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5 Best Standing Desk Accessories & Where to Buy Them

Popular accessories for your standing desk

Do you own an adjustable standing desk? These ergonomic products are not only available in a variety of designs, but they are also compatible with a range of useful standing desk accessories. Accessorizing your standing desk can add ergonomic support, help fill a large office space, enable you to exercise while you work, and much more.

At EffyDesk, we specialize in high-quality, ergonomic furniture and standing desk accessories. Our offerings are available across Canada and are an excellent way to achieve an elevated workspace. Below we have listed the top five standing desk accessories on our list.

These 5 Desk Accessories Will Complement Your Work or Home Office

Standing Mats

Whether sitting or standing at your workstation, it is important to have a comfortable place for your feet to rest throughout the day. While standing is excellent for our health in many ways, a hardwood, tile, or concrete floor can cause extreme calf and foot pain over time. One solution to this problem is a cushioned standing mat. These accessories are easy to place under your desk and can relieve your legs from pressure. Our stand mats at EffyDesk are made with a non-slip layer, preventing them from sliding around while you work.

Monitor Desk Mounts

One of the most prevalent health issues brought on by desk jobs is neck strain. Sitting in front of a computer screen all day causes people to overextend their neck, therefore rounding their shoulders forward and going against the natural curvature of the spine. A monitor desk mount can be installed on the far side of your tabletop, making it easy to adjust your computer monitor into a comfortable position. These standing desk accessories come in both single and double arm models, with multiple color options to fit any office design.

Walking Pads

One of the primary reasons why many people opt for a standing desk is to get their health on track. While standing is a step in the right direction, investing in a walking pad can take your physical health to the next level, enabling you to burn calories while you work. These treadmills are specially designed to fit comfortably underneath your standing desk.

Lockable Casters

Standing desks come with electric and mechanical components that cause them to weigh far more than the average fixed desk. This can make moving your desk a challenge, which is why it is well worth attaching lockable casters. When you buy from a top-rated supplier like EffyDesk, these small standing desk accessories are sure to secure your desk in place when locked, and easily glide your table across the floor when unlocked.

Desk Pads

Nothing is worse than feeling your desktop items moving around while you’re trying to focus on the task at hand. Desk pads keep everything on your standing desk in place with a non-slip underside, while serving as a comfortable place to rest your hands.

Adding standing desk accessories to your office space is a simple way to optimize your workstation. Contact us today for more tips on our products.