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Top 20 Inspiring Canadian Influencers to Follow in 2021

20 Inspiring Canadian Influencers to Follow in 2021

“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” – Jack London

Do you ever feel the need for some inspiration after a challenging day?

Some of the best ways to cope with stress include: taking a break, picking up a new hobby, or learning something new. What better way to de-stress, during the pandemic, than to get inspired by fellow Canadians making waves online? 

Whether you’re looking for inspiration from an artist, fashionista, or unique lifestyle blogger in Canada, we’ve got you covered.

Here is our carefully curated list of top 20 Canadian social media influencers to help inspire your next project--whatever that may be. 

Here’s your club - now keep on reading to get inspired! 

20 Inspiring Canadian Instagram Influencers to Follow

Notable Lifestyle Influencers

1. Ania Boniecka, a.k.a. Ania B. 

Kicking off our list is fashion influencer Ania B. from Toronto, Canada! 

Ania’s website started out as a humble fashion blog, but it quickly grew to encompass home decor, fitness, finance, and technology. In 2017, she was nominated for the Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards (CAFA) Digital Influencer Of The Year.

Ania now runs the blog with her partner, Tyler Stalman, a professional photographer. Together, they fill the website with beautiful photos and lifestyle tips. 

Follow Ania’s blog for fashion, home decor, and fitness inspo! 

You can also find her on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and YouTube.  

Ania is one of the Canadian fashion influencers on instagram and blog and other social media platforms.

2. Musemo Handahu, a.k.a. Misslionhunter 

Misslionhunter is a Canadian fashion influencer blogger based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

With bold fashion statements and bright pops of color on her Instagram, she encourages everyone to hunt the majestic within themselves. She’s a writer, stylist and digital content creator, but above all, she is a passionate community leader and role model. 

Musemo uses her platform to educate and raise awareness on social issues. She is an advocate for human rights and inclusivity. 

Join her 48.8k followers on Instagram, and check out her blog

Musemo Handahu is one of the top influencer in Canada in 2021

3. Miko Wang

Flight attendant and bi-lingual travel vlogger Miko Wang chronicles her adventures in her YouTube vlogs and Instagram posts in English and Mandarin. 

Miko is based in Vancouver, but in addition to local sights, she takes followers overseas with her on her Instagram stories: New Zealand, Korea, Melbourne, Hawaii and more! 

Follow her YouTube channel to see where she goes next, and check out her Instagram and Vancouver travel lifestyle blog to plan your next vacation.

Miko Wang is a travel vlogger on instagram and youtube

4. Becky Wright and Kelsey MacDermaid, a.k.a. The Sorry Girls

If you’ve ever watched a DIY decor video on Youtube, chances are you’ve heard of The Sorry Girls. 

The Sorry Girls use their platform to empower women to create, through their DIY blog and Youtube Channel.  They curate affordable, easy-to-follow, home decor tips while promoting sustainability. 

It’s no surprise they have over 500,000 blog subscribers and nearly 2 million YouTube subscribers.

Follow The Sorry Girls blog and YouTube Channel for your next DIY project, and find them on Instagram and Facebook.  

The Sorry Girls are popular on Youtube with 2 million subscribers

5. Regina Ip

Regina is the foodie behind the Vancouver Pigout blog and Instagram pages. She’s visited and reviewed restaurants all over Vancouver and Toronto. Whether you’re looking for a killer fine-dining experience or the best donuts in town, Regina has it all covered on her blog (conveniently sorted by location so you can find out what’s in your area!). 

Since March, she’s been channeling her energy into baking and cooking at home, just looking at her creations has our mouths watering! 

Follow Regina on Instagram, Facebook and her blog for delicious recipes and reviews! 

Regina Ip is Vancouver foodie instagram influencers

6. Jonathan Cavaliere, a.k.a. Mr. C. 

At last, a men’s lifestyle blog! 

Mr. C’s blog deep dives into the world of men’s fashion, giving style advice on how to look and feel your best. His blog also discusses travel, finance, and how to brew great coffee--on top of that, it focuses on sustainability in fashion. 

Are you looking for the perfect suit? Mr.C can help! Through his website, he also runs a personal styling/tailoring company.

Follow him on Instagram and Facebook, and check out the complete (man)ual on his blog

Mr. Cavaliere is a fashion influencer in Canada

7. Isabelle Chapadeau

A young Canadian TikTok Influencer based in Iqaluit, Nunavut. Isabelle uses her platform to educate her viewers about racial injustices, systemic racism, and Inuit culture. 

With over 38k followers, this 22-year-old is a mental health advocate, artist and educator. Aside from using her platform to inspire and educate others, Isabelle also makes custom jewelry.  Follow her on TikTok, and Instagram for more great content, to shop her collection click here

Isabelle Chapadeau is one of the top Canadian Tiktok influencer in northern Canada

8. Abhishek Dekate

A Toronto-based influencer, Abhishek posts on food, home, travel, and everything in between. His posts range from best brunch spots to home decor. 

Abhishek’s travel highlights from Portugal, Tobago, Calgary, Paris, London, Montreal, and more, give us serious FOMO. 

Follow him on Instagram, and on his blog!

Abhishek Dekate is Canadian influencer that based in Toronto

9. Mila G.

A Japanese international model currently residing in Vancouver, Mila has been featured in magazines worldwide. She is a lifestyle influencer who reviews products and tries out the latest trends so her followers (almost 300,000!) can stay in the loop.

Check out her newest photoshoots on her blog, and follow her on Instagram for more!

Mila G. is a lifestyle influencer who currently lives in Vancouver Canada

10. Boyu Ba

Ho Chi Minh-born, Vancouver-raised Boyu is a beauty and fashion influencer and blogger (and self-proclaimed “skincare junkie”). 

In the last few years, Boyu has made her mark in the Vancouver fashion industry. She promotes her daily outfits on her dreamy Instagram feed, shares daily style hacks, and makeup tips, as well as career and self-development advice. 

Looking for outfit inspo? Boyu is your girl! 

For more Boyu, follow her on her blog, Instagram and TikTok!


Boyu Ba is a fashion influencer who was raised in Vancouver Canada


Canadian Fitness Influencers

11. Justin Yang

Justin is a Vancouver-based RMT at PRE Therapy as well as a Physical Wellness Guru. 

On his Instagram page, he aims to inspire better living in everyone through his motivational posts and mini-workout videos. With simple tips and stretches, he helps his followers increase mobility and decrease body pain. 

Check out his Instagram for fitness tips! 

Licensed and Certified Vancouver RMT - Justin Yang has over 4000 followers on instagram

12. Beverley Cheng

A fitness coach and the brainpower behind Born to Sweat, Beverley’s goal is to teach women to love their bodies through the power of sweat! 

On Instagram, she posts free workout tutorials, fitness tips, and body-positive messages to encourage all her followers to get in shape. 

Check out her Instagram page for fitspo, and workout tips. 

Fitness Coach with Workout Tips - Beverly Cheng is a Canadian fitness influencers on instagram

Gaming & Technology Experts

13. Imane Anys a.k.a. “Pokimane

Imane Anys, better known as online “Pokimane”, is a Canadian Twitch streamer & Youtuber who grew past 5 million followers on Twitch mostly playing League of Legends & Fortnite. 

Besides for sharing her skills and personality through her live gameplays, Imane also publishes lifestyle videos and regularly posts to her Instagram account.

Follow Pokimane on her YouTube channel or tune into one of her next live streams on Twitch! 

Canadian Twitch Streamer - Pokimane is a Canadian gaming Youtuber

14. Linus Tech Tips

This Canadian YouTube channel aims to entertain while informing and educating viewers on consumer technology. Simplifying complicated tech is what they do best! 

They create product reviews, step-by-step computer build guides, and a variety of other tech-focused projects! 

Follow them on YouTube to see 4 new tech videos a week! 

Linus Tech is a popular Canadian channel on Youtube

Artists & Designers

15. Melissa Lehoux

Melissa is a custom calligrapher based in Ottawa, Ontario. She describes herself as “a thirty-something woman, wife, and mom.” 

Calligraphy is her creative outlet and passion project. She often blogs about her parenting journey, while battling multiple sclerosis). She is a strong and inspirational woman. 

Check out her blog, and follow her on Instagram and Facebook too!

Melissa is a custom calligrapher and instagram influencer in Canada

16. Tayler Grace a.k.a. The Fairy Hippie

Tayler’s handmade jewelry company is based in Calgary, Alberta! Each earring, necklace, ring, and keychain is delicately handcrafted with skill and care. 

Her nature-inspired designs are on-of-a-kind, as she picks and dries the plants by hand. Her products have been selling out just hours after each restock, and her business has gained popularity since posting on TikTok. 

Browse her jewelry creations on her website, and follow her on Instagram to see some photos of her happy customers! 

Tayler Grace has became popular on Tiktok - Handmade jewelry company in Calgary, Alberta

17. Char Bataille

Montreal based tattoo artist Char Bataille, is dedicated to making a safe space for tattooing. Their signature style is unique and often features whimsical illustrations and bold colors. 

Aside from tattooing, they also commission custom clothing and art. 

For more inspiration, follow Char on Instagram.

Char Bataille is a tattoo artist in Montreal, Canada and posting different tattoo project on instagram

18. Hana Shafi

Born in Dubai, but now residing in Toronto, Ontario Hana Shafi, a.k.a Frizzkid is an activist, writer, and artist. Through her art, she teaches about self-love, self-acceptance, and body politics. 

Following the success of her first book It Begins With The Body, Hana is set to release her second book Small, Broke, and Kind of Dirty: Affirmations for the Real World in September 2020. 

Follow her Instagram for weekly words and illustrations of affirmation, something we could all use during quarantine. 

Hana Shafi is a famous instagram influencer, activist, author teaching self love

Small Business & Marketing Gurus

19. Vanessa Lau

Vancouver-based Instagram influencer, and founder of @thebossgramacademy, Vanessa is the ultimate Instagram marketing guru. She offers online coaching to entrepreneurs looking to turn their passion projects into a full-time career. 

Vanessa has helped thousands expand their social media reach, and turn followers into clients.

Looking to start a side hustle? For more tips and tricks, follow Vanessa on her blog, Youtube channel, and Instagram

Vanessa Lau is a business woman and instagram influencer - Instagram Marketing Guru

20. Alex Cattoni

Looking to get started in the Copywriting field? If you found Alex’s Youtube channel during quarantine, you’ve pretty much hit the jackpot. Vancouverite Alex Cattoni shares tips on modern marketing. 

With her social media engagement rate through the roof, Alex is the founder and face of The Copy Posse Academy, an online course where you can learn how to build a successful copywriting business - or any business!

To learn how to write persuasive and powerful copy, follow Alex on her blog, Instagram, and Youtube channel.  


Alex Cattoni is social media influencer that provides online courses - Copywriting - The Copy Posse Academy

Did your favorite social media influencer make it onto our list? Did these 20 inspirational Canadian influencers kickstart your passion project or side hustle?

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