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5 Benefits of Standing Desks: Why You Should Stand More

Learn how standing desks can benefit your health

The average Canadian spends thousands of hours sitting behind a desk every year. Whether you work from home or you go into an office every day, most modern professions require workers to sit all day, hunched over in front of a computer screen. This can take a serious toll on one’s mental and physical health over time.

In the past several years, advancements in technology have made it possible to transform the office experience with adjustable, ergonomic furniture such as the popular electric standing desk. These height-adjustable models offer a range of benefits that can drastically improve your level of physical activity, health, comfort, and job performance.

Standing desks have proven to be a worthwhile investment for anyone who spends a significant amount of time at the office or working from home. Our team at EffyDesk is proud to be the premier supplier of high quality standing desks in Canada. We are passionate about optimizing the home and corporate office experience by educating our customers on everything that our innovative products have to offer. Below we have provided the top five benefits of standing desks.

5 Reasons to Invest in a Standing Desk

1. Increase NEAT

NEAT or, Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis is a phrase frequently used in the field of exercise science. This concept encompasses all forms of energy expenditure that are not caused by intentional exercise. Examples include calories that are burned chewing food, fidgeting, shifting in your chair, or bouncing your legs while seated. Standing is one of the most effective modes of NEAT. While standing upright, your body may burn anywhere between 40-70 additional calories than you would burn while seated. This simple adjustment is an effortless way to facilitate weight loss and take care of your health even on days when you can’t make it to the gym. This is especially useful for those who spend an above average amount of time at the office (i.e. over 40 hours per week), and are the most susceptible to weight gain.

2. Increase Blood Flow

Maintaining a healthy rate of blood circulation is an important part of protecting your heart. Unfortunately, working long hours behind a desk makes it difficult to keep our blood flowing normally. You’ve probably read countless articles and set notifications in your phone reminding yourself to take breaks from work so that you can stand up and stretch. When we sit for extended periods of time, our muscles become stiff, and in extreme cases, one may even form a blood clot due to excessive pooling in the legs. Purchasing sit stand desks gives you the option to raise the platform to a comfortable height and carry on with your work while you get your blood circulating and reduce the risk of heart disease, among other health benefits.

3. Prevent Bad Posture

It is almost impossible to maintain your good posture while sitting down for hours on end. We often relax our back and shoulders, causing us to hunch over our desks. This posture goes against the natural curvature of the spine. In the short term, it may feel more comfortable to sit in this position, however this can wreak havoc on our bodies, resulting in irreparable health issues. This typically manifests itself in the form of an overly extended neck and rounded shoulders. By standing while you work, it is much easier to maintain good posture throughout the day without straining yourself, and protect the natural curvature of the spine. The long term benefits of this are invaluable.

4. Increase Productivity

For most people, the work environment plays a major role in our level of productivity and focus throughout the day. If you do not have a comfortable setup, it will be difficult to focus on your work without getting distracted by aches and general discomfort. Additionally, getting your blood flowing, even in a non-exercise format is a great way to boost your mood. The more energetic and positive you feel on the job, the more motivated you will be to get things done. Ultimately, standing desks are excellent at facilitating optimal comfort and a clear headspace. Instead of ruminating over a lack of self care during long office hours, you can combine health and productivity by standing up while you work.

5. Prevent Chronic Pain

Now more than ever, office workers are noticing the consequences that extended periods of time spent sitting have on our health. Research is constantly being done on the subject, emphasizing the value of ergonomic furniture. As previously mentioned, most of us experience poor posture for the majority of the time we spend in a seated position. Not only does this change our body alignment, but it can also lead to chronic pain throughout the body. When the spine is regularly overextended, it creates a strained sensation in the back and neck areas. Many people wind up consulting with their physicians, spending months in physiotherapy, or even taking prescription medication to resolve the problem. By simply standing up at work, you can avoid the painful repercussions caused by sitting.

Reap the benefits of standing desks by exploring our selection today. Contact us to learn more about our top-rated offerings.