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7 Canadian Businesses With Stellar Company Cultures

7 Canadian Businesses With Stellar Company Cultures

Company culture is so much more than fancy benefits and perks, it’s the ethos of an organization. Organizational culture, as defined by the Harvard Business Review expresses goals through values and beliefs and guides activity.   When individuals feel connected to their corporate culture, they are more productive and invested in the company. 

Companies with a strong culture have aligned goals and objectives, and work together to achieve them. They have open communication, transparency, and a positive work environment.


Benefits of a Positive Work Culture

 Positive culture equals a lower turnover rate, with a high level of employee satisfaction. After all, happy employees are more productive, healthier, and all-around better for business. Culture is important as it helps boost team morale.

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Great company culture creates a strong sense of community, where employees see their peers as friends, and not just coworkers. They help each other while working towards the same goal, genuinely wanting the best for their fellow team members 

Here are our top picks, in no particular order, for Canadian companies with the best company culture. Did yours make the cut? 

office team work, hands joining in a circle

Government of Canada

The federal public service employed 37,314,442 Canadians in 2019. Working in the public sector boasts higher job security, comprehensive benefits, and a pension plan -- it’s all about the pension, baby! 

They offer vacation, personal leave, and sick leave, and provide opportunities for continued learning and advancement.  Human resources hire from all walks of life, with varying educational backgrounds. 

The government of Canada also actively recruits those of visible minorities and underrepresented groups. They’re committed to wellness, inclusion, and diversity in the workplace. 

All of these practices, beliefs, and behaviours contribute to a positive work environment and a strong corporate culture.  government of canada logo


Vancouver-based social media management platform Hootsuite has over 16 million users and 1500 employees. Hootsuite’s mission statement is to make an impact and contribute to something big. They’re dedicated to investing in employees’ experience and growth, by funding opportunities to learn and develop new skills. 

Hootsuite has even implemented a stretch programme, allowing high performing individuals to try different positions and find their best fit. As of 2015, Hootsuite became a registered B-Corp, a community of businesses that prioritize inclusion, sustainability, equity, and diversity. 

Despite evolving into a large business, Hootsuite has not lost sight of its start-up roots, offering cold beer on tap, social gatherings, and a dog-friendly, ergonomic office. This all helps to promote a positive working environment and increase teamwork within the company.

hootsuite owl logo


Canadian eCommerce giant (and our personal favorite) Shopify supports over 1 million merchants worldwide, the multichannel commerce platform encompasses everything you need to start and run an online business. 

Located in Ottawa, ON, Shopify has consistently been named one of Canada’s top employers since 2016. Their unique head office features a virtual reality lounge, indoor go-kart track, yoga studio, and sit-stand desks

Aside from a comprehensive benefits package, permanent, full-time employees are given a self-directed allowance that can be put towards health and wellness or a charitable giving account. 

Shopify prides itself on a vibrant and inclusive culture, prioritizing diversity. They believe in workplace autonomy, offering flexibility by trusting their employees. A unique and fun work environment with care for their staff surely boosts morale within the team.Shopify green shopping bag logo


North Vancouver based technical apparel company Arc’teryx operates over 80 brick and mortar locations worldwide. They offer a competitive salary, with a casual dress and atmosphere.  

Arc’teryx is committed to reducing its footprint by minimizing waste and prides itself on the ethical and safe sourcing of materials. Their North Vancouver office features a fully equipped bike room, office dogs, and height-adjustable standing desks 

The extended health care features dental and mental wellness coverage. Employees also receive an employee discount on Arc’teryx gear. With their mission set on improving the lives of people as well as the environment, it’s no wonder Arc’teryx stands as a leading employer in Canada today.

arcteryx dinosaur logo



Canadian online investment firm Wealthsimple believes that financial freedom is a fundamental human right, providing accessible, and affordable financial products to the masses. They are committed to building an inclusive and diverse environment.   

Wealthsimple provides its employees with top-tier health benefits and life insurance, professional development, fitness credits, and daily locally-catered lunches. They make time and invest in team bonding activities such as trips, outings, and hackathons.  

Toronto based Wealthsimple is not your typical investment firm, they cater to millennial money and offer work from home opportunities to their staff. A team that lunches together, stays together.

wealthsimple yellow logo

Loblaw Companies Limited

Recognized as one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers of 2020, Loblaw Companies Limited is Canada’s largest food retailer.  

Loblaw prioritizes and encourages employee development through tuition subsidies. Their head office, located in Toronto, features an on-site gym complete with massage therapy sessions, an outdoor beach volleyball court, and a skating rink. Unique office perks include a medical center and an extensive herb garden.  

Loblaws prides itself on inclusion and diversity, with multicultural and pride celebrations as part of their social events. They also have employee sports teams and offer a casual dress work environment. Again, we see that happy employees bring forward a rewarding working experience for the company as a whole.

Loblaw companies limited grey logo

BC Children’s Hospital Foundation 

Named one of British Columbia’s top Employers in 2020, the social advocacy organization offers support to employees who are new parents with extended paternal and maternal leave. They offer flexible hours, telecommuting options, flexible hours, and shortened work weeks. 

The BC Children’s Hospital  has  a “Super Fun Committee” who organizes social events and initiatives to keep the employees connected. The foundation also provides employees with premium health care and pension plans. They invest in their staff by providing in-house training sessions, online training, and leadership training.

BC childrens hospital blue logo with yellow sun

Did Your Workplace Make Our List? 

Building a strong and positive company culture helps to attract new candidates and retain quality talent. 

It has also been shown to boost employee engagement, productivity, and performance. As you can see, establishing and maintaining a strong corporate culture is the key to running a successful business in Canada!

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