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What to Look for When Buying an Ergonomic Office Chair

Tips to help you find the best office chair for work

Ergonomic office chairs are some of the best investments you can make in a comfortable, health-conscious workspace. Despite this, many professionals are unclear on what to look for when buying a desk chair. There are many factors that should be taken into consideration before adding one of these products to your office.

At EffyDesk, we offer a selection of high-quality desk chairs, engineered with the aim of maximizing comfort and productivity in the workplace. This includes carefully selected materials, designs, and functionality. Below we have provided a list of tips on what to look for when buying an ergonomic office chair.

High-quality materials

Many people mistakenly believe that designing ergonomic furniture entails nothing more than the careful placement and formation of materials. Rather, reputable producers also take into consideration the materials themselves and how they affect the body. For example, a breathable backrest is essential to maximize comfort. Additionally, it is important to look for an office chair with a well-cushioned seat that promotes back and lumbar support, yet is firm enough to last for years without losing shape. The back and headrests on our office chairs are made with a reinforced mesh material, which molds to the body, offering enough bend to shift in alignment with the user’s natural body movements. Our firm mesh material is temperature-controlled, making it perfect for all conditions.

Movable armrests

Many desk chairs are built with carefully positioned armrests. However, regardless of their position, stagnant armrests are bound to cause problems for users depending on their body type. Whether too high, low, too far away from the sides of the body, or too close, this could cause pain, fatigue, irritation, and other problems over time. 4D armrests offer a solution to this problem by virtue of the fact they are entirely adjustable. Users can raise, lower, and shift the armrests from one side to the other. At EffyDesk, many of our ergonomic office chairs offer this functionality, making them fully customizable to the user’s body. Other models similarly offer the option to adjust armrests at three separate axes, making them equally as effective as 4D models.

Lockable reclining mechanisms

A reclining ergonomic office chair makes it possible to take breaks from sitting upright and enjoy maximum comfort. Unfortunately however, many desk chairs are difficult to position due to a loose reclining function that fails to consider the individual’s body weight. At EffyDesk, we offer smart weight-activated synchro tilt technology, in which our backrests offer a pressure distribution mechanism that automatically adjusts according to weight. Additionally, users can recline their chair as necessary, and lock it in place to avoid any unwanted movement. This unique feature makes it easy to tailor your product precisely to your needs.

Positive reviews

As with any product, the best way to confirm the quality of an ergonomic office chair is to hear from other customers. Not only does this help ensure that you will be satisfied with the initial purchase, but customers may also offer insight on the long-term success of the furniture in regard to issues such as back or neck pain. Additionally, it is important to look for ergonomic furniture stores that offer a readily available review section on their website. This is a clear indicator that the company is confident in their products. At EffyDesk, we are proud to showcase the countless positive reviews that we have received on our products.

Proper curvature

The typical chair is not built to support the complex curvature of the spine. Adequate back and lumbar support requires a backrest that molds to the body and promotes good posture. It is for this reason that ergonomic furniture lines demand the expertise of researchers and engineers that understand the anatomy of the body. This includes the body’s natural pivot points, which is why the best desk chairs are made with materials that bend and hinge as necessary, while remaining firm and supportive. Our desk chairs are carefully designed to mirror your movements. To support the lower back, our chairs curve inwards in the L4/L5 lumbar section of the backrest, and slightly lean back towards the upper section of the spine.

High-quality wheels

Whether you own a standing desk or you are considering buying one in the future, it is important to look for a desk chair with high-quality wheels attached. The ability to roll your chair out from under your desk makes it much less cumbersome to adjust your desk height and set aside your chair when you are in the mood to stand behind your workstation. Testing a variety of desk chairs will help you find smooth rolling mechanisms and sturdy engineering. Our user-friendly desk chairs are designed with five wheels to ensure effortless, multi-directional movement across your floor.

Adjustable headrest

The problem with using a traditional chair at your workstation, as many professionals do, is that these products are not typically built with a headrest. After working behind a desk for hours, you may begin to notice pains in your neck and upper back. Unfortunately, without the right support for the back of our heads, it is easy to develop a feeling of stiffness in the neck muscles and even disrupt the natural curvature of the upper spine. A high-quality headrest should offer a rotating mechanism so that you can comfortably move with your chair. Your headrest should also offer the option to adjust and lock it into a specific position so that you can enjoy the most comfortable head support depending on your height and preferences.

Gas lift technology

The height of your office chair plays an important role in comfort and user-friendliness. Every body is unique, which is why it is essential to look for a product that allows for height adjustments. A gas lift mechanism is by far, the most seamless, user-friendly way to bring your seat to a suitable level.

Are you looking for an ergonomic office chair to improve your workspace? Contact us today to learn more about our products.