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Create a Functional Standing Desk Home Office Layout

Ideas to improve your home office

Have you recently purchased a standing desk to compliment your home office? Unlike stationary units, these innovative pieces of furniture require a strategically laid out workspace in order to reach maximum functionality. A home office with a standing desk should offer enough space for the user to adjust according to their needs, sit, stand, and even exercise.

At EffyDesk, we specialize in top-grade electric standing desks along with a range of other ergonomic furniture and standing desk accessories. Our experts understand the importance of creating a focused, comfortable workspace that features all of the functionality necessary to support your work day. Continue reading to learn a few design tips that will help facilitate a functional standing desk home office layout.

Add accessories

No matter why you decided to purchase a standing desk, we guarantee there are a variety of accessories that will enhance your user experience. For example, if you are looking for an ergonomic alternative to a traditional unit, our FeetRest may be the perfect addition to help maximize comfort while seated. If you require a home office with plenty of storage space, one of our modern filing cabinets will help you stay organized.

Limit wall decor

If you have an eye for interior design, it may be tempting to fill your walls with decor such as framed pictures or floating shelves. While this may work on some of your walls, it is critical to be mindful of the space above your table top. As you raise and lower your standing desk, you do not want to worry about items getting knocked off the wall. Rather, limit wall hangings to other areas of your home and opt for desktop decor instead.

Clear space surrounding your desk

Unlike a stationary desk, electric standing desks require enough surrounding area for the user to stand upright and move their body while they work. Many standing desk owners use these workstations as health and exercise tools. With the addition of compatible products like our WalkingPad, it’s possible to burn calories throughout your workday. However, to comfortably exercise, readjust, or stretch the body behind your standing desk, it is important to avoid too much furniture crowding the area. If you have a small home office space, try to clear at least one square meter around the desk so that you do not have to worry about bumping into a cabinet or bookcase.

Opt for a small chair

If you own a standing desk, chances are you will not be spending nearly as much time sitting as you otherwise would. If this is the case, we recommend saving space by choosing a small BohdiStool that can easily be tucked away while standing. This will free up even more space for you to move your body. That said, if you have a large home office, options like our AeryChair will make your workspace even more ergonomic.

A standing desk is a great way to transform your home office. Contact us for more information.