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L-Shaped standing desk is popular option for office workers

8 Benefits of Using an L-Shaped Desk

New year, new you, new office space. It's time to get rid of that temporary desk, the hand-me-down that hurts your shins every time you sit down. It's time to trade in that uneven desk that’s missing a foot and invest in the desk you've always wanted. It's time to step up to an electric height-adjustable L-shaped desk.

Not only do corner desks help to maximize space, L-shaped desks also help to ramp-up productivity. Make the switch today to an L-shaped desk, and maximize your office and desktop real estate

Eight Advantages of Using L-Shaped Deck

1. Space Saver

L-Shaped Desk has lots of spaces for home worker

An L-desk maximizes the use of the space in the room by fitting perfectly in the corner, so you’ll have lots of room for other office furniture and decor. Whether you're a double-screen or triple-screen person, the extra tabletop space that the corner desk provides frees up surface space for other things like notebooks, sketch pads, or even your favourite furry office helper

For those of you sharing an office space, or you simply just need more space in the office, L-shape configurations are natural space delimiters, with the L-part defining the border of your territory. With the physical space organized, you'll be able to devote more thought to resolving other types of office chaos

2. Corner Desk Elbow Support

this L-shaped desk has corner elbow support for relax your computer elbow pain

Perhaps you want to maintain a more traditional desk set-up and are still mouse-dependent. Whether you're left-handed or right-handed, the L part of the desk provides excellent elbow support while you're using your mouse. Perfect for helping you fix bad sitting posture and achieve the optimal ergonomic position.

3. Everything's Within Arm's Reach

Large cluttered desk is too big for worker to reach their stuffs

There's no point in having a huge desk of the conventional variety if you cannot reach everything on it without straining your body – or having to walk around to the other side. With the L-shape, you have an ergonomic desk, with everything on its surface within arm’s reach.

4. Level Out with an L-Shaped Desk

We bet you've been struggling for ages with your printer balancing at the edge of another piece of furniture stacked on top of your desk. One of the benefits of an L-shaped desk is that there is enough space for your printer or anything else you might need. Your printer can be close enough to your laptop or PC, yet far away enough to be out of your way when you don't need it. Reduce eye strain by leveling out the gadgets on your desk. 

5. An L-Desk is Great for Gaming

L shaped desk is the best option for gaming desk

Snacks on the left, console to the right, screen straight ahead. You're ready to roll. It's the perfect set-up. Consider investing in a monitor mount to enhance your gaming experience, and elevate your set up. After all it’s hard to game when your body is in pain. Invest in an ergonomic desk and set-up to prevent muscle strain! 

6. No More Cord and Wire Spaghetti

L shaped desk can help you organize and manage your wire

L-shaped desks are the smart solution to banishing all those tangled cords from your line of vision, after all, you know what they say: clear desk, clear mind. The options are endless when it comes to clips and cord management solutions for L-desks in corner areas.

Tip: Look for a corner desk with two grommets, one for each surface and ideal for cable management! 

7. Standing L-Desks Are Even Better

L-Shaped Standing Desk now its available for office workers that can save their back and neck pain

Invest in a standing corner desk for your health, and to improve your general posture. Not only will your back and neck thank you, your waistline will too.  Our bodies burn more calories standing up than sitting down.

Don’t forget your feet! Invest in an anti-fatigue mat to prevent foot pain. 

8. Two Can Share a Corner Desk

L-shaped desk can give kid and parents a bigger space to study and work

Whether you’ve set up a study date with a bubble buddy, or have had to create a makeshift home office while working from home with a partner, if push comes to shove, you can share your corner desk with someone else. The unique shape of a corner desk allows two to work from the same desk, without compromising on tabletop space. With an L-shaped desk, two can sprawl and work comfortably. 

adjustable standing desk gives you and your coworker work comfortably

Looking To Ergonomically Optimize Your Workspace? EFFYDESK Can Help!  

L-Shaped Desk size and dimension chart
Cleaning up and revamping your workspace can help you start off your year on the right foot. Reorganize, declutter and invest in an ergonomic set-up to boost your productivity and work smarter this year.

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To learn more about EFFYDESK’s products and services, be sure to check out our FAQ page or browse our ergomindfulness blog for more helpful articles on ergonomics in the workplace. 

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