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7 Top-Trending Work-from-Home Jobs for Canadians - EFFYDESK Ergonomics Blog (Vancouver, B.C)

7 Top-Trending Work-from-Home Jobs for Canadians

Statistics Canada has confirmed that nearly 5 million Canadians are now working from home, as reported by CTV News in April 2020. Do you prefer the idea of working in a physical office space, or working remotely in the comforts of your own home? If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re interested in learning more about work from home jobs in Canada

For some Canadian employees, they’ve been given a work-from-home order by their employers as per the government’s orders in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. For others, particularly those who were working in industries heavily affected by social distancing orders and operational obstacles due to COVID-19, they are now seeking new job opportunities that can provide more flexibility and freedom. 

7 Top-Trending Work-From-Home Jobs for Canadians | EFFYDESK

Whether you’re on the hunt to find remote jobs, or you’re seeking long term full time employment positions for professional development; with more companies opening up remote positions amidst COVID-19 and beyond, your job search may be over sooner than you think.

Keep on reading to learn the benefits and challenges of working from home, as well as our list of the top 7 trending work-from-home jobs for Canadians going into 2021!

Benefits of Work-from-Home or Remote Jobs

7 Top-Trending Work-From-Home Jobs for Canadians | EFFYDESK

What are the benefits of working from home, and why are more and more Canadians choosing to apply for remote jobs? 

Freedom & Flexibility of Working Remotely

  • No need to travel beyond the comfort of your own home to work. (This means more breaks or opportunities to make use of a sit-stand workstation without colleagues peering over to your workstation.)
  • Flexible work schedule where you can arrange your breaks and time with family accordingly. (For many, this year might be the first Christmas holiday they’ll be spending at home in a long time.)
  • Cutting out commute times affords people the opportunity to devote more time to physical fitness and/or career development opportunities. (Say goodbye to gas or commute expenses.)
  • The lesser opportunities for face to face interactions with strangers in transit, or with your colleagues at an office, means decreased risk or likelihood of sickness. (Doing your part to prevent the spread!)

Flexjobs, an online job board, has reportedly seen a sharp increase of remote jobs posted this year, compared to 2019. Labor economist Julia Pollak from ZipRecruiter, another online employment marketplace, also expects the increase in remote job listings to continue. 

How do Canadian workers feel about switching to remote work, and about their employers’ work-from-home arrangements? Global News reported in September 2020, on a poll conducted by Leger and the Association for Canadian studies, most Canadians prefer working remotely: 86 percent of Canadian poll respondents (note: occupations and job titles not specified) agreed with the following statement: “I am getting used to this new lifestyle and I like it”. 

So, what are the best work-from-home job opportunities to look into for the coming new year?

Best Work-from-Home Job Opportunities to Explore

7 Top-Trending Work-From-Home Jobs for Canadians | EFFYDESK

Depending on your background and work experience, you may be able to bring a lot of value for an employer seeking to fill a remote working position. Never forget, clear communication and other interpersonal soft skills are just as important as specialized hard skills when it comes to finding success in a remote work environment. 

Here are 7 of the top trending work-from-home career categories for those searching for remote job opportunities:

Project Management

7 Top-Trending Work-From-Home Jobs for Canadians | EFFYDESK

If orderly time management, organization and critical thinking are your fortes, then a project manager position might be right for you. Some of the top industries with opportunities in project management include: construction, finance, information technology, energy, and health care.

Responsibilities and job duties for project managers in different companies can vary by a lot. Click to learn more about project management career paths and average salary details. If you’re interested in taking on project management, you’ll also want to check out WorkFront’s detailed guide on how to jumpstart your project management career to learn more.

Customer Service / Virtual Assistance 

7 Top-Trending Work-From-Home Jobs for Canadians | EFFYDESK

If you’re a quick learner and you’ve got an inquisitive mind plus the gift of gab, then a customer service specialist role may be the perfect job for you. Customer service representatives are the direct line of communication between the consumer and company. They are critical as they define the commitment of a company to its customers, and provide support to help answer any questions the customers may have about the products or services.

If you consider yourself and are confident in being a jack of all trades, then a virtual assistant (“VA”) role may also interest you. Virtual assistants are typically responsible for a variety of administrative tasks for solopreneurs and small businesses, including preparing reports, managing appointments and meetings, bookkeeping, and more. In a world where in-person reminders are far and few between, the importance of virtual assistants has skyrocketed this year for businesses across all industries. Click to learn more about why more and more businesses are in need of virtual assistants in 2020.

Freelance Writing/Editing

7 Top-Trending Work-From-Home Jobs for Canadians | EFFYDESK

Every company and/or business needs a strong copy or content writer. If you love to write and don’t mind spending hours on research, writing, and editing content for the web, you may be the perfect fit to become a freelance content writer or editor

The great thing about copywriting and/or content writing is that there is a need for copywriters in every industry. The roles and responsibilities of a copy or content writer will vary depending on the service agreement and/or company you’re writing for. eCommerce stores need product descriptions; law firms, dental offices and other businesses all need web content that will clearly communicate to their clients and patients what their services may entail.

Working as a freelance content specialist allows you to choose between applying for marketing jobs in-house or agency setting, so this is a great opportunity for those who enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes with completing writing projects from home.

Graphic Design

7 Top-Trending Work-From-Home Jobs for Canadians | EFFYDESK

Graphic designers are tasked with creating a brand for a company that shapes the public perception of the company and expresses the values of the company through various mediums. It’s no surprise that many of the most well-known companies the world have undergone drastic branding changes in their lifetime, in order to improve their image and better convey the value of the products and services they bring to their customers.

Graphic designers are given a rare opportunity to express creativity in the corporate work world, and appeal to the artist in all of us. They are visionaries that help to provide appealing visual content and eye-catching valuable information in the form of art and design for customers and clients across all industries.

Language Interpretation/Translation

7 Top-Trending Work-From-Home Jobs for Canadians | EFFYDESK

If you’re bilingual and are fluent in multiple languages, you may wish to find remote job opportunities as a language interpreter or translator. Ashlee Anderson, a certified Professional 1 Career Coach (CPCC) specializes in remote work and has published a helpful article on reputable interpretation and translation opportunities for beginners.

With the spread of information and guidelines so critical in the fight against COVID-19, many translators have been tasked to make sure important messages are reaching as much of the intended audience as possible. This makes an interpreter or translator especially valuable during these times for businesses and companies across the globe.

Digital Marketing Consultant

7 Top-Trending Work-From-Home Jobs for Canadians | EFFYDESK

One of the most sought-after marketing positions in 2020 would be the social media specialist or social media manager. In the current climate, people are spending more and more of their time online looking for new ways to connect without the possibility of in-person. With shopping on social media being one of the key areas of increase, companies are looking to further extend their reach into social media markets. If you consider yourself a social media power-user, social media related jobs would be right in your wheelhouse.

Web and/or Software Development

7 Top-Trending Work-From-Home Jobs for Canadians | EFFYDESK

As a web developer or software engineer, you are tasked with creating a product from the ground up, line by line of code. If you enjoy challenges of logic and crafting solutions from a macro and a micro perspective, being a software developer may appeal to you. With retail eCommerce exploding during the pandemic, there are more opportunities than ever available in the field.

For those interested in learning how to code but aren’t necessarily ready to commit to the time and costs for a professional diploma or certification in the field yet, Skillcrush has published an article on 100+ ways to learn to code for free, which can help you save time and money if you’re looking to get started immediately. You may also be interested to check out some of the most popular Canadian coding bootcamps, including BrainStation and Lighthouse Labs, offer distance learning opportunities which are perfect for those ready to learn from home.

Challenges of Working Remotely

7 Top-Trending Work-From-Home Jobs for Canadians | EFFYDESK

Jobs where employees can work remotely are beneficial to both employees as well as employers. On one hand, companies can save on office space and other costly business expenses, while on the other hand, workers can complete tasks in a comfortable work environment. However, it’s not to say that working remotely doesn’t come with its own challenges for you, the employee.

Achieving Focus and Productivity

Maintaining focus and productivity while working remotely is not always easy. Common household distractions for remote workers include: kids and other family members, pets, and noises from inside your home (such as a loud washing machine) or outside of your home (such as your neighbors mowing the lawn) can be especially bothersome while you’re trying to get work done.

The best way to combat these would be to schedule your working hours around any potential distractions ahead of time, and to communicate those with your family members so everyone is on the same page when it comes to keeping noise levels to a minimum during your work hours.

Cultivating an Effective Routine 

A recent study showed that people working from home actually work longer hours than they did in the office. One strong way to combat this is to create a strong morning routine and adhering to it. The transition from pillow to desk can be very jarring in the morning. Make use of a planner and schedule your tasks ahead of time.

A consistent routine doesn’t just mean scheduling your work responsibilities in order - things like reading the news, or savouring a cup of coffee can also be critical in indicating to your mind and body to shift back and forth from “work-mode” in an effective manner. 

Staying Active & Increasing Circulation

It’s never too late to start scheduling in an hour per day for some physical exercise while working from home. In fact, upgrading your home office to a sit-stand workstation will help keep you on track when it comes to staying active while working a sedentary desk job from home.

An electric standing desk, like our signature EFFYDESK sit-stand desk collection is the perfect companion to provide a healthy balance to your workspace. A standing desk with adjustable height settings enables you to switch from sitting to standing at the touch of a button. Alternating between sitting and standing will help you increase circulation and promote blood flow for a refreshed burst of energy during your workday.

To learn more about ways to increase circulation and focus in the workplace, be sure to check out our article “6 Fun Yoga Exercises to Improve Circulation from Your Desk”.

What Will Remote Work Look Like in 2021?

7 Top-Trending Work-From-Home Jobs for Canadians | EFFYDESK

In ADP’s study on flex work in Canada, published in September of 2020, survey results showed that companies are even considering transitioning into all-remote workforces entering into 2021, which makes sense, considering that “45 percent of working Canadians surveyed say they would prefer to work remotely at least three days a week and more than one quarter would prefer to work flex hours”. 

By the same token, The Conversion reports that employers are showing trust and faith in their employees to complete tasks efficiently as their workers have been demonstrating throughout 2020. With both employers and employees having positive outlooks on remote work arrangements, it is a great idea for Canadians looking for more freedom and flexibility from their jobs to look for remote opportunities going into 2021.

On a Mission to Land a Work-from-Home Job?

7 Top-Trending Work-From-Home Jobs for Canadians | EFFYDESK

EFFYDESK is here to help! Wherever you are on your path to finding the perfect remote work opportunity for you, we’ll be here to help you impress your boss, boost your morale and avoid burnout while working from home. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for a 10% off storewide discount code to help you build your ideal work-from-home office space!

At EFFYDESK — we design, mould, and deliver the best Electric Standing Desk for professional or personal use. As a Canadian ergonomic home office furniture company, we help thousands of remote workers and WFH-enthusiasts get more done, more comfortably.

Our award-winning ergonomic office chairs ensure that office workers are protected against desk job damage, and are well-equipped to maximize efficiency and morale in the workplace — wherever that may be for you. Browse our signature Standing Desks, Office Chairs and Monitor Mounts designed to boost workplace productivity. Claim your 30-day free trial today.

To learn more about EFFYDESK’s products and services, be sure to check out our FAQ page or browse the blog archive for other helpful articles on ergonomics in the workplace.

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