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learn how to Communicate More Effectively in the Virtual Workspace

7 Ways to Communicate More Effectively in a Virtual Workplace

way to communicate during pandemic

The pandemic has taken a toll on not only our friendships, but our work relationships as well. It can be difficult to maintain good communication while adhering to COVID guidelines. Let’s face it, you just don’t get the same level of effective communication through a computer screen. 

While some workplaces may have seen an increase in productivity since switching to remote work. Company culture and team communication has taken a hit. It can be difficult to maintain employee engagement, and communication in the workplace while working from home

It’s time to step it up and rebuild that stellar company culture with these virtual team building activities and communication tools

Tips to Communicate More Effectively in a Virtual Workplace

1. Be Human

Say Hello on Video Call during Pandemic

Working from home has cut out a lot of our day to day, non-work related chatter. While this may be seen as a boost in productivity, it can also be a detriment. This water cooler conversation is what helps us build relationships and trust with our team members. It's hard to reach out to people when all of the communication is now done via Zoom meetings.

Just as you would in the office, greet everyone with a "good morning." Have light-hearted, conversations about upcoming events, or exciting milestones. The smallest gestures can make the biggest impact. Keep things simple and down-to-earth. Make basic human connections.

2. Facilitate Fun Virtual Team Building Activities

Tablet and Headphone are essential tool for work from home worker

Get creative with your virtual activities! On Friday afternoons, play games and host a quarantini hour with your employees. There are plenty of games on the internet like Among Us, or that will help your team strengthen their teamwork and communication.

If games aren't your thing, you can set up a movie night, a listening party for a new album, or a cooking class. The options are endless! 

3. Create a Conversation Space

Man Talking on Phone Smiling and communicate with his team

Nearly all social media and communication platforms have group chat functions. Group functions allow you to set up a private chat amongst your employees, where they can chat and share media with each other. 

Set up a group and dedicate it to open conversation. Get the ball rolling with some prompts, share what you’re eating for lunch, or a funny meme. 

4. Share Picture

Woman on Computer with Dog

We’re all familiar with the age-old saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. Get to know your team through pictures. Ask everyone on your team to share photos of their WFM office, pets, or even coffee mug. Keep the conversation going and open up dialogue by commenting on the pictures.

You can also share photos of vacations or fun memories. Open up and show them a more human side, and they will reciprocate. These personal connections are important because they will create a better work environment and happier employees.

In order to have an effective workplace, spend time fostering communication skills. Workplace communication is just as important as business communication.

5. Stay Healthy

stay active and healthy while you wokring from home

Make sure your workspace accommodates standing and a proper ergonomic seated position. Bad posture can lead to physical problems and ailments that can damage both the physical and mental health of your employees. 

Encourage your employees to take short breaks, and get their blood flowing with these 9 easy workstation exercises.

Practicing proper workplace ergonomics has been known to boost productivity, improve health. 

6. Respect Your Employees' Time

make your communication simple and straight forward with your team
Keep your communication simple and straightforward. When you send out an email, specify what the subject is. Bold important numbers, and italicize relevant details and facts. Get right to the point. You don't need an elaborate introduction or conclusion. Limit your virtual meetings, nobody wants to sit through an hour-long meeting that could have been a simple email.

7. Take Control

Treat your employees with respect, but know when you need to take control.  If you find that an employee is falling behind, check in on them and get to the root of why? Is it a consistent problem, or are they going through something in their personal lives? Act accordingly, and be sure to reprimand those who are just slacking as they may pull down the productivity of the entire office.

Improve Your Virtual Workplace Communication

COVID-19 has uprooted many businesses across Canada. As we continue to adjust to the new normal, it has become evident that our old workplace routines and communication techniques are no longer effective. 

Be human, greet employees, and get to know them personally. Bond through shared experiences like fun teamwork exercises and create open conversations with them. Building a more personal relationship will help to boost workplace morale and improve communication.

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