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Cable Management and Standing Desk Setups

Cable management ideas for your standing desk setup

With various forms of technology being used in modern office spaces, the idea of introducing a new piece of electrical equipment may sound overwhelming. Workers often wind up with tangled bunches of electrical cables hidden behind their desks. Without an effective cable management system in place, standing desks can add to this clutter. Therefore, if you are thinking about investing in a standing desk, it is important to explore your options for cable management.

At EffyDesk, we not only offer a selection of top-rated standing desks and ergonomic office chairs, but our customers also have access to a full range of accessories. Among our most popular products are our cable storage and organizational units. Continue reading to view our top recommendations for standing desk cable management.

Cable management tray

One of the most effective ways to consolidate all of your cables into one place is by using a cable management tray. At EffyDesk, our standing desks come with built-in cable management trays that can easily be used to store all of the wires connected to your workstation. Cable management trays also make your electrical cables easily accessible when you need to make an adjustment or check to ensure they are in good condition. Our cable management trays are slim and discreet enough to avoid a bulky, cumbersome workspace. Additionally, our tabletops are made with a small hole designed to weave your cables through to their corresponding electrical outlets.

Filing cabinets

From tablets to computer monitors, there are many electrical devices that can add to your workflow. However, if you require a large amount of technology at your workstation, you may find yourself running out of space to store all of your electrical cables. A filing cabinet is a great option for those who rely on multiple devices. Here you can store charging cables, USB cords, and any other wires that are important for you to have on hand. We offer a variety of stylish filing cabinets that can easily be tucked underneath or alongside your standing desk.

Ties and hooks

Some of the most inexpensive additions to standing desks are ties and hooks that can be used to prevent your electrical cables from becoming tangled. By consolidating all of these wires into organized bundles, you can then wrap a small piece of material such as plastic around them to keep them in place. Adhesive hooks can also be placed behind your standing desk or in another convenient location so that you can hang your cables up, keeping them separated. While these options are useful for keeping things organized in your office, they do not offer the storage space that cable management trays and filing cabinets provide. Therefore, you may want to consider using ties and hooks in addition to a small storage unit.

With an adequate cable management solution in place, a standing desk makes an incredible addition to any home or commercial office. Explore our collection today or contact us to learn more about setting up your standing desk.