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understand whether the wobble stool is good for you

What is a Wobble Stool?

Have you heard about “wobble stools”? Maybe you’ve seen pictures on office furniture websites online. These funny-looking chairs are becoming a trendy new seating solution for modern workstations both at home and in the office! 

But what exactly do they do? And aren’t they...wobbly? Won’t you fall off? How are you supposed to get comfy on these? 

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Today we're doing a quick rundown on wobble stools so you can see what all the buzz is about. Who knows--maybe you’ll realize a wobble stool is just the piece missing from your workspace! 

The Basics Of Wobble Stool

A wobble stool gets its name from the motion you get when you sit on it. The rounded base of the stool allows you to “wobble” back and forth, similar to sitting on an exercise ball when you’re at your desk. 

sitting on wobble stool with standing desk

The base of a wobble stool lets you rock back and forth while you’re sitting, but is weighted enough that the stool doesn’t tip over when you get up. Most wobble stools are height-adjustable, which means you can use it at your standing desk, too! Instead of sitting on it, the stool will provide some support if you decide to lean back a little at your standing desk. 

Are Wobble Stools Good For You?

Wobble stools are a great way to promote active sitting at your desk, as the constant rocking movement keeps your body engaged while you work. 

benefits of using wobble stool for your workplace

Active sitting, or “dynamic sitting,” means that your muscles are working in some way when you’re sitting down. It’s an effective way to combat the sedentary lifestyle that so many of us have adopted! 

Active sitting solutions help with blood circulation, which increases your productivity at work. Sitting for prolonged periods of time at a chair with little to no support can cause poor circulation and subsequently enable our muscles to stiffen and our backs to slouch. Students or desk workers who use wobble stools may find that their mind is more alert when their blood gets moving! 

Constantly rocking and tilting on a wobble stool can be the equivalent of “light physical activity,” says a 2014 study. The unstable stool means you’ll be engaging a whole combination of muscles, including your core, pelvic, and leg muscles. 

Since a wobble stool isn’t always comfortable to sit on for extended periods of time, it can encourage you to get up and walk around your office more frequently. Hooray for an active office lifestyle! More movement = less cramping and better blood flow as you work. 

The small size of a wobble stool (compared to a standard desk chair) means it’s easy to move around with you. You can even use one at home while you’re watching TV or eating dinner!

Wobble stools are also ideal if you need to fidget or release energy while you’re working (we have a list of fidget spinner gadgets for you, just in case). Active sitting has been proven to increase focus for some younger children in classrooms. Moving their bodies while they’re sitting helps them to release energy and calm down enough to focus on the lessons. This translates to office environments, too--wobbling on your stool can help you focus better on your tasks. 

many function of wobble stool you can help you during work

Wobble Stool Disadvantages

When using a wobble stool, there’s always a risk of falling off or losing your balance! Consider the users of the stool before purchasing one. 

On the other hand, if you have poor posture, active sitting, or dynamic sitting on a wobble stool can actually help you to strengthen your core muscles. The constant tilting and shifting on a wobble stool are actually micro-movements that can help encourage you to balance. The more-upright position of sitting on a wobble stool makes it more noticeable if you begin to slouch and the swaying is said to help you to stay focussed at your workstation. 

However, since there is no backrest to a wobble stool, you can always consider finding an ergonomic lumbar-supporting chair to in when you're not at your wobble stool!

When you sit on wobble stool your feet can help you keep balance

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Business women have big workspace with standing desk

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