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Autonomous vs. EFFYDESK: Choosing The Perfect Ergonomic Sit-Stand Desk

Autonomous vs. EFFYDESK: Choosing The Perfect Ergonomic Sit-Stand Desk

Looking for the perfect ergonomic sit-stand desk? Trying to choose between Autonomous vs. EFFYDESK? You’ve come to the right place!

By now, you’ve probably researched the benefits of using a sit-stand desk, and you’re ready to increase your productivity and boost efficiency by optimizing your ergonomic workspace. 

In a study conducted by the CDC (Centres for Disease Control & Prevention), 54% of workers who increased their non-sitting time by just an hour a day felt a reduction in upper back and neck pain, 71% felt more focused, 66% felt more productive, and a whopping 87% felt a boost in their mood

Sit-stand desks are a long term investment that’s beneficial for your health. So with all the standing desk options available on the market, which one is the right fit for you? 

There are a few things you need to take into consideration when choosing your perfect sit-stand desk. Read on for an in-depth comparison between the Canadian owned EFFYDESK Business Office model and the American owned Autonomous SmartDesk2 Premium model, two of the largest industry leaders in the standing desk niche. 

1. Sturdiness

The most important aspect of choosing a desk is sturdiness. After all, is there anything more annoying than working from an unstable and uneven desk? A wobbly desk decreases your productivity and focus since you’re constantly having to readjust -- what a nightmare!  

For optimal desk sturdiness, there are three main components in a desk’s frame to consider. The columns’ shape is crucial in the sturdiness of the desk. Square columns are sturdier than rectangular columns, look for a desk frame square columns for maximum sturdiness. 

Next, it is important to consider the number of columns -- there is strength in numbers! Standing desks on the market typically feature two or three columns. These columns work with the motor to raise and lower the desk.  To ensure a sturdy workspace, look for a sit-stand desk with three columns, as they are more stable (especially when raised!).

Another important feature to consider in overall stability is the feet of the desk. Larger, wider feet are more sturdy. Widened feet help to eliminate swaying and increase stability when the desk is in standing mode.

Lastly, you’ll want to consider weight capacity, aka how much weight can your desk actually carry. Don’t forget to factor in the weight of your computer, monitor, monitor mounts, and even the weight of your favourite coffee mug. 

2. Range of Movement

The motor matters -- motors help to make your desk height-adjustable for an optimized, ergonomic workspace. With all that constant heavy lifting, you’ll want to look for a desk with a dual-motor system to help reduce the workload. Dividing heavy lifting between two motors will help prolong the lifespan of your desk. 

Especially if there are multiple people using the desk or if you’re adjusting the height every few hours. Look for an electric sit-stand desk with a built-in memory keypad system -- set it and forget it! Save time by eliminating the need to readjust manually. With your optimal height memorized, automatically adjust your desk with the simple push of a button. 

Just make sure your desk is able to adjust to fit your needs. The industry standard seated desk is 29 inches tall, which is perfect… if you’re about 6 feet tall. For those of us who aren’t blessed in the height department, look for a desk that can not only accommodate but adjust past your needs. After all, it’s always better to have too many options than not enough!

3. Warranty & Satisfaction

We spend so much time at our desks and it can be difficult to find the perfect one. When searching for the sit-stand desk of your dreams, look for a company that gives you a risk-free trial. During the trial period make sure you test out all the features to see if it’s the right fit for you! 

As sit-stand desks are an investment, it is important to consider the warranty. A long warranty means that the company believes in the quality of their products. 

Be sure to factor in external costs ahead of time so that you’re not in for a bad surprise when you receive your bank statement. Does the company offer free shipping? Are there customs and duties?

PSA Canadian standing desk shoppers: EFFYDESK is a Canadian owned and based company - and our products are delivered to your doorsteps straight from Vancouver, BC - meaning no hidden customs and duties upon delivery! 

TL;DR: EFFYDESK Business Office Desk vs. Autonomous SmartDesk 2 

Looking For The Perfect Standing Desk? EFFYDESK Can Help!

At EFFYDESK — we design, mould and deliver Canada’s #1 Electric Standing Desk from Vancouver right to your doorsteps. 

Our award-winning ergonomic office chairs ensure that office workers are protected against desk job damage and are well-equipped to maximize efficiency and morale in the workplace — wherever that may be for you.

Browse our signature Standing Desks, Office Chairs and Monitor Mounts designed to boost workplace productivity, so you can get more done, more comfortably. We offer an 8-year manufacturer’s warranty, but we know you’ll love and care for your new EFFY product as much as we do!

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To learn more about EFFYDESK’s products and services, be sure to check out our FAQ page or browse the blog archive for other helpful articles on ergonomics in the workplace.
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