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Standing Desk Designs for a Minimalist Workspace

Minimalist design ideas for your home office or commercial space

Whether you’re planning out your home office or commercial space, a minimalist design creates a clean, modern feel that works perfectly in a focused, professional environment. There are a variety of different approaches that can be applied to a minimalist workspace. No matter which approach you choose, the largest must-have piece of furniture that will set the tone for your entire space is of course, your desk. For a combination of practicality and aesthetics, a standing desk is by far, the best choice for a minimalist office. The question is - how can a standing desk be incorporated into this type of interior design?

Standing desks not only offer a range of mental and physical health benefits that improve your quality of life, but they are also versatile enough to be styled in many different ways. From a warm, cozy space to a sleek, minimalist design, the options are virtually endless. Our electric standing desks at EffyDesk are designed to offer premium functionality, and are the ideal centerpiece in a minimalist workspace. Continue reading to learn how our diverse desk designs complement a minimalist office space.

Concealed functional components

The first order of business when selecting a standing desk for your minimalist workspace is to make sure the electrical and mechanical components of the unit are well-concealed. In an office space that is filled with decor, it is easier to get away with a visible control panel or other unattractive mechanisms within your standing desk. By strategically positioning the desk and hiding these elements behind other furniture, they may not be particularly noticeable. However, in a minimalist space, interior designers are presented with the challenge of making sure that each piece of furniture and decor is pleasing to the eye. Unfortunately, not all standing desk companies offer suitable options for this type of interior design. Standing desks are often bulky or fail to hide their functional elements altogether. Our high-quality products at EffyDesk are strategically made with streamlined mechanical and electric elements that do not detract from our beautiful tabletops or frames.

Neutral colors

Minimalism is all about creating a blank canvas where select pieces of furniture or decorative elements can pop. Depending on the size of your office, your standing desk may take up a large portion of the space. In this case, achieving a minimalist look may only be possible by muting the appearance of your desk with a neutral color such as white or light gray. In this case, one of the best ways to choose a shade is by matching your desk to the color of your walls. This way, the entire room will appear bright and clean. If you plan to accent certain pieces such as a floating shelf or a unique office chair, a neutral-colored standing desk will make it possible to do this even in a small room where it is not possible to leave a large amount of empty space. Our oak white Business Desk paired with a white frame is a great example of this.

Statement pieces

If you have a spacious office with adequate room to incorporate a large statement piece, a distinctive standing desk may be the perfect choice. With beautiful, eye-catching options such as our Terra Desk, professionals can create a minimalist workspace with an added design element that elevates the entire atmosphere. There is a fine line between a minimalist design and a bare, unfinished look. Not only is our Terra Desk model an eco-friendly alternative to other office furniture, but its natural wood platform and black frame adds a high-end, unique appearance that will make your minimalist space appear more deliberate.

A large surface area

When designing your workspace, it is important to be mindful of the functional equipment that you will be using on a regular basis such as your computer, printer, stationary items, and more. Unfortunately, these practical objects can often take away from a minimalist design. If you require a large amount of professional equipment in your workspace, there are two simple ways to incorporate these items without compromising your interior design. One way to avoid this is by purchasing a sleek storage unit such as our compact Modern Cabinet, which will pair well with your other furniture without crowding the room. Alternatively, choosing a standing desk with a large surface area will give you more room to store various items on your desk while avoiding clutter. Our Executive L-Shaped Standing Desk is the perfect corner unit for large workspaces.

High contrast

If you do not like the look of an all-white space, another way to achieve a minimalist look which may be slightly more interesting is to incorporate high contrast colors. For example, if your space is primarily white, you may want to add an all-black standing desk. This stark contrast creates a modern look that is reminiscent of a contemporary art gallery. The key to minimalism is making sure there is a large amount of blank space. Contrary to popular belief, the colors and shades that you use in your office are not necessarily important in creating a minimalist appearance. At EffyDesk, we offer premium standing desks in a variety of different frame and tabletop colors so that customers can tailor these products to their design preferences.

Discrete seating

If you are committed to making your workspace appear as minimal as possible, one creative way to do this is by forgetting the office chair altogether and opting for a discrete standing pad or a small stool. These types of standing desk accessories and seating options will not only make your office look as streamlined as possible, but they will also give you an opportunity to incorporate ergonomics into every element of your workday.

Are you in the process of designing your dream workspace? A minimalist environment offers a stylish, professional feel that will keep you on task while making a great impression on your colleagues and clients. For more information on how to incorporate one of our standing desks into your minimalist workspace, contact us today.