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Top 5 Best Performance-Driven Corner Standing Desk Options - EFFYDESK Blog Banner

Top 5 Best Performance-Driven Corner Standing Desk Options

Working from home this fall? As the days get shorter and the weather gets cooler, working from home can start to feel more and more monotonous. It can be a luxury and a nightmare, all at the same time - especially if you don’t have a proper office set up.

We get it, not everyone has the space for a full-blown office in their home. It can be difficult to accommodate your laptop, monitor, and monitor arms, without adding a large bulky desk to your already tight office space. And there is nothing more frustrating than trying to work from a space that is too small!

That’s why it’s important to utilize every inch of room in your home office. A corner standing desk fits in any room and workspace, giving you that extra work surface that you so desperately need.

What is a Corner Standing Desk Good For?

Executive L-Shaped Desk - EFFYDESK Best Performance-Driven Corner Standing Desks

Apart from giving you extra tabletop real estate, using an adjustable sit-stand corner desk reaps a plethora of benefits. Corner standing desks allow for extra elbow support while using a mouse and keyboard, and provide a more immersive gaming experience. You’ll have space for all your monitors, keyboard and decor, and finally be able to set up your dream /r/battlestation.

An L shaped desk features better cable management, and the two surfaces means more space for you, or a more efficient space to share when you’re collaborating with someone else on your team.

The two separate desk surfaces allows you to sprawl, and work on two project simultaneously, you can vision board on one and work from the other. Not to mention, you’ll get all the health  and productivity benefits of a regular sit-stand desk and more

What are the Best Corner Standing Desk Configurations?

Gaming Desk - Executive L-Shaped Desk | Top 7 Best Performance-Driven Corner Standing Desks - EFFYDESK Blog
This #EFFYSETUP features @astronuggie's Executive L-Shaped Standing Desk Frame from EFFYDESK

Don’t forget to pair your adjustable corner desk with Canada’s favourite ergonomic chair! Now that we’ve got the basics covered, it’s time to get to the set-up. Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

  • Tuck your L-shaped desk into the corner of your home office to open up the centre of the room. That’s prime real estate for standing desk exercises.
  • Use the corner desk to create a divider in larger rooms. Work on one side, personal life on the other. It’s important to set healthy boundaries when working from home!
  • Optimize your gaming setup! Dual monitors on one side, snacks, and accessories on the other. You’ll have plenty of room to spread out!
  • Add an extra chair for team collaboration. L-shaped corner desks have enough room for multiple projects at once. Teamwork has never been simpler!

Top 5 Best Performance-Driven Corner Standing Desk Options

1. Executive L-Shaped Desk

Corner Standing Desk - EFFYDESK Executive L-Shaped Standing Desk

The Executive L-Shaped Standing Desk has the durability and stability to withstand a weight capacity of 330 lbs. Its triple-motor system lifts with ease, allowing you to adjust from sitting to standing throughout the day. With nearly 6 feet of length on each side, this high-quality corner desk has all the room you need for work, projects, and gaming!

Its desk legs are wide and made of sturdy reinforced steel, paired with tapered feet that help to minimize wobble. With a height adjustment range of 24” to 50”, you’ll be able to adjust far past your needs. Complete with a memory keypad, so you can set it and forget it. Move from a sitting to standing position with the push of a button!

The tabletops and frames are available in three different colours, so you can customize your desk to match your office. Mix-and-match the frames and tabletops, or BYOT (bring your own tabletop!). 

In addition to a 8-year manufacturer's warranty, each Executive L-Shaped Desk comes with a free, complementary power bar strip holder and cable management tray.

2. SmartDesk Corner by Autonomous

The SmartDesk corner has an asymmetrical layout, with one side of the L-shape being shorter than the other. The design allows you to customize the layout when you’re assembling the desk! With this setup, it’s best to keep the longer side on your dominant side--that way, all your supplies and accessories are within reach. This also supports your elbow more when you’re using a mouse. 

The triple motors can move up to 400lbs and the height adjustment takes you from 29.4” to 48”. With its limited range, it might not be ideal for shorter users so be sure to check before you order! 

3. Jarvis L-Shaped Standing Desk

When it comes to customization, the Jarvis L-Shaped Standing Desk has you covered. It comes in 3 different sizes and 5 different colours to fit your office perfectly. On top of that, you’ve got the option to add powered grommets, surge protectors, keyboard trays, cable trays, hooks, and more! 

The bamboo table tops are made of a natural bamboo material that’s free of pesticides and fertilizers, and laminate tabletops are made of 84% recycled wood particle board. This desk has three motors and a crossbar between the legs to provide additional stability. 

For those who like to fidget while they work, this may not be the desk for you. There is nothing worse than smoking your foot on the crossbar mid meeting.

4. Eureka Ergonomic L60R-EGD-B

The Eureka Ergonomic L-Shaped Desk is an excellent hybrid model for those who aren’t ready to commit to a full corner desk setup yet. Two wide feet give you stability, and the unique curved design gives you the extra room that you need for your setup. However, be careful not to load too much onto the overhanging “L” shape, because there isn’t an extra leg there to support it!

The height range on this desk goes from 29.9” to 48.4”, so it’s a great everyday workhorse for the average user. 

This budget-friendly model also gives you the option to add a keyboard tray and a CPU holder on one of the desk legs. The one drawback of this beginner model is it’s two legs, without the centre support, it can be a bit wobbly at full height. So for those who plan to game standing, this may not be the model for you.

5. Uplift Curved Corner Standing Desk

This unique take on a corner desk is sure to be a conversation starter! The curved shape of the tabletop comes with curved table edges so it’s easier on your wrists. This iconic design has an asymmetrical layout as well, so it’s recommended that you choose the tabletop that matches your dominant side. 

With these desks, you also have the option to add powered grommets (no more crawling around under the desk!) and upgrade the touchpad for height adjustments. You can even install a wired foot adjustment pad so you can go from sitting to standing without lifting a finger--literally!

For those who want the true benefits of an L-Shaped desk, this may not be the model for you, as it is more of a hybrid than an L-shaped desk.

Before you order, there are a few more things to consider. An ergonomic L-Shaped Desk is an investment in your productivity and health, but it is an investment. The desk you purchase should be backed by warranty, and offer a trial period. Be sure to purchase from a company that has confidence in their products.

There is nothing worse than being hit with custom and duties, so be sure to order from a company that is up front about their charges - or even better, pick a company that is local. The installation can be intimidating, so look for a company with live support to help you if any questions arise. 

Looking To Ergonomically Optimize Your Workspace? EFFYDESK Can Help!  

Corner Standing Desk | Executive L-Shaped Standing Desk - EFFYDESK

Looking for the perfect ergonomic desk to upgrade your home office, EFFYDESK will help you work smarter. 

At EFFYDESK — we design, mould, and deliver the best Electric Standing Desk for professional or personal use. EFFYDESK is here to help you maximize your potential, productivity, and focus in your workspace. 

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To learn more about EFFYDESK’s products and services, be sure to check out our FAQ page or browse our ergomindfulness blog for more helpful articles on ergonomics in the workplace.

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