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Top 5 Affordable Standing Desk Accessories to Enhance Your Workstation

Make your workplace stand out!

A standing desk is one of the most effective pieces of furniture that can be added to a modern workspace. These models allow for ergonomic body positioning, mental and physical health benefits, style, and more. Due to their complex engineering, standing desks come at a higher cost than the average stationary model. For many home and commercial office workers, investing in one of these products is a major financial decision. However, once you have taken the leap and purchased a standing desk, there are many low-cost accessories that can be added to enhance your workstation even further.

At EffyDesk, we offer a full range of high-quality standing desk accessories that are tailored to the needs of our customers. Integrating new accessories into your workstation can make it more aesthetically pleasing, health-forward, organized, and comfortable. Whether you would like to upgrade your outdated desk or purchase a selection of accessories in addition to your new standing desk, our affordable options make it possible to create the perfect workspace without putting too much stress on your bank account. Continue reading to learn about the top five affordable standing desk accessories that are guaranteed to elevate your ergonomic workspace.

1. Anti-fatigue standing mat

One of the things that standing desk owners love most about these products is their ergonomic design. Standing desks enable users to raise their tabletops according to their desired height and keep their body moving throughout the work day. An anti-fatigue standing mat can add an extra ergonomic element to a standing desk for less than $100. These soft mats are small and discrete enough to place on your office floor without distracting from your interior design. Our ergonomic standing mat is waterproof, non-slip, and made with a soft cushion that promotes movement while standing at your desk. Standing on a soft mat can also take pressure off of the feet, helping combat pain or discomfort during long periods of standing. This product comes in two different sizes, making it customizable to the needs of the user. A small investment in an anti-fatigue standing mat can make all the difference to your user experience, and last for many years.

2. Monitor mount

A monitor desk mount is another affordable standing desk accessory that can improve your well-being with its ergonomic design. These products are fully adjustable to the user’s requirements, and can improve the natural position of the neck. With modern technology, it is very common for desk workers to overextend their neck and roll their shoulders forward even while standing. As a result, users can develop muscular and bone health problems leading to chronic pain. Our customers at EffyDesk can find a variety of monitor mounts ranging from $75-175. These products are easy to install and secure one or more monitors, bringing them closer to the face to prevent standing desk users from developing neck problems. Our monitor mounts come in various different colours and can be tucked discreetly behind one or more monitors.

3. Steel filing cabinet

Staying organized is an important part of maintaining a high-quality workspace. If you handle a large amount of paperwork or use various stationary items on the job, you may find yourself struggling to keep all these materials in order. If you are having this problem, you may benefit from purchasing a steel filing cabinet like our EffyDesk ModernCabinet. These heavy-duty cabinets are compact enough to roll under your desk whether it is at a standing or seated height. With two different colours available, this accessory is perfect for a sleek, minimalist workspace. Another useful feature within these products is their lockable drawers. Whether you share an office space with your colleagues or have young children running around your home workstation, there are many reasons to keep your files under lock and key. Steel filing cabinets are also sturdy enough to withstand impact, should any wrongdoers attempt to steal sensitive files from your office. Our ModernCabinet is available for just $280.

4. Desk Shelf

Creating a workspace that reflects your personal style is an important part of cultivating a focused, productive environment. Many people struggle to pair their office furniture with professional, yet aesthetically pleasing decor. A DeskShelf is a versatile option that can be used to hold books, plants, figurines, and more. This simple accessory is available in three different types of wood including acacia, pheasantwood, and walnut. If you have purchased a standing desk from our Wildwood collection, our deskshelf will tie in to your office design perfectly. If you have one of our other desk models, these shelves add a natural element that will bring some warmth into your workspace. A deskshelf also provides the practical benefit of additional storage space for small items. Our deskshelf is easy to assemble, protected by a 10-year warranty, and available for just $180.

5. Under desk foot rest

Many people mistakenly believe that foot rests are reserved for the living room. However, an under desk foot rest can make an excellent addition to an ergonomic workspace. By elevating your feet and giving them a place to rest while sitting behind your desk, you can increase blood circulation, prevent a range of health problems and maximize comfort. Adding a foot rest can also optimize your overall body position, which may take pressure off of the back, neck, and other parts of the body. Our FeetRest from EffyDesk is lightweight, easy to use, and complete with a non-slip material that will keep your feet where they’re most comfortable without sliding across your floor. With a low price of just $70, the benefits of this desk accessory far outweigh the cost. Like all of our products, the FeetRest is designed in a minimalist fashion so that you can enjoy its practical advantages without compromising on your interior design.

Are you looking for some more affordable accessories to add to your standing desk? At EffyDesk, all of our products are designed with ergonomics, user-friendliness, and style in mind. Explore our full selection for more great ideas on how to enhance your workstation.