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coffee break is a way to screen-free and release your stress

Screen-Free Activities After a Long Week at Work

What are you doing this weekend? Hanging out with friends? Burning the midnight oil? Watching a new Netflix series?

Having a proper work-life balance is so important, especially now that most of us are working from home. It’s hard to physically distance ourselves from our home office or desk. Setting aside full, work-free weekends can help our brains refresh for the next week. Having a break from work actually helps you to perform better and enjoy your job more the next week! 

Giving yourself time off also helps you prevent burnout from overworking. Plus, your body needs a break from working at a desk all week--your neck may be aching (often caused by poor posture), and your eyes could be sore from looking at a screen for too long. 

On your days off, do things that help you relax! Here, we’ve listed 15 of our favourite, screen-free ways to relax on the weekends (because who wants to spend 7 hours at a computer only to come home and stare at a TV?). 

15 Ways to Relax on the Weekends

1. Explore your city. Take a walk down streets you haven’t been to, and visit all the tourist locations you’ve never seen.
    Walking around the street and take some fresh air its a best way to get way with screen and work
    2. Take a walk or hike. Find a trail you haven’t walked and bring a friend on a new adventure. It’ll be a breath of fresh air, literally! Find your next hike with this handy trail locator.
    3. Go on a coffee crawl. Check out the local cafes, and bring a friend with you for an enriching day of catching up over coffee!
    grab a cafe and have relax time with friend
    4. Bake some sweet treats at home and deliver them to your friends. Make it a breeze by following one of these simple 5-ingredient dessert recipes.
    5. While you’re in the kitchen, why not meal prep for the week ahead? Try a recipe you’ve been meaning to cook, or whip up a simple one-pan dinner for your household.
    prepare a meal for yourself its a activity to give yourself a break
    6. Draw up a luxurious bubble bath with all the bells and whistles--use a bath bomb, epsom salts, candles, and essential oils. Treat yourself!
    7. Take a power nap in the middle of the day. Go for a 10-20 minute nap to feel rested without feeling groggy. Bonus points if you wash all your sheets and then take a nap on them!
    nap can give yourself a recharge time
    8. Dedicate an hour or two to just listen to music. Play all the way through your old favourite albums, or find new artists to listen to. Take a dance break and enjoy the tunes. 
    9. Pick up an instrument and learn a new song on it. Even better if you’ve never played it before! Learning and playing music helps to relieve stress and build creativity. 
    playing a instrument like guitar and relax yourself
    10. Work on an art project that you’ve been meaning to finish, or start a new craft! Crafting has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Plus, it’s always nice to finish a project! 
    11. Colour a picture (or doodle free-hand). It’s not just for kids! Colouring has been shown to reduce anxiety by calming your brain down. Check out some colouring sheets here.
    12. Read or listen to a new book genre. Sci-fi fan? Try a western! Romance reader? Check out a mystery. Who knows? You might find your next favourite book. 
    reading your book is one best screen free activity
    13. Call a friend. At the end of a busy week, it’s refreshing to just chat! They’ll appreciate you taking time to connect with them. 
    14. Work on a puzzle. If you like that sense of accomplishment, putting together a tricky jigsaw might be just the thing! 
    15. Plan an elaborate dinner date, whether it’s with a spouse, partner, or friend. Fancy plates, candles, and champagne--pull out all the stops. 

    Whatever you choose to do on your weekends, make sure it’s something that calms you and helps you to unwind after a week of work. That way, you’ll be recharged and ready to go on Monday! 

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