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Standing desk can benefit for everyone who working with computer for work

Top Professions That Can Benefit From a Standing Desk

Working from home? So are we! No matter what sort of desk work you’re doing in your home office, you can definitely benefit from an adjustable sit-stand desk. There are different features for everyone, so you’re sure to find a setup that works for you. We’ve compiled a list of ways you can make the most out of your standing desk--read on to see if your profession made the list! 

Who Can Benefit From A Standing Desk?

1. Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs can benefit from having standing desks

Starting your own business? Fantastic! Planning, implementing, and running your business plan might mean hours and hours at your desk. Having an adjustable standing desk to work from allows you to have everything within reach--really handy when you’ve got to go from computer keyboard to phone to pen and paper and back again! 

You’ll be able to customize your desk to optimize your posture, so you’ll be working comfortably without any awkward neck cramps or back pains. 

2. Bloggers/Writers

Standing desk brings lot of benefits for blogger like relieve computer elbow pain

Long days of typing at your computer can be a strain on your wrists or result in elbow pain if you aren’t at a properly-adjusted desk. You might get an RSI (repetitive strain injury) from prolonged typing with an improper desk setup.

Remember, prevention is always better than a cure. Prevent wrist injuries before they happen by adjusting your desk to the right height for you--something made so simple with an adjustable sit-stand desk for your home office! Make sure the top of your screen is at eye level, and that your elbows form at least a 90-degree angle. Relax your shoulders as you type. 

3. Artists

it is more comfortable for artist when they have electric standing desk

Whether your art is on paper, canvas, or screen, a standing desk helps boost your creativity. Plus, the large desk space gives you lots of room to spread out your supplies! 

Subtle movements, walking, or doing yoga exercises to improve blood flow can all help you to boost your creativity. You’ll be able to do these all from your desk! Having an adjustable desk makes it so simple to motivate yourself to take a few laps of your room and get your creative juices flowing. 

4. Game Streamers

Mac Desktop Gamer LED - Top Professions that can Benefit From a Standing Desk - EFFYDESK Ergonomics Blog

If you’re a gamer and you enjoy live streaming on Twitch, a standing desk is a great way to go! While you might enjoy a slouchy bean bag chair, make sure you have proper back lumbar support. Try an ergonomic, lumbar-supporting chair to keep your spine happy and comfortable. 

Standing every so often to stretch your legs and get your blood moving can help you become more alert. Plus, any snack foods you eat will be more well-digested. No more food comas! 

5. Content Creators 

For computer user its better to have adjustable standing desk

If you film and edit vlogs or other video content, you will definitely benefit from working at a standing desk! Not only will you be more productive when you’re editing, but you’ll look better on-camera as well. 

Employees who worked at a standing desk were found to have better posture over time, and this makes you look and feel more confident in your videos. Good, open posture can indicate friendliness and confidence in your videos and streams. 

if you’re looking to promote yourself as an online personality this year, and are wondering how to go viral on TikTok in 2021, be sure to check out our other blogs!

6. Students

standing desks provide lots of spaces for students to study and work on their projects

Standing desks are ideal for students--you may be cramming for exams, but your muscles won’t be cramping up! 

Studies have shown that the movements from sitting to standing throughout the day can make you up to 45% more productive. Imagine what that can do for your late-night study sessions! 

Didn’t see your job on this list? Post a photo of your own standing desk setup and make sure to tag #effysetup to share your workstation with us! 

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Electric Sit-Stand Desk with mat are perfect match from business women

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