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Are Standing Desks Healthy?

Learn about the benefits of a standing desk

In the past several decades, professionals throughout the world have spent more time sitting behind their desks than ever before. This comes as no surprise considering the vast majority of roles now take place almost entirely online or via computer programs. Consequently, more and more individuals spend their work days sedentary, staring at their computer screens. Researchers have identified a number of adverse health effects caused by extended periods of sitting. Studies suggest that sitting at a desk for hours on end can result in restricted blood flow, weight gain, metabolic problems, and many other health issues.

Ergonomics is a fascinating field of study that is constantly working to address health problems brought on by poor body positioning. Research in this area aims to combat the physical effects of a busy work schedule with innovative, health-forward designs.

Are standing desks healthy? Everything you need to know

At Effydesk, we specialize in high quality ergonomic office furniture, offering some of the most highly sought after products in North America. We are committed to helping our customers find solutions that will enhance their quality of life and step up their work flow. Below we have provided all of the details you need to know about standing desks in Canada and what makes these products great additions to a healthy lifestyle.

Are standing desks healthier than sit down desks?

The standing desk was one of the most exciting developments in the world of ergonomic furniture. These unique products have helped to optimize the way that people work, and prevent devastating health conditions by enabling people to work on their feet. It is however, unclear to many consumers whether or not these models are truly beneficial for their health, or if they are worth the investment. So are standing desks healthier than sit down desks? The short answer is yes - let’s delve into all of the health benefits that these unique workstations have to offer.

What are the benefits of a standing desk?

There are countless health benefits that you can expect from a well-designed standing desk. One of the major health problems associated with sitting for long periods is obesity. Those who remain at a resting heart rate for the majority of the work week are unable to burn an adequate amount of energy, and are therefore at high risk of storing excess fat. A severe lack of blood circulation can also lead to conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other blood-related ailments. By standing upright while you work, your body will expend far more energy than if you were seated for those hours. This simple adjustment will help you maintain a healthy weight and keep your blood flowing for optimal heart health. Standing up also helps people metabolize food more effectively, which contributes to a healthy digestive tract.

In addition to these internal systems, there are a number of physical health conditions that are directly caused by too much time in the seated position. Sitting at a traditional desk often causes discomfort, which is why professionals may spend their days slumped over, developing poor posture. Over time, this can affect the alignment of one’s spine, causing back pain, as well as muscular issues. Standing desks force workers to stand up straight, maintain good posture, and move their body more than they otherwise would. Ultimately, these products help buyers drastically improve their muscular and skeletal health.

What many professionals with desk jobs do not realize is that standing desks have the power to improve both our physical, and mental health. While standing, the brain produces small amounts of the same mood-boosting chemicals that are released during heavy exercise. Chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin promote consistent energy levels, improved sleep, and an overall better mood. These mental health benefits make it possible to maintain a positive attitude in the workplace, or while working from home. Many individuals even report an increased level of productivity when using a standing desk versus a traditional model.

Height adjustable standing desks for your home office

With constant advancements in technology and an increasing demand for remote workers, many people are now finding themselves working in part, if not entirely from home. If this is the case, it is important to invest in high quality, ergonomic home office furniture that will keep you healthy, comfortable, and on task during work hours. Many residents share a single home office space with their significant others, roommates, or children. If this sounds like you, it is crucial to find a height-adjustable standing desk that can be tailored to the needs of each member of your household. Our customers at Effydesk have access to a selection of top-grade standing desks with a variety of height features. No matter your height, we can guarantee that we have the ideal product for you. Our height-adjustable standing desks are perfect for home office use, and can be shipped right to your doorstep anywhere in Canada.

Should I get a standing desk for work?

If you go into an office for work every day throughout the week, it is imperative that you tailor your work space to your specific needs. Investing in a standing desk is an excellent way to care for your health while increasing productivity, and elevating your office space. Unfortunately, not all employers have the funds to allocate to high quality ergonomic furniture. If you have not been provided with a standing desk, we highly recommend having one installed so that you can enjoy premium comfort and long-term health benefits. Rest assured, these products can be found in a range of sleek, minimalistic colors and designs that are appropriate for any commercial office space.

Where can I get a standing desk from in Canada?

When investing in a piece of office furniture, professionals should always do their research and ensure the product boasts a high quality, ergonomic design. Effydesk is the top provider of standing desks in Canada, offering some of the most widely celebrated ergonomic products on the market. Our desks come with various height ranges, styles, power levels, and sizes, making it possible for clients to find the perfect desk for home or office use. We also specialize in sustainable furniture that will help you do your part to protect the environment while enjoying all the health benefits that standing desks have to offer. Speak to our expert team today to find the perfect desk for you.