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Tackling Work Burnout: 10 Tips for Workplace Wellness

Finding Balance in the Busy Work World

With the rapid pace of modern work culture, burnout has become an epidemic across all industries. As stress levels rise, it is becoming more difficult than ever to maintain a healthy work-life balance. For this reason, creating a strategy for workplace wellness is non-negotiable. If you’ve ever wondered - what is burnout at work? We’re here to make sure you never have to find out.

At EffyDesk, we support the well-being of workers across North America by supplying our customers with expertly crafted ergonomic furniture and accessories. Our team believes in fostering a peaceful environment, embracing mindfulness techniques, and using practical strategies to create a sustainable professional life. Continue reading to learn our top 10 tips for how to deal with burnout at work.

1. Take breaks

To steer clear of burnout, prioritize regular breaks. It's common for professionals to skip breaks or work through lunch to tackle all of their tasks in a shorter time. However, burnout can silently creep in. For this reason, it's crucial to proactively include breaks in your routine, even when you don't feel an immediate need. This practice promotes a steady workflow, ensuring you accomplish substantial work daily without pushing yourself too hard. Beyond preventing burnout, it fosters a more consistent sense of fulfillment compared to non-stop work, where sudden loss of motivation becomes a risk. Embrace breaks as a strategic tool for sustained productivity and well-being.

2. Move your body

Feeling stagnant and frustrated at work? A major contributor is often the lack of movement. Sedentary work days can lead to pent-up energy, resulting in anxiety and outbursts without a healthy outlet. While finding time for a pre or post-work workout can be challenging, a standing desk can be an effective solution. It allows professionals to keep their bodies in motion during work hours, providing the freedom to take occasional breaks for exercises right at their workstation. This simple adjustment not only addresses physical health concerns but also injects a dynamic element into the work routine, fostering a more energized and satisfying professional experience.

3. Create a comfortable workspace

Professionals frequently become frustrated due to physical discomfort, which often culminates in chronic pain caused by prolonged periods of sitting behind a desk. A proactive measure to safeguard your body and enhance comfort is investing in ergonomic furniture. Consider options like our KaiChair, designed with flexible, breathable materials and optimal spine and neck support. Customization is a key feature, allowing you to tailor the furniture to your body. Prioritizing workplace comfort not only alleviates physical strains but also enhances focus and productivity. With the right ergonomic setup, you're not just preventing chronic pain; you're creating an environment conducive to sustained task engagement and burnout prevention.

4. Set manageable goals

Maintaining a sense of achievement is for many people, the ultimate antidote to workplace burnout. Yet, achieving this can be challenging when faced with colossal objectives. The key is to establish a series of small, manageable goals. This strategic approach helps organize thoughts and dissects larger tasks into more digestible parts, preventing them from becoming overwhelming. By accomplishing these smaller goals, workers experience a daily sense of pride in their efforts, creating a positive momentum. This proactive goal-setting not only boosts morale but also prevents the disheartening feeling of falling behind, fostering a consistent and rewarding sense of progress in the professional journey.

5. Switch from standing to sitting

For standing desk owners, a key recommendation is to alternate between standing and sitting during the workday. While standing offers benefits such as calorie burning, limb stretching, and mental clarity, prolonged upright standing can be impractical for most. Periodically taking a seat as needed provides essential rest, contributing significantly to an enhanced work experience and acting as a preventive measure against burnout. Balancing between standing and sitting not only nurtures physical well-being but also ensures sustained comfort and engagement throughout the day, promoting a healthier and more productive work environment.

6. Pack a healthy lunch

For those working full-time in commercial offices, the allure of restaurant food or pre-packaged snacks during lunch breaks is common. However, the importance of proper nutrition for a healthy mindset is often overlooked. Investing a few minutes in packing a homemade lunch not only grants workers greater control over their health but also saves money compared to dining out. This simple act of self-care has a profound impact on overall wellness, emphasizing the role of conscientious food choices in fostering a balanced and resilient mental state. Prioritizing homemade meals is a practical and empowering step towards sustaining well-being amidst the demands of a full-time office job.

7. Wake up early

The perpetual sense of being on a hamster wheel often propels professionals into burnout. This cycle intensifies when mornings are a rush, leaving little time beyond dressing and heading to work. Waking up a few minutes earlier can disrupt this cycle, offering professionals precious time for personal activities before the workday begins. Whether it's meditation, reading, stretching, or listening to a podcast, these moments foster a sense of self-care and set a positive tone for the day. Swapping TV before bed for such activities contributes to a slower, more enjoyable pace, countering the relentless rush and promoting a healthier work-life balance.

8. Stay Hydrated

Long work hours often drive individuals to rely on caffeine, but this habit can result in anxiety, headaches, and dehydration. A healthier alternative is staying hydrated with water, sidestepping the notorious caffeine crash. Adequate hydration stabilizes energy levels, aids in preventing overeating, and contributes to overall bodily well-being. To track water intake, using a large water bottle is recommended. For coffee or tea enthusiasts, incorporating at least one glass of water with each caffeinated beverage helps maintain a balance between enjoyment and responsible hydration.

9. Engage with your colleagues

The rise of remote work has shifted professional communication to online platforms like Slack, contributing to feelings of isolation and disconnection from overarching company goals—a potential avenue to burnout. Engaging with colleagues becomes crucial to maintaining morale. Share regular updates and highlight small achievements in group chats to foster a sense of connection, even in the absence of face-to-face interactions. This step is particularly valuable when in-person meetings are infrequent. By taking initiative in virtual communication, workers not only combat isolation but also contribute to a collaborative and supportive team environment, mitigating the risk of burnout associated with the challenges of remote work.

10. Decorate your office

Infusing your workstation with personal style is a fun method to enhance office enjoyment, whether you're working from home or in a shared commercial space. From framing pictures of loved ones to incorporating stylish decor sets like our Wall Decor Set from EffyDesk, the possibilities for personalizing your workspace are diverse. Beyond mere aesthetics, a customized workstation creates a conducive environment, fostering a positive and inspiring atmosphere. This small but significant step not only adds a touch of personality to your office but also contributes to a more pleasant and motivating work experience, making each day at the desk a reflection of your unique taste and identity.

Explore our ergonomic office furniture and accessories today to foster an improved work-life balance. For more information on how to deal with burnout at work, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.