic office chair—that’s great! When you’re not working at your standing desk, make sure you relax into a chair that’s good for your body. 

Hours of improper sitting or hunching over a computer desk can cause poor circulation, headaches, and even impaired lung function. Do you get back pain too? A study by the American Chiropractic Association says that over 50% of all working Americans experience back pain every year—so you’re not alone!

Here’s where an adjustable ergonomic chair can help! Good sitting posture is much easier to achieve when your chair works for you. 

How can I have a good sitting posture?

According to the Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety, a proper ergonomic sitting position looks like…

  • hip angle between 90°-120°
  • knee angle between  90°-130° 
  • ankle angle between 100°-120°
  • elbow angle between 90°-120°
Ergonomic Sitting Position - Canadian Center for occupational Health and Safety - EFFYDESK Blog

Getting to a comfortable, ergonomic sitting position is much easier when your chair is easily adjustable. Customization is key! Every body type is different—a chair that works for you might not work for your coworker, even if you’re of similar height. 

PRO TIP: If your feet dangle just above the ground or just your toes touch the ground, use a footrest to relieve the tension on your leg and back muscles. A footrest also reduces pressure on your legs and prevents blood clots and varicose veins!

What Makes An Ergonomic Office Chair Comfortable? 

According to the US National Institute of Health, a proper ergonomic chair needs to have these components:

  • 5-point base and casters to prevent tipping and injury
  • A cushioned seat pan with adjustable tilt settings. 
  • A backrest with proper lumbar support that supports the special curve
  • Adjustable armrests with enough surface area to rest on
  • Height adjustments so feet can rest comfortably on the ground
  • Tilt or recline adjustments for changing positions while sitting. 

These parts of an office chair are absolutely crucial to a comfortable and productive workday! Keep your eye out for these ergonomic features when you’re purchasing your office chair. 

Choosing an office chair might seem like a daunting task with all the options out there, but we’ve got you covered! Whether you’re looking for an ergonomic option for your home office or a set of professional task chairs for the office, there’s a seat for everyone.

So, what are the best office chairs to keep you and your coworkers comfortable and productive? We’ve gathered 7 of our favourite ergonomic chair options in one handy list.

1. AeryChair

Canada's Best Ergonomic Office Chair | AeryChair - EFFYDESK

There’s a reason this is Canada’s favourite office chair—it’s got it all! The adjustable headrest, lumbar support, and armrests all work together to find the height and angle that fits your body perfectly. This ergonomic chair has a thick, cushioned seat with a waterfall edge for extra comfort when you’re sitting. It features a syncro-tilt mechanism to fully adjust your seat depth, recline and lock your sitting position — allowing for a seamless transition from working to gaming. The durable gas lifts can hold up to 350lbs, and 5 smooth wheel casters mean you don’t have to worry about tipping over, or causing a commotion every time you wheel around.

Breathable mesh backing on the chair allows you to stay cool even if you’re sitting for a long time—no one likes to be sweaty at work! This reinforced mesh material is also designed to mold to your body and provide even pressure distribution in your back, neck, and head. With so much customization and a full 2-year warranty, the AeryChair is a winner in every office!

2. KarmaChair

Ergonomic Office Chair | KarmaChair - EFFYDESK

On a budget? Check out the KarmaChair — a high-quality mesh chair that offers ultimate breathability and comfort, as well as a height-adjustable headrest for neck support as you work. The ergonomic design of this executive chair targets the low back region for good posture and lumbar support, while allowing for adjustments and locking of tilt tension for its reclinable mesh back.

Assembly is a snap with this chair as well. Happy customers have reported that it takes just half an hour to get the chair from the box to the finished product! 

3. GrinChair

Task Chair | Ergonomic Office Chair - GrinChair - EFFYDESK

The GrinChair is a great option if you’re working from home, as it’s more compact than chairs with headrests. This mid-height task chair has a sleek, ergonomic design that takes pressure off the shoulders and back, while maintaining a minimalist and compact look to tuck neatly under office desks.

As with the other office chairs in the EFFYDESK collection, the GrinChair is made with high-quality breathable mesh so that you stay cool and comfortable while you work. If you use a keyboard a lot, the GrinChair offers 4D adjustments for proper arm support when you’re typing: height, forwards/backwards, left/right, and rotating on an axis.    

4. Autonomous ErgoChair Pro+

Autonomous ErgoChair Pro+ | Top 7 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs in Canada - EFFYDESK Blog

This chair features a frameless back for unhindered movement and a springy seat pan to reduce tension in the lower back and glutes. Woven from thermoplastic elastomer strands, the backing on this chair flexes to support the natural curve of your spine. 

The ErgoChair also allows you to recline the backrest with 11 lockable positions! Great if you want to kick back and relax after work. However, the chair doesn’t come with a headrest or adjustable lumbar support.

5. Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Herman Miller Aeron Chair | Top 7 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs in Canada - EFFYDESK Blog

The Aeron Chair was designed by doctors and physicians specifically to reduce back pain, so you know it’ll do just that! This model is made to be inclusive, and comes in 3 different sizes so you’re starting with a chair that’s the right size for you. Adjusting the armrests and lumbar support is easy from there!

The most recent models of the Aeron Chair are also made with ocean-bound plastic, which means that this chair diverts more than 150 metric tons of plastic from landfills every year. The only downside to this chair is the price tag: at over $1200 for the base model, it’s not easy on the wallet.  

6. Steelcase Gesture Chair

Steelcase Gesture Chair | Top 7 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs in Canada - EFFYDESK Blog

The Gesture Chair is the ultimate workhorse of ergonomic chairs. While most office chairs are made of plastic and fabric, this one is mostly made of metal! So it’s super durable and sturdy—but at the same time, it’s a little heavier. If you plan to move around in your chair a lot, this might not be the best option, but for an office of people, you know this chair will stand the test of time! 

The chair comes with an adjustable tall backrest and extra customization options. You can “build” your own chair the way you want: add a headrest, add stool-style footrests, the options go on! 

7. GM Seating Ergolux White

Gm Seating Ergolux White | Top 7 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs in Canada - EFFYDESK Blog

With a futuristic, modern design, the Ergolux White looks like luxury in a chair! The padded headrest, backrest, and seat pan all work together to give maximum comfort while you’re at work. Plus, the armrests are adjustable, and the headrest can tilt forward and back to support your neck. 

On top of that, it’s made of genuine calf-skin leather for a super-soft finish! Leather isn’t the most breathable material, so this may not be the best chair if your office tends to be a bit warm. The lumbar support is not adjustable, which makes it less suitable for taller or shorter users. 

Where Can I Buy The Best Ergonomic Office Chair In Canada? 

Ergonomic Office Chair and Electric Standing Desk | KarmaChair and Home Office Sit-Stand Desk - EFFYDESK

Looking for an ergonomic office chair? We’re here to help!

At EFFYDESK, we design, mould, and deliver Canada’s Best Ergonomic Office Chair and ergonomic office accessories right to your doorsteps.

Our seasoned, award-winning engineers design and produce EFFY products to perfection, and our ergo office solutions are trusted by brands, content creators, retailers, and redistributors all across Canada.

You can count on us to bring cutting-edge and sensibly-priced modern ergonomic office furniture from A to Z, to the table:

Monitor Desk Mounts - help to reduce, relieve and prevent neck pain/tension.

Ergonomic Office Chairs - help to alleviate and heal from back and/or other bodily muscle aches/pain/tension.

Sit-Stand Motorized Desks - feature a Height Adjustable Dual Motor frame with incomparable quality, and state-of-the-art LED Display Memory Keypad that is designed to last.

Get more done, more comfortably.

Get ergo-minded with EFFY.

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