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5 Tips for Requesting a Standing Desk from Work

Ideas for how to ask your boss to make the purchase

There is a constant debate among office workers and employers as to whether or not the employer should be responsible for the purchase of ergonomic furniture in the workplace. While commercial property owners ultimately have the final say over the furniture they choose to equip their space with, the purchase of health-forward furniture like standing desks can in fact, serve a business even more than its employees.

If you work in a commercial office and are interested in the benefits that standing desks have to offer, your first course of action should be to submit a purchase request to your employer. Our experts at EffyDesk have provided a few tips on how to persuade your employer to implement these innovative pieces of furniture in your office.

5 Ways to Obtain a Standing Desk From Your Employer

1. Find out if there is a relevant work policy in place

Best case scenario, your place of work will already have drafted a policy regarding the purchase of ergonomic furniture. Therefore, before proceeding to research standing desks and approaching your employer with the idea, it is well worth contacting your human resources department for information on the subject.

2. Present the benefits to your employer

If your company does not have an existing policy that addresses the purchase of standing desks, we recommend doing your research to determine the ways in which the business could benefit from ergonomic furniture. For example, studies have shown that standing desks have the power to increase morale, productivity, and employee retention. Writing down a few of these advantages could persuade your employer to make this purchase as an investment in the future of the company.

3. Find room in your company budget

The main reason that any business owner would refuse to purchase something like a standing desk for their employees is of course, because of the cost. The best way to help your employer look past the added expense is by doing the math for them. This involves looking into your company’s budget and researching the best standing desks available at a price that the business can easily afford. Providing these calculations takes some of the burden away from your employer, and may therefore inspire them to seriously consider these valuable office additions.

4. Relate any persisting health complications

If your reason for looking into standing desks is due to a health problem such as chronic back pain or a broken tailbone, it is important to communicate this to your employer. These factors can make it difficult for workers to focus on their day-to-day tasks, and could therefore be impeding your ability to carry out regular activities.

5. Identify local businesses with standing desks

No matter how well-researched your idea to implement standing desks in the workplace is, it is natural for business owners to compare their operations to that of their competitors. Look for examples of other businesses in your region that offer their employees access to standing desks. This may be the additional push that your employer needs to see the real value in ergonomic office furniture.

Are you planning on submitting a request for the implementation of standing desks in your workplace? Explore our products today to find the perfect selection for your office.