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Do Standing Desks Improve Productivity?

Benefits of having a standing desk at home or in your workplace

Standing desks have become a popular choice for homeowners looking to enhance their home office space, as well as those who go into a commercial office every day. This is no surprise given the range of health and lifestyle benefits that these products have to offer. Among the most exciting attributes of standing desks is their ability to improve productivity. While this quality is frequently advertised, not all shoppers are aware of how exactly productivity can be improved with these unique office additions.

At EffyDesk, we are proud to facilitate improved workflow for professionals across many different industries in Canada. Feedback from countless EffyDesk customers has indicated the power of our products to increase the user’s level of focus and productivity.

The question is, do standing desks really improve productivity or is it all a gimmick? Let’s dive into all the contributing factors that have led to this claim.

How Standing Desks Improve Productivity in the Workplace

On a chemical level

The idea that standing desks can improve productivity does not only come from anecdotal evidence, but it is also grounded in research of the brain. Canadians can easily spend up to 60 hours per week behind their desk. Therefore, even if a fraction of this time is spent standing up, the body will respond in a similar way that it does on a leisurely walk or during household chores. While standing, chemicals in the brain such as dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin are released, which results in mood improvements, consistent sleep cycles, and stress reduction. Each of these factors play an important role in the brain’s ability to focus.

This is further proven by the similar way in which medications that treat conditions such as ADHD manage processes in the brain. Common treatments like Ridalin and Adderall facilitate the release of the aforementioned chemicals to promote improved focus. In short- the longer that our brains can hold attention to a particular task, the more productive we are.

Lifestyle improvements

During the end of a business quarter or the days leading up to a major deadline, self-care often takes the backseat as workers focus all of their energy on professional tasks. A lack of work-life balance however, can be extremely disconcerting, and may cause workers to feel resentful of their workload or distracted by the growing list of personal things that they want to get done.

One of the most common lifestyle factors that often falls to the wayside during these busy seasons is exercise. When it feels like there are not enough hours in the day, many professionals put off their walks, fitness classes, or trips to the gym. Unfortunately, what we gain in time from rescheduling self-care, we often lose in productivity. Having a standing desk installed is a great way to combine exercise with work. Multitasking enables workers to feel they are taking care of themselves even when they are working overtime. Accessories like our walking pad at EffyDesk can further improve physical activity on the job.


It is almost impossible to complete a full day of work without comfortable office furniture. If you’ve ever taken your laptop to a cafe for a day of remote working, you know how difficult it can be to find the right setup. A hard wooden chair or a too-tall table can lead to aches and pains, which can make it extremely difficult to focus on the task at hand. Standing desks help combat this problem by offering complete comfort that is tailored to the height and preferences of each user. Standing desk owners can stretch their legs, keep their arms at a comfortable angle, and improve their posture. This is an excellent way to set yourself up for a successful, highly productive work day. Accessories such as our monitor mounts can further improve your comfort level at work.

Preventative health benefits

Beyond providing superior comfort, standing desks can also help prevent a range of health issues such as heart problems and chronic pain. There is nothing more distracting than the physical symptoms of a health condition. These types of distractions are not to be ignored, however they often result in a serious reduction in productivity. In extreme cases, health conditions associated with sitting for hours on end can stop you from working altogether. Taking care of your health with the help of ergonomic furniture such as a standing desk is the best way to ensure peace of mind and physical wellness while you work.

Room to fidget

Studies have shown that many people tend to be more productive when they have the freedom to fidget while they work. Popular office accessories like stress balls and miniature zen gardens are proof of this. These small items can keep our hands busy while we focus our mental energy on our to-do list. Unfortunately, stationary desks can often lead to workers feeling bored and stuck in one position. This can cause our attention to drift and lower productivity levels.

Standing desks facilitate fidgeting by enabling users to go from standing to sitting as they please. Additionally, when you are standing behind your desk, you have more room to move your legs and change your body positioning frequently. This can encourage productivity and keep you behind your desk for longer.

So - do standing desks improve productivity? We hope by now, that you can see the myriad ways in which they do. If you are looking for a standing desk to improve your focus, explore our collections today. If you have any other questions about the advantages that come with owning a standing desk, do not hesitate to contact us.