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Should You Buy a Standing Desk?

Benefits and advantages to using a standing desk

In recent years, standing desks have become a staple in home and commercial offices alike. These innovative, health-conscious pieces of furniture offer a plethora of exciting health benefits, modern style, and customizable features. Height-adjustable standing desks are, however, more expensive than their static counterparts. This causes many shoppers to contemplate whether or not they should buy one of these products.

At EffyDesk, we offer a range of top-quality standing desks that are tailored to a variety of work environments, interior designs, and intended uses. Our diverse selection makes it easy for shoppers to find the perfect standing desk for their needs. From eco-friendly options to executive desks, we have something for you.

Are you unclear on whether or not a standing desk is a worthwhile investment for you? Below we have listed a few reasons why you may want to make the purchase.

Signs That You Should Buy a Standing Desk

Your doctor has urged you to make ergonomic changes

It’s no secret that sitting for extended periods can wreak havoc on our health. Studies show that sitting can cause elevated levels of cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart problems, and other serious issues. Unfortunately, the majority of modern jobs require workers to sit behind a computer screen for as many as 60 hours per week. If you are presenting signs of a health condition, your doctor may recommend making certain lifestyle adjustments to aid in treatment and prevention. With the standing desk’s rise in popularity, many physicians have begun exploring the ergonomic benefits of these products for the health of their patients. Whether your doctor explicitly suggests buying a standing desk or simply recommends moving your body more throughout the day, a standing desk may be the perfect thing for you.

You suffer from chronic pain

As we age, the effects of prolonged periods in a seated position become more and more apparent. Hunching over a desk for hours on end can affect the natural curvature of the spine, causing extreme back pain. Additionally, remaining static can cause blood to pool in the legs, making the entire body feel stiff and uncomfortable. Standing desks combat chronic pain in both the immediate, and the long-term by enabling users to stand up straight, take pressure off of the spine, and encourage healthy blood flow. Over time, this can make the body feel more mobile, therefore reducing aches and pains.

You work long hours

Certain desk jobs are less demanding than others. If your work requires you to sit behind your desk for longer than the average 30-40 hours per week, this is a major sign that you should invest in a standing desk. While some professionals may be able to compensate for extended periods of sitting by getting up for the occasional stretch or walk, others do not have time to work these health breaks in. If you fall into this category, a standing desk may be the key to preventing a range of serious health issues. The same is true for many people who work from home. Having access to your workstation past traditional office hours can cause many professionals to return to their desks after dinner or early in the morning. Investing in a standing desk will help you maintain your health even on long work days.

You have poor posture

Not only do people with good posture appear more confident, but this is also an essential component of maintaining one’s physical health. Many people notice their posture worsening over time after accepting an office job. When seated behind a desk, most people tend to slouch over, extending their neck forward more than they would while standing. This repeated behaviour can be difficult to correct. Standing behind your desk even for a fraction of your work day can help relieve your neck and spine of pressure, resulting in better posture.

You are trying to lose weight

Losing weight is a challenge no matter what your line of work is; however, this becomes even more difficult when you spend most of your day in a chair. By simply standing up while you work, you can burn hundreds of calories per day. Standing up keeps your heart pumping and your blood circulating. Furthermore, standing desks make it possible to perform light exercises throughout the day. Examples include leg lifts, push-ups, and more. Therefore, even if you decide to skip the gym, this simple swap in office furniture can help you shed those extra pounds.

You get restless while working

If you have ever bounced your legs, fidgeted with an elastic band, or bitten your nails while working, chances are your body gets restless while sitting for too long. This can be for many reasons. A restless body may be caused by stress, anxiety, too much caffeine, and more. The more pent up energy you have, the more likely your mind is to wander and your heart is to race. Whatever the case may be, standing up while working will give you the mobility to shake out all of that restless energy. This can make it easier to stay on task and avoid getting distracted.

You share a desk

Sharing a workstation with other people makes it almost impossible to find a suitable desk size. If your desk is too tall or too low for certain people, it will make it extremely difficult for them to focus at work. This is often the case in commercial offices with hot desks, or with people who share their home office with other family members. Standing desks offer the benefit of height adjustability, making it possible for people of all heights to feel comfortable at work regardless of whether they are seated or standing up.

If any of the aforementioned points are relevant to you, now is the perfect time to buy a standing desk. With many different models available, we guarantee you will be able to find an option that fits into your budget while offering all of the capabilities that you expect from a standing desk. Shop our selection of industry-leading ergonomic products today to find out more.